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Project management is the methods of process, skills, and knowledge that helps to attains the objectives of projects. This project helps to understand the impact of technology on the Kings College London. This report is fragmented into three parts. The first part analyses the objectives and aims of the project with their different concepts such as time, quality, costs, communication and resources. It also evaluates the work break down structure by analysing the different activities of college. In part second it discusses the different methods of research through which data can be collected. It can be in form of qualitative and quantitative that helps to gain the knowledge and understanding. In the third part, it reviews the different methods and tools that help to analyse the data and provide the solution to organization. 

Task 1 Establish project aims, objectives, and timeframes based on the chosen theme.

P1 Devise project aims and objectives for a chosen scenario

  • Goals:

It can be stated that every business have goals and objectives. To remain competitive in market , it is necessary for every organisation to attain the goals in an effective manner. The goal of education is to define the skills, competences, and attributes that can be possessed by the students on the completion of a course or program. The project management provides the different tools and methods to students through that can easily learn the skills and attain the goal of college. 

  • Objectives:

There are different objectives of the King college in relation to the impact of digital technologies that are discussed below: 

  • To help people in their journey of learning process.
  • To provide a more organised way of learning program through the help of digital technologies 
  • To effectively demonstrate the effectiveness of digital technology in business organisations
  • To effectively suggest possible recommendations in the context of improving technological sector in the education industry through the means of digitalised technology

A specific set of goals has been evaluated by every company in order to sustain in the greater community of the business world. In this context, a project can serve the purpose of acquiring the goals smoothly and to provide the company with an impressive business growth. It is a general conception that a proper education is the sharpest weapon for getting sustained in the world nowadays. The power of education can improve people’s lives immensely. Here, project is the key tool in shaping the opportunities on every level of learning process. An exclusive goal can make a business unique from every angle. The context of project making has been revolutionized by the intervention of digital technologies.

P2 Produce a project management plan that covers aspects of cost, scope, time, quality, communication, risk, and resources

Project management plan

2.1 Costs:

Cost can be termed as the value of money that can be used to create something or that deliver the services. Once the cost can be determined by the college they start planning for the budget that is involve in the activities of college. The cost includes the cost or research, labor, technical cost, raw materials and advanced system etc. It is necessary for the manager to aware the cost that is incurred in the project. They have to establish the security system and update the technology so that the Kings College can use in a better way. The total cost can be estimated by the college is €20 million. 

2.2 Time:

Time plays a crucial role in every organisation. It is necessary for the manager to complete the task within the given time period. If they complete the project within the given time period then they can easily attain the objectives. The manager has taken the time duration of 6 weeks to complete the activities.  

Digital technology  Date of implementation  Execution and Time period 
Review  10 July 2018 1 week
E-learning 15 July 2018 2 weeks  
Cloud Computing 20 July 2018 3 weeks
Web Designer 25 July 2018 4 weeks
Games and Gamification  28 July 2018 5  weeks 
Digital projectors  30 July 2018 6 Weeks

Table 1: Chart determines the different technologies for the college. 

(Source: Created by author)

The above table analyses the different technology that can be adopted by King’s college and they have provided the date of implementation for each and every activity. Project management is the exercise of scheduling, initiating, implementing, and controlling to attain the objectives and goals. It also draws the Gantt chart for the activities that are carried by the college. For a proper plan, it is necessary for the manager to understand the cost, scope, time, quality, resources etc. 

2.3 Scopes:

It can be analysed that there are many scopes for the project management. The scope helps to gain the knowledge and understanding from different methods and tools. The scope of project depends on the certain factors such as quality, scope, time. The outcome of project depends on the scope.  To attain the goal and objectives the Kings College determined the scopes. 

2.4 Quality:

It is necessary for every project to maintain the particular standards and quality for the project. Quality can be maintained to improve the systems, services that help in effective and efficient functioning of college. The college adopted the technology such as web developer, 3 D printing, cloud computing, these technology has some quality and standards so that it provides the effective plan to organisation. 

2.5 Risk:

For every successful business, the manager has to face many challenges and risks. It can be stated that business has to face with both internal and external environment. Kings colleges have to face challenges in respect to technology. The challenges and risks are required to rectify so that they can help in the future of business. 

2.6 Communication:

It is essential for the manager to follow the process of communication from start to end of project. To maintain the quality and standards the system of communication is to be good and strong. Coordination among the different departments is necessary and that can be done in a proper manner. The Kings College has to use the effective communication skills so that each and every student can understand in a better manner. 

2.7 Resources:

Resources can be in form of time, capital, tools, equipments etc. With the help of labor and material kings, college can implement the better process of technology. The investors are recognised as the resource as they have to plan for the finance that is required for the execution of technology. Capital is also recognised as resources, to establish the project, it is necessary for the college to have the proper capital. 

