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MNG81002 A Case Study of The Virtual Team Assignment


Marketing refers to the activity in which the company develops plans as well as strategies to promote the services and products. Marketing is an essential element and plays an important role in the development of the business. Face to face marketing is the process in which the company promotes its services and products through verbal interactions. The marketing skills and techniques are used by the salesperson to increase the sales of the company. Whereas, virtual marketing is the marketing technique in which the company makes use of online sources for promoting the services and products. Teams working in different places will find virtual marketing much more effective than virtual marketing. 

Virtual Marketing (For)

The Marketing Director of the organisation should plan to build a team which involves in virtual marketing method. In today’s business era, virtual marketing is the most common method of promoting the products of the company in comparison to the face to face marketing. Virtual marketing includes a well-developed structure and strategies of promotion. It includes the development of the social networks which helps the company to spread as much information about the product and also reach out to a large number of customers. it becomes easier for the company to share the product related information and also the information regarding the company (Khaneja, 2016). Marketing through online modes reduces the cost and expenses of the company. This helps the company to reduce the investment and also create an international reach. Being the marketing manager, I find virtual marketing as an asset for the ABC Company.

(Source: Cartwright, 2018)

According to Fraile, 2019, Virtual marketing helps the customers and the audience to interact with the company and also view their developed image in the market. Awareness about the products and other related elements is possible through virtual marketing on a regular basis at every location including Melbourne. Nowadays, the development of the apps has helped the companies to make it easier for the customers and the audience to reach out to the wide variety of the products offered by them. Virtual marketing helps to create a brand image of the company on a global level. For example, the positive comments and insights of the customers on the online sites helps the company to influence the buyer behavior and target a large number of customers in the market (Fraile, 2019). According to me, reaching out customers becomes easier with the help of virtual marketing.

Virtual Marketing (Against)

Virtual marketing can be less effective in some cases in comparison to the face to face marketing. As the internet and related devices are used by almost all the customers and audience, there are some regions and areas where reaching out the audience is possible through face to face interaction.  It can create certain problems and issues for the company if the content of advertising is not much relevant. The negative comments of the customers can create a bad image of the company and can create a heavy loss to the business. The thinking of the customers sometimes is that what is shown over the online sources will not be the same which they would receive (Bostanshirin, 2014). Virtual marketing is not much effective in case of analyzing the preferences of the customers. Verbal interactions i.e. face to face communications helps the company to analyze the preferences and choices of the customers and gain their reviews over the product. I find that virtual marketing has some disadvantages in comparison to face to face interaction with the public. 

Counter-Argument and Rebuttal

Being the marketing manager of the company, plans should be structured and developed in such a way that it focuses on face to face communications with the customers as well as on virtual marketing. This will help the ABC Company in reaching out a maximum number of people and increase their sales through effective marketing.  In the words of Bala, & Verma, (2018), Both the methods are effective and should be equally focused on, but it is noticed that the benefits of virtual marketing are more than that of the face to face interactions with the audience. Combination of both methods would be beneficial for the company. There are some areas in which face to face marketing of the products is not easier, in such case virtual marketing enables the company to communicate with the customers and the audience. Virtual marketing is one of the beneficial and smart ways of advertising the products and benefits the company to a great extent (Bala, & Verma, 2018). 


From the report, it has been concluded that virtual marketing is more beneficial than the face to face marketing. Virtual marketing helps the company to reach out to a large number of customers and is a time-saving method of marketing the products. Whereas, face to face marketing is the old method of marketing, but is more time consuming and even costly method of marketing. Teams working in Melbourne, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Banglore should initiate steps for marketing the products virtually as it is much effective way to promote the products of the company.  

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