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Personal and Professional Development Assignment Help


In life of a person, there are various stages where a person learns about many different things, some of them are related to his/her personal skills and some are related to professional life. So basically, Personal development refers to improvement or development of one’s personal skills and human skills like knowledge, creativity etc. Professional development is defined as the development or improvement of professional skills which will help in building career. Personal and Professional development is a journey of enhancing your skills for the development of company and a person and it will generate an ability to look beneath the depth of things and generate awareness about life. It will make a person flexible so that it can face all circumstances of life and can take decision easily.

Approaches to Self-Managed Learning

Self-Managed Learning is a term giving to the process of managing skills by own efforts or sometime with the help of any teacher. It is an important part of personal and professional development. A person can learn many things by surrounding and internet etc., management of all these different learning is known as self-managed learning.

Various approaches for Self-managed learning are:

  • Setting goals and objectives: It is one of the best approach because it will lead a person to complete any task on time and also teaches time management.
  • Interaction with successful persons: By talking with successful businessmen and attending meetings.
  • Reading Books and magazines: Daily reading newspaper, magazines and books also leads to increase awareness about surrounding.
  • Taking responsibilities: Leading a team and managing it, also doing team work teaches how to carry out a task in a group.
  • Attending seminars and sessions: Attending workshops on various topics will allow a person to improve skills in different fields.
  • Applying for online courses and certifications:  With the help of internet , one can take online classes and online certifications which will helpful for both personal and professional development.
  • Using social media: Use of facebook, instagram , whatsapp and other social websites is helpful in interaction with people from various region of the world, that will also a beneficial part for adding experience.

As an assistant manager at Travelodge Hotel, for self-managed learning, I think setting goal and meeting with different people will be most suitable. While working on any project or mission, there is a specific goal which need to be satisfied so if we want progress in hotel then there should be a proper aim to be satisfied which can only possible either by individual or with the support of staff. Also hotel is a place where many people come and go while travelling, so interaction with them also gives us an opportunity to learn different things by their experience or by through their feedback for the hotel.

Ways of lifelong learning in personal and professional contexts

Lifelong Learning is defined as the overall learning gained by doing different activities throughout the life of a person. This lifelong learning can be done for increasing knowledge and enhancing skills in different fields. It can be done for the objective to gain success in career or to create an image in society and also for personal enhancement.

There are different ways for lifelong learning in personal and professional contexts.

For employees, lifelong learning is based on updating their skills and knowledge by giving them training and analysis their result on the basis of their work that will helpful for both employee and the company. This will generate modification of their skills.

Employees in the company mostly remain frustrated or depressed because of work or some personal problems that can be solved by providing motivation to them. That motivation can be given by posting poster or by motivational speech after a certain period.

By using this method of SWOT analysis in the organization, SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. In this analysis, employee can know about his strengths and weakness. It will also allow them to know about opportunities and threats for them in future.

Employees can improve their communication skills that will help them to step towards various opportunities because mostly in every company, a good communication plays a important role to grow and achieve goals.

Other way of lifelong learning is by making a staff of different skills like waiters, cooks, receptionist etc. By doing this, there is sharing of knowledge and skills that will generate bonding and increase knowledge of one another.

Benefits of Self-Managed Learning to the Individual and Organisation

There are so many benefits of self managed learning to both a single person and an organization. As an assistant manager at Travelodge hotel, following are the benefits of self managed learning to me and organization:

  • It will help in improving my communication skills and having good communication skills plays a very important part in hotel management because a good communication with customer will aid to hotel reputation.
  • It will improve my presentation skills which will help me to suggest my views and put my ideas to higher authority and in front of employees. These ideas can help in better management of hotel and lead to better bonding with employees and increase in profit for hotel
  • With the help of better communication and presentation skills, I can also lead a team that will generate leadership skills in me and which will help me to create a good team. Having a good team will lead to good team work and better management of staff.
  • Self managed learning will help me to create business planning and help me to implement them because of good leadership skills and team worker.
  • It will provide a better opportunity to always enhance my skills and knowledge which can be gained with the help of internet, books, surrounding etc. that will beneficial for both me and organization.
  • A manager have to deal with many types of staff members and problems and they should be handled properly sometimes with patience and sometimes with actions so it will also generate problem solving skills in me.


2.1. Evaluate of own current skills and competencies against professional standards for a hotel manager and against organizational objectives of Travelodge Hotel.

As I am the manager of Travelodge hotel I have an responsibility for how to flow my skills which effectively used in the communication and that communication help  to all employees in organization. Evaluation of such own skill which is use for achieving goals and objectives are follows

  • Communication skill:-I have a good communication skill which is effectively used by every employee. These communication skills should be effectively because its flows from top to bottom level in organization.
  • Team Building skills:- I have an knowledge about the how to make a team, how to make a team leader, and how to develop the team leader skill in organization who chase the goals of organization. I have to have more spend time with my team to manage it and they are easy to share their problems.
  • Problem solving skills:- I fully understand the problems which is flow in the organization by such steps are:
  • I search about where the problem arises.
  • I will take my own responsibility that how to solve the problems 
  • I am  listening to all employees which have  a problem and help them to solve it
  • Decision making skills:-  I will help to make a decision making in the organization
  • I will analyze the situation.
  • I will analyze the customer wants, need and demands.
  •  Identify of own development needs and the activities required to meet them?

