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Manage Recruitment Selection and Induction Processes Assignments


The task consists of the recruitment and selection process of the Healthcare United 2000. Healthcare United aims to provide best health facilities to the people of Australia. The report will include various methods of through which recruitment and selection process can be conducted in Healthcare United.

Task 1

  1. The recruitment and selection procedure in Healthcare United 2016 is better than Healthcare United 2000. 
  1. In Healthcare United 2000, the management analyzes the vacant position if it still requires to be fulfilled whereas in 2016, as soon as a job profile vacates, the management hires a new person. HR will imply all the legislative procedures required for the fulfilling of the vacant job (Furst, et. al., 2017).
  2. For the successful recruitment and selection process, in Healthcare United 2000 the HR will analyse the description of the position with consulting the manager. In 2016 the HR possess the capability to determine the description and hire accordingly.
  3. In healthcare United 2000, the advertisement procedure will conduct internally at first but in 2016, the management will advertise directly outside the organizational premises.
  1. The areas which needs revision includes:
  1. Use of updated technology- In 2000 the Healthcare United does not make optimum use of technology which needs revision in 2016.
  2. Hiring of talented and skilled employees- In 2000 it does not focus on hiring of expert employees. In 2016, the Healthcare united plans to hire skilled and talented human workforce for providing quality services to its clients. 
  3. Facilities in competitive environment- In Healthcare United 2000 it does not provide best facilities whereas in 2016, the Healthcare United aims to provides best facilities to its clients so as to survive in the competitive environment and achieve competitive advantage (Rocca, et. al., 2016).
  1. The best practices in recruitment and selection process includes:
  1. Keeping of record of the candidates’ information: Keeping a track of the information of the candidates helps in saving time and money. If the knowledge or skills of the candidate does not suit to the position he is working in then, the track can be useful to determine the other business area (Kim, et. al., 2017).
  2. Social media: By using social media HR can reach and attract high range of talented candidates. By posting job vacancies on social media websites can capture focus of high number of people and hoardings, etc.
  3. Emphasize on the culture: It is the duty of the HR to introduce the candidates with the company’s culture after developing the stronger branding strategy of the employer. The culture of the organization generally creates an image of the company and attracts more candidates (Jackson, 2016).
  1. Development of recruitment and selection process includes:
    • Vacant position analysis: In this, the manager will ask the HR for the form of permission for position after notifying that the specific job is vacant. He then completes the section of ‘permission to recruit form’ with reasons of fulfilling the vacancy. The HR department will complete the procedure.
    • Position Description: It includes title of the position, objectives of the job, WHS components, qualification required, and terms and conditions. Higher executives will then sign off position description.
    • Advertisements: The HR department will create the advertisements to promote the Healthcare United and advertises through intranet and internet.
    • Short-list applicants: In this process, the administrative staff will collect the resumes and ask the HR to analyse the description of the job and select the candidates accordingly.
  • Interview: HR will conduct interview of the selected applicants and organize documents. The HR will form interview panel in which there will be two HR members and one job related department.
  • Interview applicants: The job related member asks the questions from the candidates, chairperson will provide the information to the candidate, the candidate gets selected. An approval is taken from the higher authority.
  • Reference check: This consists of the calling by the manager to the applicant, giving the introduction and telling him about the purpose of call, asking of the questions from the applicant to know his skills and knowledge, asking about the personality of the candidate, and the HR will ask the manager if he have any problem with the candidate. Finally, the applicant will discuss about the references in the interview.
  • Job offer: The HR will make a contract with terms and conditions and the employee will sign the contract. After signing of the contract induction program will be conducted (Tremblay, et. al., 2016).
  1. Drafting of communication plan.

A communication plan helps in determining what the Healthcare United aims to achieve. Communication refers to transferring of the information that is important and required to be shared. A communication plan is drafted in following ways:

