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Marketing Essentials For Travel And Tourism Assignment


Marketing is one of the most important functions that help to grow any organisation. The growth of the organisation, according to the market capabilities and their future based assumption, has been perfectly analysed. Explanation of the key roles and responsibilities and their perfect analysis has been taken into consideration for the organisation performance in the market. It helps to give the clarity under which most of the main fundamentals are cleared in the proper perception. The marketing mix and this particular approach of an application according to the market need have been explained according to the market, which is the main aspect of growth and sustainability of the organisation.


P1 Explain the key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function within a selected travel and tourism organisation 

Marketing has been essentially one of the main parts of an organisation that helps the organisation to grow in a proper way. The process of managing the expansion of hotels in different McKenzie and their establishment among people in terms of the service providers are based on the process of managing the marketing functions in the organisation. 

Various roles as well as responsibilities can be utilized in order to make the organisation successful and popular. The main responsibility of organisation is based on making the product planning, sales and promotion based activities. It involves in much of the curve context of company capabilities which will give a clarity of company establishment in different countries based people (McCamley and Gilmore, 2018). 

The process of utilizing the current resource and there to the point analysis has been perfectly maintained in which most of the high-quality management skills are controlled (Kozlenkova et al. 2018). The rate most active v Adnan involved a person in the company as they need to maintain the dynamicity of data in which the high quality of company analysis is being redirected. The process of utilizing current resources and the maintenance of high possibilities are required through which high-quality analysis is comprehended under the company. 

The financial department, sales department and HR department are completely dependent upon the amount of marketing and sales estimation. In the process, most company’s basis involved in the segment of analysis has been perfectly maintained (Liu et al. 2015). The observation in which the numbers of products, as well as the quality of products, are being listed in the company amendments is noticed by the company marketing executives. Bulk or single basic purchases of products in terms of selling it to the customers are based on having proper assumption of the marketing executives (Lam and Harker, 2015). 

The essential part of marketing manager work is analysed below (see Appendix 1) 

P2 Discuss how roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to the wider organisational context 

In terms of the wider context, the market director plays an important role which could be particularly helpful got her company analysis. The company’s internal product strength and weakness are very briefly analyzed by the marketing director. The process of maintaining intensive education in the product based analysis of market development has been maintained in a particular way. 

The product of the company as well as the service of company is based on having the right amount of analysis and right amount of data gathering. The roles and responsibilities in which the organisation are making more effective of the same or developed products which are being sold at the customer base (Mittelstaedt et al. 2017). The logistics and manufacturing department is fully based on the particular analysis of the company. 

M1 Analyze the roles and responsibilities of marketing in the context of the marketing environment 

There are basically five types of concept which are taken into consideration for the marketing enhancement. The types of concepts are production concept, product concept, selling concept, marketing concept, societal marketing concept.

In terms of the production concept, it has been intercepted that making most of the high-quality approaches in the manufacturing and designing of the product is based on this concept. It has been designed for ensuring the consumers are attracted towards productivity and thus making it convinced to the particular industry (Bešić and Bešić, 2018). The operational capacity helps in getting the prince and the number of products in a particular direction. 

The third is the selling concept which is based on the selling of products as well as their

Services in the estimated market. The growth of the market is based on how fast and how attractively the products are being engaged in a particular market (Kotler et al. 2018). 

The fourth step is based on having the product or service marketed in the right way. The process of maintaining marketing is based on enhancing the target consumers and their particular aspect to approach within the limit. According to the presentation, most of the product service is being sold. In order to get high growth and enhancement, the most significant ways are being represented through the advertising and marketing concept that is suitable for the company. 

The concept of social ions is abed on the acceptability of the localization under which most of the things are cooperated by the help of proper enhancement of the project-based management (Jarach, 2018). 

M2 Analyze the significance of interrelationships between marketing and other functional units within a selected travel and tourism organisation 

In terms of the external and internal environment, there are some of the very important aspects which are needed to be controlled by the organisation. It will help in engaging more customers and make the company sustainable in terms of the high approaching abilities. The process of main growth in each and every segment of life, there are most of the things that are required to make according to the company analysis. 

The functional units of the marketing are based on having the right amount of money invested in the park earl area or zone of the company. It will be helpful through the feedback or the surveys that are being encompassed through the better approaches (Al-Zyoud, 2018). 