As a manager I play an important role in Travelodge hotel.  I have to develop my need and activities which is effectively used in Travelodge hotel to achieving our goals and objectives which are follows

  • To develop managerial skill:- As a manager I have to develop my managerial skill which is used to make a procedure, processes and methods. It is the techniques to manage the work, solving problems, and flow a effective interaction.
  • To be clear and learning concepts:-As a manager is the first step to clear what are the  objective what I have to do in Travelodge hotel on the other hand  I have to improve my learning concept. Learning concept  is an human concepts whom  have a power to learn and  understand the thinks which is useful in life and as a manager I have to clear my goals and objectives and follow the step of learning which is useful in Travelodge hotel. 
  • Focusing on customer:- As a manager I always focus on the customer demand, what they need and want. Customer is a king of the market as a manager to think about the how to attract to our services, how to make feel them our services is better than other services and as well as knows about what the consumer behavior influenced. 
  • Self motivation and team:- Self motivation is needed in life as a manager I am also a employees in Travelodge hotel I needed a self motivated first about goals and objectives  as well as I will prepared my team by the motivation and incentives too.

2.3. Identify development opportunities to meet your current and future defined needs. Which opportunities are available for you inside or outside of the hotel to improve your skill development needs?

Developing opportunities is considered with the prediction of the organization, management and employees that what are the current and future developing opportunities is needed. There are developing opportunities   are needed in current and future are followings

  • Current needs:-Current needs is that opportunities which is require in present are;
  • Ability to work in team:- It is an mandatory to have an ability to do work in team. Every opportunity gives changes to make a ability to work better, perfection and timely completed in a team. In a team make perfect team leaders who manage our team, who manage our team member according to his/her work and capabilities which is helps in future also.
  • Good decision maker:- Every manager needed to have a   capabilities to take a better decision maker in organization for future work and organization goals and objectives.
  • Future needs:- Future needs is an prediction about the what will do in future for better performance in the organization which provides better result in future by the such steps are following
  1. Analyze the work performance according to the present work performance and capabilities.
  2. Understanding the needs of   his/her customers according to the new generations and new technology which is requiring in future.

2.4- Devise a personal and professional development plan based on identified needs

 A personal plan and professional development plan is needed in every organization which is help to show to which strategy should be followed by every employees in the organization to achieving our goals and objectives 

  • Learning styles and strategy: – As a human being learning concept is need in his/her   life but   learning style is mandatory in personal development and professional development too. Learning styles shows that how to do any work in management in different ways and attractive ways, Everyone  has a personal learning concept  and learning styles to collect a information and make a useful information and make a strategy in Travelodge hotel for achieving our goals and objectives which gives best result in organization.
  • Development plan:– As a human being and employees personal development is needed  As a manager I  have to analyze  about the  current plan which is run in  the Travelodge hotel to find what are the advantages and disadvantages as well as what are the current performance by the management and  employees which are implies in the hotel which  gives our future result or not.

                                   The second step to developing the plan to find out the future need and opportunities which is needed in future planning.

  • Evaluation the process:- Personal developing is must be in manager because manager  can think about the future goals and objectives. Manager first motive is that evaluate the settings of goals and objectives, setting about the targets, recognize about the strength and weakness, and implementation the plan in the hotel.

Task 3

3.1. Discuss the processes and activities required to implement the development plan that you prepared for yourself in task?

The processes and activities which is required to implement the development plan in the Travelodge hotel.

  • Defining goals:- The first and foremost step is defining the goals of the organization is most important for me to flourish in my management  role at Travelodge hotel. I am capable to set my objectives and follow up to my steps for achieving goals at Travelodge hotel.
  • Prioritize:-The second step is prioritizing it is my key goal because I am focusing on my goals with my some new skills. As a manager at Travelodge hotel I have to improve my communication skill, more confidence level and better relationship which gives a better result in Travelodge hotel.
  • Understanding the strengths:-As a manager I have to understanding my strengths as well as my team strengths also which is capable or not according to our targets.
  • Recognize opportunities and threats:- As a manager I have to recognize the opportunities  and remove threats to move ahead in the organization.
  •  Develop a new skill:- As a manager  I have to develop my skills as well as my team member skills which is help in proper managing the Travelodge hotel. I have to learn new skills for move ahead a new stages as well as organization too.

Take action:-  As I am manager at Travelodge hotel I have to do the process  for take a action in hotel which is related to our goals and objectives.