Work break down structure: 

Activities Time Cost People Description
Selection of the topic 1 week £5000 15 In this topic can be selected with the help of research and different individuals. 
Composition of the literature review 2nd week £3000 4 After the selection of topic, there is the composition of a literature review that includes the materials and textbooks. 
Research methodology 3rd Week £5000 7 Different methods of research are there, it can be done through primary and secondary source. 
Collection of primary data 3-5 Week £4000 5 Primary data is the data that provides the fresh content and that that provides the reliable data. 
Analysis and interpretation of data 4- 6 Week  £1000 3 Data can be analyzed in a reliable and proper manner. After that, they can interpret the data to get the conclusions.  
Findings 6 Week £ 4000 6 Lastly, by recognizing all the data they find the conclusions and reach to the goal.

P3 Produce a work breakdown structure and a Gantt Chart to provide a time frame and stages for completion of the proposed project management plan.

Gantt chart:

Activities 1st  Week 2nd  Week 3rd Week 3+4th Week 4+5th Week  6th Week
Topic can be selected
Composition of assessment
Methods of Research
Data can be collected
Evaluation of data

Task 2 Conduct small-scale research, information gathering and data collection to generate knowledge to support the project.

P4 Carry out small-scale research by applying qualitative and quantitative research methods appropriate for meeting project aims and objectives.

It can be stated that data can be collected through the different methods that it through the quantitative and qualitative methods. 

Qualitative research method: It is the exploratory method of research that helps to gain the understanding of reasons, opinions, and motivations. It also provides the insights into the problems that help to develop the hypothesis for the research. It also used to uncover the trends in opinions and thoughts that can be deeper to the problem. It includes the interviews, focus groups, observations etc.

  • Interviews: It is the process of in which questions are asked by the interviewee. It can be in structured, semi-structured or unstructured. Interview can be in form of face to face or through the technology via webcam. There can be a telephonic interview also without the visual contact. 
  • Focus groups: It can be in form of research that includes the interviews in which individuals are asked about the beliefs, perceptions, and attitudes towards the services, idea or packaging. In this different group of individuals participated in the same problem of the research. 
  • Observations:  It is the method or actions that can be observed or monitored through the other individuals.  It involves the data that can be collected through the scientific instruments. 

Quantitative research method: It is used to quantify the problem with the help of numerical data and that can be altered into figures. This research is used to quantifies the behaviors, attitudes, opinions with the defined variables. It also generalises the conclusions from the large population. It is much structured as compare to the qualitative data It consists of online surveys, interviews, secondary data etc.

  • Secondary data: In this, the data can be collected other than the user. The information can be collected from census, government departments, and records.  Secondary data saves time as it is collected from the recorded data and provides the large and high quality of database.
  • Online surveys: It is the survey that can be done through the internet or by post. It can be face to face or by the telephone. Through this survey, Kings College can conduct the research at the usual cost. It can be easy for the manager to do surveys so that they can get result easily and quickly. 
  • Telephonic Interviews: It can be done through telephone in which they can’t contact with each other. The interviewer asks the questions to the interview from phone etc. 





  • What are the problems faced by the students in implementing the security system?
  • Installation issue
  • Security problem
  • Will the technology help the students in their development program?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Will the techniques help to protect the professional and private systems? 
  • Yes
  • No
  • Is technology providing the facilities to the students of college?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Is technology helps to remove the problems in Kings College London? 
  • Yes
  • No

Task 3 Present the project and communicate appropriate recommendations based on meaningful conclusions drawn from the evidence findings and/or analysis.

P5 Analyse research and data using appropriate tools and techniques.

Data analyzing techniques and tools: 

Data analysis techniques consist of the qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Data analysis techniques have essential roles in project management of digital technology in Kings College London. Both of the data analysis techniques can be used to understand the impact of digital technology. With the help of data analysis, the data can be received in organized and programmed way. Project management uses the different tools that help the organization to attain the objectives. Checklist is the tool that can be adapted from the wide variety and it can be prepared or in a structured form that helps to collect and evaluate the data. Microsoft can also be recognized as the technique through which Kings College can maintain their records with all the relevant information. 


Figure 1: Survey response

(Source: Created by author)

The above figure shows the survey that can be done by the Kings College. They analyses the impact of technology on the business of Education. From the above graph, it can be determined that around 65% of the respondents are happy with the technology and knows that they enhance the services of organization. Around 27% of the respondents state that it influences less on the sector of Education. Around 8% of respondents state that the technology does not play a better role in the business organization. It can be determined that there is a need for technology as it helps the college to update their issues and problems in effective and regular manner. With the advancement of technology, the Kings College can develop the more avenues of learning. The use of ICT helps to organize and manage the knowledge and also support to gain the skills of students. 


  • What are the problems faced by the students in implementing the security system?
Installation problem 50
Security problem  50

From the above pie chart, it can be determined that the problems faced by the students are same. Around 50% of students faced the problem of installation and 50% faced in relation to a security issue. 

