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Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Assignment Help


The purpose of this report is to develop skills in analyzing the hospitality and tourism system and the importance of the destination. In this report it describes the chosen destination which is situated in Paris, it is a European city. This city is famous for its art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. The report describes the chosen landmark called Eiffel Tower. The city is known and famous for its coffee culture and designer boutiques along with rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoree. In this report, it describes the destination features, attractions quality, amenities, access and ancillary services.  In the travel booklet, it defines that a book towards travelling to a particular certain country or region.  In this booklet, it describes that Eiffel tower is the world-famous destination. Many people travel this city to see this destination. In Paris, there are various types of destination which are famous and most popular such as; Louvre museum, cathedral Notre-dame de Paris and arc de triumphed.   


Attractions (e.g.,. artificial, natural, events):

History and origin: Paris is a France capital and major European city and global center for fashion culture and gastronomy. It is the 19th-century cityscape by boulevards and river seine. It is the landmark of Eiffel tower. The design of the tower is attributed to Maurice cochin and mile bouguer. The famous architect Stephen Silvestre designing the tower structure; it is a marvelous and beautiful tower in Paris. 

Description of the Destination: Eiffel tower is the wrought iron and lattice tower on champ de mars which are situated in Paris, France.  It is also known as the city of Paris. This destination is famous for its unique architect and designing. The tower is 324 meters tall, and its height is 81 story building. It is recorded that it is the tallest structure in Paris. It has three levels of visitors so the tourists can enjoy the scenes at every level of the tower.  It is an artificial and unique structure, which is the center of attraction of the tourists. Eiffel tower is the tallest human-made structure and popular for its heights. It is investigated that it is tallest as compare to Chrysler building (Salim and Som., 2018).

Amenities (e.g., accommodation, food and beverage, retailing and other services)

The tower has three sections and levels so the visitors can enjoy the scenario and beautiful scenes of Paris. The famous engineer gustave Eiffel design the tower. It is founded in 1887, the tower 

Accommodation of the tower: It describes that when the tower is built, the first level contains three restaurants. The top-level were laboratories for various types of experiments. The small apartment of the tower reserved for the gustave Eiffel for entrains the guests. In the current period, it is open for public. In its interior apartment have kitchen two bedrooms, a lounge and scenes of the Paris landmarks. Tickets prices of the tower are 10. 20 €. Opening time is 09:00-00:45. It is a sample travel brochure sample of Paris which mentioned below:   

Figure 1 Anchorage Opera, 2019

Source: Anchorage Opera, 2019

For food and beverages: Tower upper level is made up by luxury restaurant whereas various types of unique and delicious dishes are presented to the guests and public.

Other services are: It offers various types of services such as; restaurants and stores. It is evaluated that every floor has different types of dining and gift shops facilities. So tourists can purchase various types of gifts and products. In this tower it provides the facility of salon which is also known as gustave Eiffel salon. Salon is situated for business events, it hire the new venue in a magical settings. It attract to the guests to meet the needs and requirements. The tickets system of the line queue and offline is lengthy and take too much time of the visitors so it provides the facility to them which is online ticket booking (Griffin, et. al., 2017).

Access (e.g., scenic drives, park and ride schemes, shuttle buses, innovative vehicles)

In Eiffel tower the car parking, vehicle parking facilities are available for the visitors. It is investigated that platinum, diamond and seven stars reward card members have advantages to receive free parking. It provides the facility to the visitors to go and see the tower in the night because the evening light shows are attraction and lighted up 20,000 bulbs. It is started at dusk. Elevators facilities support to the visitors to visit the jules verne restaurant, other elevators are for tower staff members. It is investigated that the close Paris metro station of the Eiffel tower is champ de mars on line RER.C. It also provide facility of other metro stations which is close to the tower such as; ecole militaire on line 8.  

Ancillary Services (e.g., DMO’s, visitor centres, local councils or government entities)

Tourism in the Paris is wider income source. The most and top reasons for come the visitors are sightseeing and shopping. In Paris it is investigated that it is the largest airbnb market in all over the world. Council of the Paris is deliberative body structure which is responsible for governing of Paris. Council of the Paris is a type of local sole house of the city. There are 163 Paris councillor’s seats.  Council of Paris is elected by voters of commune. In the present time the municipal government take the authority of the city (Peters, 2013).

Visitors centre are also there in the tower it refers that a portion is set up for the visitors to see the scenes and enjoy the scenes.  


It is concluded that this travel booklet show all the features of the selected destination. It describes attractions factors, amenities, and park and ride facilities, ancillary services description. It shows that Eiffel tower is the one of the tallest building in all over the world.  

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Pdf link: file:///C:/Users/Zucol/Downloads/MalaysiaIJET2019.pdf

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