D1 Critically analyses the key elements of the marketing function and how they interrelate with other functional units within a selected travel and tourism organisation

The comprehensive attachment in particular aspect is based on engaging the high quality of assessment at the time of marketing and its level of approach to be considered. There are several speeches that are maintained at the time of making the particular strategy of marketing. The marketing strategies are not limited to but comprehensively managed under the guidance of proper concerned person,


P3 Compare the ways in which different travel and tourism organisations apply the marketing mix to the marketing planning process to achieve business objectives 

In terms of maintaining high quality based growth in the market through different ways of measuring the market, the mix is blended into the following categories.

Market strategies

The market strategies which are based on enhancing the strategic concept to grow and evaluate the market, it is needed to make sure that target audience based populations are being engaged with the product marketing and selling. The initial marketing strategies and their involvement through market growth is needed to be established through the help of proper management. (Groening et al. 2018). 

Marketing information system

Marketing information system gives immense information about the process, and their importance is needed at the item of development of the marketing plan. The process of managing a high quality of assessment in the partial management is based on the quality as well as the quality to be revised under the particular time and scope convenience (Flores and Howard, 2019). 

Monitoring of marketing environment:

The monitoring of the market environment is another thing that is included in the partial aspect, which could help in improving the products.  The marketing environment is solely based on most of the things engaged through the direct and current aspect of the e-marketing strategies (Verhoef et al. 2017). 

Marketing research:

Marketing research is based on having most of the particular aspect like product price, availability and quality, which will help in setting the market capability to advertise and market. The research will also help in getting the high quality of assessment and its particular confirmation for the better management through which the acquisition is needed to be maintained (KC, 2016). 

Market segmentation

In the modern era of globalization, it has been seen that masking growth in the market

 Is based on applying the correct tactics to the correct perception. In order to make the process of a company much higher, the organisation based market segmentation is needed to be enhanced according to the distribution of consumers and their need at the particular segment. Brand Equity

The brand equity is another aspect that helps in getting the particular brand products to be sold in the particular way. The equity of the brand is not only based on not only the products but also the services which could be effective in attracting the products within a particular span (Vel et al. 2015). 

M3 Evaluate different tactics applied by travel and tourism organisations to demonstrate how business objectives are achieved 

The first aspect which is taken under consideration is the process of maintaining the target based population. Under the target, there should be a particular group who is completely involved and interested in getting the offers and services according to the need. There are several speeches that are maintained at the time of making the particular strategy of marketing. The marketing strategies are not limited to but comprehensively managed under the guidance of proper concerned person,


It is the main prospect of making growth in the organisation. The organisation is helpful by the proper feedback, and other retrieve sections that are being engaged to the proper conception. The research market-related products and their scalability are based on having most of the things taken into consideration for the management (De Mooij, 2018). It will help in estimating the financial and nonfinancial recourse to be collected through proper time and scope. According to the research of current aspect. 


In order to make the strategy the data which has been collected from the research through which will help in building the data. The process of maintaining correct data is needed to be in the proper form.  This strategy will help in implementing perfect growth and management through proper aspect. 


Planning involves the successful implementation of product creation and affordability of the product. In terms of getting the priest solution the perfect Tim and market, it is very important to gather the data under which planning would be done with ease (Wang and Kim, 2017).


In terms of the tactics, it has been estimated according to the need of the management. The high quality of tactics is limited to the promotional significance of the company.  According to the concept of management, there is some of the best possible suggestion for the development of the tactics through which the particular improvement of study will be easily available (Chamidah and Imawan, 2017). 

D2 Design a strategic marketing plan that tactically applies the use of the 7Ps and includes measures for monitoring and evaluation to achieve overall marketing objectives


The products which the organisation is selling are based on the quality and its demand. The real huge demands in most of the countries regarding staying in hotels and their Patiala affordability sometimes are not within the limit. The internal, as well as external reputation, is based on having most of the products to be well maintained. 


Price of the product or service is another aspect that is needed to be checked at the time of launching. The prices if affordable, attracts most of the customers if maintained within the limit. The country-based Machar’s make the concern to make the price vary (Askoul et al. 2016).


The place is another factor that helps the business to grow. In terms of choosing a proper place, it is very important that most of the population are based on the target audience. The average availability of their response will make the product to be easily made and according to the affordability will be less. 


The company has its value in staying comforts as well as their internal services to its guests. It will be very helpful in terms of advertising the product. The sales and promotion are based on B2B and B2C based business that are particularly enhanced through keeping in mind of aspects. 


In the people seamen, there are many types of groups such as the internal and external. In terms of the internal group, there are employees and the management group who holds at the majority part of the company. 