  1. Will the technology help the students in their development program?
Yes 70
No 30

          From the above, pie chart it can be identified that around 70 % of students state that technology helps them in the development program and 30 % students says that it does not help. 

  1. Will the techniques help to protect the professional and private systems? 
Yes 60
No 40

          From the above diagram, it can be determined that around 60 % of students state that the technology helps to protect the systems. Around 40% of students states that they are not protecting it. 

  1. Is technology providing the facilities to the students of college?
Yes 70
No 30

From the above graph, it can be determined that around 70% of students state technology is helpful and around 30% that it is not effective 

  1. Is technology helps to remove the problems in Kings College London? 
Yes 60
No 40

From the above data, it can be determined that around 60% of student’s states that technology provides the advantage in the program and remove the problem and 40 % states that they are not effective. 

P6 Communicate appropriate recommendations as a result of research and data analysis to draw valid and meaningful conclusions

From the above data, it can be analysed that there are different tools and techniques that are adopted by the Kings College in updating the technology. The technology helps to update the skills and learning to gain the knowledge among students. It can also evaluate that different investors and suppliers receive the advantage from the implementation of technology. The technology incurs high cost and takes more time to execute the process. It is necessary for the manager to use the effective resources such as capital, raw-materials tools of E-learning so that they can work in an effective manner. With the proper research, the manager can develop the views and opinions and that helps to know negative and positive information. 

Recommendations related to data analysis:

  • There should be an improvement in time so that organization can easily achieve the goals. 
  • It is essential to verify the reliability and validity of information at regular intervals. 
  • There should be proper resources and they can be used in an effective and efficient manner. 
  • There should be a group of specialized persons who are experts in handling the technology. 

Task 4 Reflect on the value gained from conducting the project and its usefulness to support sustainable organizational performance.

P7 Reflect on the value of undertaking the research to meet stated objectives and own learning and performance in this research.

The main objective of the project manager is to determine the positive and negative aspects in relation to the impact of digital technology. It also measures the tools and techniques that help to improve the effectiveness of the organization. With the development of technology the king’s college has to face many challenges and risk. They can be in form of time, resources, certainty. They use the different techniques such as cloud computing. It helps to achieve economic of scale and coherence that are same with the public utility. Microsoft Excel sheet helps to record the data in a proper form that helps the college to analyses the information. 

With the help of technology, there is the development of other functions such as:

  • Accounting: With the technology, the accounting department can easily maintain their records and accounts and that help the college in effective working.
  • Managerial functions: It is necessary for the managers to regulate the activities through the technology so that they can record the data of each and every employee. 
  • Operational: It is necessary for the manager to operate with the proper measures so that they can perform an an effective manner. 

The project management plan provides the methods and ways from starting to end process. It is a crucial method and requires the understanding or knowledge to gain the experience in the specific field. With the help of research, the manager can analyse the information with their positive and negative effects. They also understand the risk and challenges that are faced by the Kings College. The researcher can collect the information through the qualitative and quantitative data. This information can be interpreted in form of graphs, diagrams etc. This project also identifies the competitive advantage that can be carried by the king’s college. 

It is essential for the researcher to use the valid and reliable resources to gather data. It enhances the sources that help to analyses the information and that is based on the past experience. It is the duty of the manager to assess the data properly and also assess them in an effective manner. 


From the above report, it can be concluded that Kings College develops a better process of technology that helps them in effective functioning. In this, the king’s college has to establish the security system and update the existing technology for the future. With the help of digital technology, the resources are merged into a different process that helps to form the revenue. They also develop the new technology that is a web developer, 3 D printing, E-learning. This all technology helps to gain the learning and also develop the skills in the students. 

The main objective of the business project is to utilize the effective aspects of technology that helps the students inside or outside the campus. They also develop the proper time –schedule for the activities and attained in that time period to reach at the solution. It also evaluates the work break down structure with the activities that help the college to conduct the working at the regular period of time. In this, they also prepare the questionnaires that help to know the actual data from the number of respondents. If there is any negative perception then they can improve by using the different resources timely. The data can be collected from the primary and secondary resources so that the individual can easily attain the knowledge. 

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Log Book
Week no. Date Update on weekly research
1 10 July 2018 In this the topic is selected according to the interest of students. It takes time to select as they have to choose the effective one. 
2 15 July 2018 In 2nd week the review can be done according to the topic in king’s college. 
3 20 July 2018 In third week they research from the different sources, it can be primary and secondary. 
4 25 July 2018 Data can be collected from primary and secondary sources. Primary data  helps to get relevant information. 
5 28 July 2018 After collecting data, it can be analysed and interpreted in reliable form.  
6 30 July  In last week they find the solution in relation to the technology that provides the benefits to the students.