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Evaluate the leadership of Jeff Bezos Assignment

Executive summary

This assessment is written for the analysis of Jeff Bezos leadership qualities. Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon. The Amazon was founded in the year 1994. The leadership qualities in context with a different example are understood in this assessment. There can be a different type of characteristics that helped Jeff Bezos to make his company forward in the market. Jeff Bezos leadership style if taken by another leader then they can be a different type of consequences. These consequences are discussed in this assessment. It is also analysed to that Jeff Bezos is the right person or not for Amazon.


Amazon is the organisation that was started by Jeff Bezos. All the explanation that is present in this assessment is context with the Amazon for Jeff Bezos. This company was started as an online bookstore. Jeff Bezos chooses the name of a river Amazon for this company. He wanted to make this company largest online bookstore in the world. It is the business plan of Jeff Bezos that makes this company largest E-Commerce company in the world. The capabilities and the skills of Jeff Bezos are discussed in this assessment. The plants and the methods that are applied by Jeff Bezos regarding the Amazon are explained very well in this assessment. The pros and cons are recorded for the Jeff Bezos are also explained in this assessment. This assessment provides deep Insight about the Amazon and Jeff Bezos. There is also a discussion about that Jeff Bezos is enough for Amazon is there is a requirement of new managers in the Amazon.

Is Jeff Bezos a manager or a leader or both? 

It can be said that Jeff Bezos is a leader. it can be understood with the help of different points that are as follows

Vision matters

This Organisation was started as an online Book Store that transformed as a business of online retail of all the household products. The vision of Jeff Bezos is a long-term perspective. The vision of this person is to build Amazon most customer centric company of the world. 

Improved thinking and the message by Jeff Bezos

It is very difficult to make the things simple. The person who is involved in the business should able to explain the product to the targeted audience in an easy manner. This is the leadership quality that Jeff Bezos is having. He understands that is required to be addressed to the targeted population. He knows the easy method to position Amazon among the people (Pagely, 2018).

For instance when the audio book was acquired by Amazon then Jeff Bezos explains that it is very necessary to provide customer audiobooks when the particular customer eyes are busy somewhere. It is the simple way of making the customer understood by the Jeff Bezos in 2008. In this way, this person used to attract customers. At the same time, the example of Kindle is taken into consideration. At the time of launching of kindle in 2013, Jeff Bezos explained to the customer that readers did not focus on the design of a book, the ink used in the words of the book, the binding and the Glue used in the binding of a book. The Reader only focuses on the author’s world. This will be available on the Kindle. In this way, the explanation was given by Jeff Bezos to the targeted customers at the time of launching event of Kindle. The tendency of making things simple in this person makes him a good leader (Pagely, 2018).

Commitment towards customers

Jeff Bezos is involved in the long term plan. He always seeks the trust of the customer. This can be provided with the good principles that are given by Jeff Bezos to Amazon. Providing fast and good quality of services to the customer with full of transparency is the thinking of Jeff Bezos. This helps Jeff Bezos in creating a value addition for Amazon. This results in the creation of interest among the customer as well as shareholders. It is the leadership quality of this person to create such type of commitment towards the customer (Jones & Jones, 2013). The Amazon always used to stay true on the principles that it follows. Amazon also faces criticism but with the guts, conviction and plan of the Jeff Bezos articulate all such problems. The tendency of speaking on the vision which is long term is the good quality of Jeff Bezos.

Not missing opportunity to self promote

Jeff Bezos always used to implement those methods by which he makes the customer excited to know about the new product of Jeff Bezos. The marketing team is provided with the instruction of Jeff Bezos. Instructions include never miss an opportunity to promote the product not only in the customer but also among the shareholders. the technique of giving an interview, writing letters to the shareholder’s essay writing a book are some of the technique that is used by the marketing team (, 2018). On the technological platform also this organisation used to do Marketing.

Knowing the market very well

Jeff Bezos is having a good understanding of the market. This person used to know the method to target and whom to target. In 1999 Jeff Bezos told that retail market is huge trillion market and we are the tiny part of it. This shows that he has a clear idea of the retail market (Lashinsky, 2012). He used to make strategies according to the market that shows his leadership quality of knowing the market very well.

Jeff Bezos characteristics that helped him drive the company forward.

Ambition – Jeff Bezos is too ambitious for the success. He is always having a positive response to the employees of Amazon. It is the ambition only that made him world’s first trillionare. He is curious about the processes that are taking place in his organisation.


It is very necessary quality for an entrepreneur to be adventurous. Jeff Bezos is always analysing the opportunity and the risk associated with that opportunity. He always makes a good plan so that it can be managed. After that adventurously Jeff Bezos used to take a decision to optimise that opportunity. Apart from this, he has extreme hobbies of deep sea diving (Lashinsky, 2012).


Jeff Bezos is having a strong desire to accomplish the entire task well. Jeff Bezos is always being careful towards work. He is always vigilant in analysing the functioning and operations that are being operated by the organisation.  He is always good at following promises that is the made by chapters to its customer as well as employees.