Physical evidence

The company has it’s exited in not only the UK but in different countries which the demand is still increasing. The USA, Canada and other countries are engaged with the services of this peripheral organisation. There are some of the services which are being predisposed to the local resident’s basis, which could help in the enhancement of company reputation. The company has grown to be popular not only in a particular way but in several ways by the service and product provision.  


The process is based on how the business is growing in different aspects. The process of maintaining the growth through the introspective way in individual a non-individual progressive way is based on the experience of the employees. 


P4 Produce a basic marketing plan for a travel and tourism organisation to meet marketing objectives organisation 

The plan is based on mainly there’s aspect under which the proper operation would be perfectly maintained. 


The latest plan will be doing the considered keeping in mind the latest technology that will take less time to complete. The planning will be done sins such a way that there is most of the things which are being covered utilizing the least amount of resources and getting the maximum amount of results.  

Resource collection:

After successful planning, most of the resources are needed to be collected, which would give the customers a high quality of products or services.


After gathering the resources,  the primary thing which is needed to be done is that he will be checked at the base level to get the very minute difficulties. After finding the method and plan, evaluation will be done. In order to m iceman the final approach gods executing the process, the final check of these has been done by the expert guidance. They are easily available to get things done in a much easier way, and it will take less time. 

Bug fixing:

After the final execution of the project, it has been checked that there be any types of bugs which might be internal or external. No matter whatever the bug is, it is fixed as soon as possible by the experts so that there is no other problem which is taking the concern of authorities.  The bug fixing will help in engaging most of the process to be highly effective in the process. 

M4 Marketing plan which uses marketing mix for meeting the objectives of Leopold Hotel 

Marketing Plan
Company mission and Vision The mission of the company is to provide the best, high quality of service to the people. Leopold’s vision is to become the leading hotel in the travel industry.
Situation Analysis

  • SWOT Analysis 
  • STP
  • PLC
Strengths– Leopold has gathered maximum customer attention in the market. Also, the financial stability of the business is remarkable. Other than this, the staff of the company is highly trained and professional.

Weakness– Leopold has some issues and bugs in the registration of the rooms when booked online. Other than this, there is a need for improvement in the technology implemented for the business operations. 

Opportunities– Website can be improved in order to increase the customer base. Other than this, the new trends and styles should be followed which are there in the society. 

Threats– The competitors are growing and increasing the facilities which might hamper the business operations.   


Leopold has opened its doors for each and every traveller from around the globe. The rooms are available for families, youth, solo traveller and senior citizens as well.  

External analysis of Leopold

Political- The company follows the political changes in the society for the management of the business operations. 

Economic- The trade policies and changes are also implemented in the business environment.

Social– All the facilities and services are provided according to the needs and demands of the customer. 

Technological– Leopold has to implement new technologies to achieve competitive advantage. 

Environmental– All the environment related policies are implemented in the hotel. 

Legal– All the information is being provided to the customers. Other than this, all the legal procedures are being followed to the customers.  

Planning  The main goal of the company is to provide the best and high quality of services to the people in order to gain maximum customer satisfaction. 
Implementation  Marketing Mix strategies-


Product is mainly the services that are offered to the customers for satisfying their needs. The organisation can extend its services, though Leopold hotel provides facilities of room booking, fitness suite, and loyalty club services. 


Leopold hotel can follow a pricing strategy based on the factors of penetration, skimming, competition, product line, and psychological (Kushwaha and Agrawal, 2015).


Leopold hotel can extend its market promotion through customers, hotel directories, travel assistants, social services, media, internet and FMCG products.  


If the organisation is planning to extend its business then he must choose a strategic location, nearest to business hubs, tourist place or can be any heritage area. 

Physical evidence

The physical evidence that can be modified in Leopold hotel are the hotel lobby, telecommunication system (Masa’deh et al. 2018).


The positive behavior of the staff is needed for delivering better service. Leopold Hotel can also increase their number of staff heads to provide faster service. 


The organisation can implement automated service delivery systems.

Monitoring  The senior authorities and the managers of the company will monitor the business activities and will also give feedback and suggestion for improvement. 


The process of managing the business and its various aspects are considered, which will give a brief and point basis of knowledge. It will be effective after the Supervision of the other organisation marketing tactics and techniques. The different types of approaches and their proper aspect has been perfectly described, which will give an insight into marketing. The marketing mix, such as 7P and their utilization has been perfectly maintained through which the transparency of market growth is being considered. The factors of market growth and the possible ways to enhance the organisation market-based business proposition have been explained. It will give a clear insight in terms of having a future sustainable business in a particular industry. 

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