3.2 Undertake and document development activities as planned

Implementing a plan requires so many steps from beginning to completion. As an assistant manager at Travelodge Hotel, a successful development plan is required to achieve goals and objectives.

For development activity, following are the process which can be used for undertaking and documenting development activities:

  • First step is to train the employees by giving them various tasks and bounding them in a time period. This will help in generating a habit of doing any task within a given time and also result in learning new techniques and technologies which are used in current. This will keep the staff up to date and to go with world.
  • Next step is to generate groups of employees with the different area of interest. It will help in creating team spirit and help in learning and studying of all the employees together. It also helps in doing research together.
  • After that, keep staff under the mentoring of managers and administration. It will help in development of employee’s personal and professional development because the mentor and administrator will keep an eye on the staff and they can know better about the skills of employee and also get face to face idea about strength and weakness of the staff.
  • The next step to consultation employees and administration.  By this, there will be proper interaction between the staff and the administration. This will help in telling employees about their strength and weakness also tell them about the skills they have to improve. That’s how consultancy helps in development activity.

3.3 Reflect critically on your own learning against original aims and objectives set in the development plan. Did you really learn new skills at the level you aim for them?

Whenever we set a goal and objective to do any task, there are so many hidden objectives needed to be fulfilled, and according to my experience the objective should be set such that it is clear to everyone and the hidden objective should also understood. The goals should have relevance to work so that it can easily achieve and it should under the capability.  If these goals and objectives are out of capability then it will generate a negative effect on the mind which will lead to frustration and stress. The aims and objective for development plan can be understood by using internet and other mediums of gaining knowledge; it will help in clarifying the process of achieving those goals and develop a path way to those goals. When I seen the aims of development plan, I have no idea about them then I tried to understand them, for this I used internet and library. While exploring, I realized that when we set any goal, it should be specific because confusing aim can lead to failure of the plan. And I also realized that exploring for any topic helps in learning various other topics which will help in achieving the goals. 

I really learned many skills like how to find useful content from the whole store of information, how to use research knowledge to achieve goal, how to do management and many more.

3.4 Updated Development Plan

  1. Analysis of Organization: Firstly of all we need to understand how the company works for the development plan. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats it faces and which of these are urgent. Set goals in this stage that we need to achieve according to the organization.
  2. Developing different strategies:  There are numerous strategies which would help me in developing a new plan. These include self-assessment (which can be done by either self or by asking a colleague) , assessing your skill levels, assessing organizational needs.
  3. Analyzing Strategies: We need to see which strategies are helpful for us. Whether we have the resources that are needed to implement t these strategies. If we do not know what resources are available then we cannot be developing strategies.
  4. Implementation: We need to commence the strategies we took in the earlier stage. Make sure that proper resources are allocated to the strategies that were undertaken accordingly. Also we need to see that time taken while implementing these strategies is not that much. The need to learn time management is necessary in these strategies. In this stage we need to make sure that all of our goals are being achieved.
  5. Evaluation: The last but not the least process is that we need evaluate these development strategies we have used. Keep monitoring them on a regular basis and if this plan is not going appropriately then we need to make few changes to the plan or revise a new plan altogether.

4.3 Evaluate and use of time-management strategies.

At Travelodge Hotels I have come up with some time management strategies to reduce the employee turnover and help the customer care. Time management strategies are basically meant to help us utilize time in an more better and efficient way. We have several time-management strategies to help us make the environment of Travelodge Hotels a more friendly and workable place.

  1. How your spend time: Knowing how you spend your time is an important factor. It will help eliminate the time you waste on things that may not be important at that specific given time. Keeping an journal or even using apps in your phone for keeping track of how you utilize your time.
  2. Know your works importance: A person should know which work should be given more attention and time according to its urgency. They should know if it is the right time to be doing that particular activity or whether there is an more crucial work at hand. Make goals each day to stay focused and not go off task.
  3. Staying Systemized: People who do not know what they are doing or when they have to be doing that work often lead to self-dissatisfaction or under a lot of stress. Make sure you have an organized time table of what need to be done throughout the day.
  4. Plan a List: Create an schedule of the things that are important, urgent, or unimportant according to your work. by doing this you will save a lot of time and your work will be more productive. Planning a day ahead is useful as it helps you eradicate non useful time things.
  5. Do not procrastinate: Never procrastinate as it always will lead to your loss. If your keep on procrastinating one thing then an huge amount of work will pile up and you won’t have any time left.
  6. Make yourself more focused: Be more attentive on the work at hand and not on something else. Make sure that you are not easily distracted by your surroundings or by something new.
  7. Have a good life: this means that stay healthy and happy, a more healthy mind will be more focused and will keep your spirits lifted up.


Self management is an essential tool for growth of oneself. It helps a person realize what skills, goals, aims they need to achieve. it makes them realize the value of time and how important things are at different time periods. self analysis show us where our strengths are and what are our weak points and how to overcome them