Amazing learner

He is curious to learn the Different techniques to attract a large number of customers. He always learns different skills that are necessary for the leader. He always learns to make his business of facility for the customer. Used to learn the technical skills by which he makes his business better. He gains good technical knowledge from reading different books. He used to focus on the information technology that can make the website of Amazon user friendly (Beghetto & Kaufman, 2013). Jeff Bezos used to focus on the technology that can be implemented in its business by which a large number of customers can be live on the Amazon website. In this situation also site should not be crash. On this technology, he was learning many skills and he is still learning such type of skills.

High standards

Jeff Bezos is having the principle of high standards. He always asks his employees to achieve more than that can be achievable thought of the employee. He is a smart, motivated and talented (Hall, 2016).

Strategically patient, technically impatient

He has a good condition about the long-term vision that makes him strategically patient. He always waits for a positive result for the strategy that he applies for the business operations and functions. On the other side, he is always curious to know our new technical specification that can be implemented in the business model that makes the business user friendly.

Fast decision maker

Jeff Bezos always used to take the fast decision in even in the critical situation also. This makes him a good decision maker. He takes the faster decision of purchasing valuable companies and the competitors. Investing in the right companies is the good decision taken by Jeff Bezos (, 2018).


Some of the people did not like Jeff Bezos and other likes but it is the opinion of Jeff Bezos that is valued by everyone. it is the good characteristic of this leader. He always makes a good relation with the employees as well as other people. He seeks the long term vision for the person he meets (, 2018).


The deepest happiness of Jeff Bezos is putting health and family before business. Jeff Bezos used to take a long sleep. He used to spend lots of time with his family.

Lack of humility

Jeff Bezos is not at all humble with the employees. Generally, most of the leaders are humble but to be the richest r a trillion lire it might be like Jeff Bezos not humble. He used to make employees work long hours (, 2018).

What can be the consequences of taking his style too far?

They can be different situations if the Jeff Bezos style is taken too far. This can be understood with the different situations.

When there is nothing going right in the Amazon then it is the Jeff Bezos who not mince word. This is this technique that is applied by Jeff Bezos in Amazon that also reflects his leadership quality. If there is nothing going good in the organisation then that is the organisational fault. Therefore it is necessary for the leader to make the things right while not blaming on others. He used to make a plan on the situation. If this style is taken in any organisation for then it will be fruitful for that particular organisation also (Kantor and Streitfeld, 2015). This will create ability in the organisation to tackle with the different critical situation.

Jeff Bezos is difficult to impress. Employees in the organisations used to give a presentation. In such a situation, Jeff Bezos is undoubtedly difficult to impress. This can make the morale down of the employee. By implementing this technique of Jeff Bezos the self-motivation of the particular employee can be down (Salehi, et. al., 2015). If the particular employee works hard to give a presentation on the business function and operation for the future and the particular presentation are also good and the leader reacts as not impressed then it will have a negative impact on the employee. The present is a high official or manager, therefore, this will directly affect the team of the presenter or the manager.

Jeff Bezos in the peak Business Line does not want the worker to leave the workplace. This is sometimes used to create the negative situation in the organisation. Some of the employees used to go against the Jeff Bezos. There is an example in which the Jeff Bezos did not allow employees to rash out the office to catch the last bus of the day. If this is taken by any leader in his/her then there can be a Revolt among the employee in the organisation (Beghetto & Kaufman, 2013). It is the devices that can take such type of situation easily because of his vast capabilities. It is not easy to take a situation by an average leader.

Jeff Bezos is the smart leader. He used to make secret teams to develop the technical side of the business. These teams are called secret Tech teams. These Tech teams used to work against one another. This is helpful for the Jeff Bezos to keep them on their toes. This is the leadership style that makes him lead his company Amazon. If this method is implemented by any leader then he should have guts to tackle the situation when the employees get to know about this plan.

Jeff Bezos used to hire top technocrats which are expert in the industry. After hiring them he used to ignore them what they said. This can make the negative image of any company if applied by any leader.

Is Jeff Bezos the right person for Amazon during the times ahead, or does the company now require more for a manager than a leader?

Jeff Bezos is a good leader. He knows how to hire a team. There are good managers which are already available in the Amazon. Jeff Bezos knows how to make it out possible to complete the work from them. Therefore I think there is no requirement for more managers. If the Amazon comes in the new business then there will be need of a manager. Jeff Bezos is having vast capabilities and qualities that are quite enough to operate this company in the easy and effective way (Collinson & Tourish, 2015). Therefore it can be said that Jeff Bezos is enough for Amazon.


It can be concluded from the assessment that Jeff Bezos is having good leadership qualities. It can also be said that Jeff Bezos is disciplined about the work. Jeff Bezos is very consistent with his promises and work. He used to fulfil his promises towards the work. Jeff Bezos knows how to target population and whom to target. Jeff Bezos is having those characteristics that make his company write a great success story. Jeff Bezos is having that style that can’t be implemented easily by any leader. There can be negative consequences also of implementing the leadership quality of Jeff Bezos in his/her profession. It can be concluded that Jeff Bezos is sufficient as a leader for this company. Jeff Bezos used to look at how to hire people and for what work. Therefore he is the good personality to lead for Amazon. Jeff Bezos is very committed towards his work to make him first trillionaire of the world. He is the self-created trillionaire of the world.


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