  1. By determining and choosing the objectives and goals of the company.
  2. Determining the targeted audience.
  3. Determination of the key messages which are to be delivered.
  4. Finalizing the methods and tools of communication.
  5. Gain feedbacks from the receivers.
  6. Time framing of the project.
  7. Preparation of the budget.
  8. Evaluation.
  9. The manager will at 09:00 UTC, at C-61, Stephens Road, Footscray VIC 3011, Australia conduct meeting to form the policies and procedures which are necessary for the better operations of the Healthcare United, for the purpose of obtaining support from the HR. The manager will discuss the methods through which Healthcare United can make effective use of technology for the purpose of recruitment and selection process. The meeting will include discussion of the salaries, wages, incentives and benefits provided to the staff, communication process and methods will be discussed, the training process will be conducted for the staff so that they can get to know what is to be done and how the things is to be done, etc. (Theorell, et. al., 2015).
  1. Evaluation of training on two procedures includes:
  1. Ways of adopting the culture of the company: The Healthcare United provides training to its staff about the methods on how they should adopt the culture of the company. This helps in development of the staff members and influences them to work as per the expectations of the company.
  2. Job profile: It is the duty of the HR to provide training to its staff members about the job profile for which they are being hired.
  1. a) The recruitment and selection process includes methods such as posting of the jobs on social media, seeking referral from the employees, administering of the employment tests, interviewing of the candidates, online screening, aptitude tests, group discussion, personal interview etc.
  1. b) The concept of outsourcing explains that the company outsources or hires an individual or another company for performance of the tasks, handling of the operations of the Healthcare United that have already been done by the employees of the company.
  2. c) The purpose of employee contract and maintaining of the relations is to retain the customers and reduce employee attrition rate. This increases the goodwill of the company and increases the trust among the employees.
  3. d) Legislations, regulations, etc. that affects the recruitment and selection process includes equality and human rights commission, employment of ex-offenders, general data protection regulation, fixed-term employment, etc.
  4. e) The terms and conditions are important in recruitment because it helps in fair legislation in work and provides the employees fair working hours with pre decided salary. The terms and conditions are important to avoid future conflicts.
  5. f) The psychometric test and skill tests are used in the recruitment process as it helps in hiring of the best suited person. It helps in selection of the employees and judge the qualities and skills of the employees.

Task 2

Part A

  1. The key stakeholders in Healthcare United are patients, payers, providers, and policymakers. The need of HR in a year is to hire trained and skilled staff members who can promote the business of Healthcare United and making of the policies and procedures so that the operations of the business conduct properly.
  2. Staffing plan of HR consists of identification of the needs of the staff members, resources required for the process of recruitment and selection process, and recommendations required for improvements in the process, HR makes the plan for the process of recruitment and selection and make it approve from the senior management.
Position title: HR Manager 
Position reports to: Senior HR Manager
Qualifications – essential- MBA in Human Resource 
Key objectives

1. Listening to the needs and concern of the employee.

2. Helps in the recruitment process.

3. Conduct an orientation for the new recruits.

4. Ensures a friendly workplace environment.

5. Sensitivity training

Key position functions 

1.Analysis of job and design of job

2.Relation with the employee

3.Analysis of employee performance

4.Compensation and profit

5. Development of organization

Key selection criteria

The position of HR Manager, for the individual having ability to make good and fast relation with the stakeholders or investors for their organization. They must have strong leadership quality. Analyse the environment and make changes accordingly.

OHS requirement

Occupational Health Safety (OHS) This law important for employers and the other parties to access the management of company’s risk.

It is a multidisciplinary area consists of care, wellbeing and healthiness of people at office.

Terms and conditions of employment

Terms of employment consist of responsibility of their job, day, work hours,

Dress code of organization, process of taking leave.

  1. The head of the specific job description can be the specialist who can assist the process of recruitment and selection. He is the one who can identify the requirements of the employee according to the job.
  2. The manager can decide a mutual time of 13:00 UTC at 1/9 Ashley ST, West Foodscray, VIC, to discuss the internal and external requirements and planning of the staff in order to follow the legislations of the company. The meeting shall be conducted to make optimum use of specialists who will assist the HR. The correct use of position descriptions can be ensured by the managers by determining the job description and skills required for fulfilling the need of the job. The role of HR plays a vital role in recruitment and selection process. They analyze the need of job, skills and knowledge required for the specific job, post the vacancies on various sites, conduct interviews, recruits the candidates, conducts various tests, conduct screening, finalizes the candidate (Daubresse, et. al., 2015).

Part B

  1. The action plan consists of identification of the vacancies, development of the position description, development of the plan of recruitment, selection of the search committee, implementation of the recruitment plan, reviewing of the applicants, short listing of the candidates, conducting interviews, hiring of the candidates, providing them proper training so that they can know the method of performing their jobs. The recruitment and selection process is a time consuming process and an efficient member is required to conduct the process. The plan includes policies of the company to be followed by the HR while conducting the process.
  2. The newly employed staff members shall be given proper training so that they perform their job effectively. The training program is required so that the employees do not make any mistakes while performing their tasks. The training helps in explaining the need of doing the specific task and helps in providing required knowledge and skills to the employees. The fresher should be given proper training by providing them coaching about how they can contribute in achieving the goals of the company.
  3. In order to conduct the advertising with planning the HR requires to set objectives and goals, decide budget, conduct research to know the targeted customers and competitors, select the advertising strategy, ask the help of the professionals and finally develop an action plan.
  4. Conduct or oversee interview: The internal and external planning is required to conduct the interview i.e. the HR of the company will hire the employee and ask the senior manager to take the personal interview.

