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Tourism is a combination of different activities, industries and services which delivers the experience related to travel. It comprises with accommodation, transportation, food and beverages establishment, entertainment and other hospitality services which offered to the individual or the group members. Travellers attracted towards the respective countries such as Australia, Canada. These countries provide excellent quality of services, and their service quality is continuously approved. Tourism industry efforts are visible because they are taking strict action towards issues and problem faced by travellers. This industry provides its service availability 24*7. These industries concern about traveller needs and expectation. Nowadays, technology improves the quality of services. Online availability makes thing easier for the customer and the owner of the company. Other countries avoid travelling by the traveller due to the unavailability to complete services and the fear of terrorist attack. 

Promotional activities, location, services and price are the segment of the tourism sector. As a traveller, I avoid those countries which do not offer me a complete service package at a reasonable price. If I experienced a tourism service in Australia and Canada, I would surely give return back in terms of recommending to others to visit at least once. People may visit again if their expectation and provided service exactly matched. My regarding tourism is we should understand about similarities and dissimilarities in every tourism industry. All industry will never offer equal quality of service. It is the reason that how an individual segregate the sector according to their need.

Canada provides various job opportunities due to tourism. The continuous growth proves that the tourism industry not only increases the revenue of the sector but also favourable towards currency exchange and supports connect the nation as well. The rent, fuel taxes and the fees for security are acceptable. It is easy to provide visa across near borders (Tiac aitc, 2019). 

Australian tourism attracts the tourist by using the strategy in which they provide the ultimate guide to the international tourist. New restaurant increases the curiosity towards Australian food. The tourism package offers in reasonable or affordable price (Australian Tourism, 2019).

Afghanistan affects from Taliban attack. The tourism industry of Afghanistan spends a massive amount on the tourism sector, but visitors have fear regarding the terrorist attack. The tourist rate falls from the last 100 years (Hughes, 2016).

People are not building the trip plan to visit Iran, taking photos, dressing style, people are not friendly towards tourist (Cleary, 2018)

According to Plog Continuum, Australia is the favorite destination for travelling. The commitment for good service attracts visitor. The intellectually curious, quick decision towards tourism, preferable to daily activities, and accept new opportunities.

Terrorist attacks countries avoid by international visitors. The countries include Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. Wellness and plans are increasing the opportunity of tourism, but these negative traits reduce the visitor rate.


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