Advice candidates of outcomes: The HR will give advice to the candidates about how they should attempt the interview and what are the policies required to clear the interview. The HR will explain the candidate about the policies and procedures of the company.

Job offer and contract of employment: The job offer consists of the offer letter which explains the job description and profile of the job. Contract of employment consists of the terms and conditions of the contract which will be signed by the candidate and HR of the company with the initial of the top executive (Melton, 2017).

Task 3

  1. Induction is the process of introduction session for the new entrant in any group having common features. Induction is in the workplace or industry for the new employees where they can understand the company scenario. In Health Care United, an induction programme in a place for the employee will be work in an organized and consistent manner. Staff can be introduced for their new job and familiar with the environment as soon as possible.

Induction Process will make the strong learning power of staff. In this organization, the new staff will get trained if they don’t have skill according to their new post. It is useful to reduce less number of chances of error and reduce stress while working.

At the time of induction, they introduce their new employees to their current employee. This is an interactive session where people know about others and about their skill as well. The main purpose of induction is the new hires integrate into the organization and understand their work. It is a helpful attitude from the organization the new ones to settle down as soon as possible. It will provide benefit to both of them (organization and the employees). They get familiar with the rooms like in the health care united there are various rooms according to the respective facility. On the day of induction, they get knows what the work hours of the organization, who is the senior and with whom they will work with. An induction programme will need to be carefully planned by the organization which gives the maximum positive impact on new staff.


Organization Health Care United
Policy Statement Reliability in Health Care, Dental care, Vision care, Insurance plans to the family, Medicare complements medicine plan, Medicare prescription drug plan 
Objectives Shape a consumer-focused assimilated primary health care system
Program Outline Children health insurance program .It provides proper medical facilities to the eligible children.
Procedures 1. The HR team welcome new employee

2. Inform them rules and responsibilities

3. Interaction with the current staffs

4. Make friendly environment

Documentation PAN CARD


Degree Qualification


Title: Induction Programme

Contents: Objective of the organization, Training Management, Induction Programme, Documentation 

Introduction: Healthcare organization aims and objectives is to provide facilities by hospitals, clinic, community and health agencies spread their business all over the world. The objective of the induction plan is preparing their employee for the new environment in the workplace.

Induction Program

Title: induction programme

Facilitators: HR Manager, Senior Employee

Location: Sydney, Australia

Time:9 AM

Method of Delivery: Face to face in seminar hall in the organization

Induction training and support: Staff should familiar with the work. Proper understanding, specific knowledge. training task is according to the job if nurses are appointed they will train in caring for the patient.

Overseeing of probationary employees: This is the method where employee learn about the organization policies and boundaries.

  1. When an organization conduct the new employee’s joiners and introduce their staff by using the guidelines for their relevant organizational polices and procedure of health care organization.  The heath care organization conduct training program and provide the guidelines to the new joiner’s staff they guide some points mentioned below:

-they inform that the first step they offer is pre-evaluation which means nurses will give this test which included questionnaires and checklists.

The other information is planned training related to gaps in their knowledge, practice.

The 3rdguideline is demonstration and return demonstration which included imparting theoretical and practical hands on training.

The other guidelines are providing the information’s about their policies, procedure which is related to their staff norms, rules and regulations.

The organization give the important information regarding their staff culture, take their introduction and provide information about their work position. 

The organization give some training programs about what techniques they use, what there polices, what norms they follow and how their timing, schedule, position they get and should know about all this relevant information.

Organization introduce their staff with the new joiners then visa-versa, the company also introduce their culture, environment, and describe which criteria they use for work so all this information will be provided by the organization.

-Check induction processes are followed across the organization.

After the induction program is completed the organization follow to monitor the induction processes which included heath care organization is: create a positive attitude towards their employees, develop new working relationships, set standards for new relationships, win business and organization loyalty, introduce new employees, and the last step is reduce the anxiety levels. All these steps are followed across the organization.

Oversee management of probationary employees and provide them with feedback until their employment is confirmed or terminated. The organization perform some policy on probationary employment with their employees and make sure that what are there polices is reviewed in departmental orientation. The organization informs probationary employees with the organization job description and departmental job and also let the employees know of any changes in their duties.  The management of organization inform to their employees and give instructions to them the points are given in below: they inform to their employees is that report to work in regular and timely manner, show them to their schedules of break and lunch period, employees inform to reporting sick leave use and their absences. The organization discuss that all employees should wear dress code, the appropriate conducted will be used. The last step is to provide probationary employees with ongoing feedback 


From the above report it is concluded that the HR plays a vital role in recruitment and selection process and providing them proper training so as to retain employees. The report will include time and place at which the meeting will be conducted with the assessor to explain him the need and method of recruitment process. 

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