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Global Tourism Issue Assignment Help


In this assessment, there is the analysis of the various issues that are with the tourism sector. The main issues that are discussed in this assessment are terrorism, employment and sustainability. All the issues are discussed in this assessment that provides good insight on the topic. 


Terrorism is increasing day by day in different parts of the world. Terrorism impacts negatively on the tourism of the world and Australia. Various attacks are taking place in different countries that affect the security of the tourists (Vermeersch, et. al., 2017). Tourist gets feared because of a terrorist attack in a particular country. Countries issues guidelines regarding not to go in the countries for tourism their terrorist attacks are taking place.

Brighton siege

Yacqub shares what’s the 29-year-old Somali Born individual. This person shot a receptionist of a service apartment in the Brighton. This individual was having a connection with ISIS a terrorist group. Later this individual was died because of a police shootout.

Melbourne stabbing attack

In the year 2018, a person set a fire in the utility vehicle in Melbourne. Then this attacker kills one individual on the street. Two other persons were wounded by this individual. The utility vehicle was exploded because of the Fire (Battersby, 2018). This individual was also shot dead in the Shootout by Victorian police.

These are some of the recent attacks that affect the mood and motivation of tourists to visit in Australia. Visa the incidence that can take place with any tourist that visits Australia. Tourism of Australia is considering this issue very seriously. The CEO of tourism in Australia is insisting that these are the tragic events that take place in Australia. The security is one of the main factors that are considered by International travellers coming to Australia. Terrorism in Australia is isolated but it can’t be taken lightly. Involvement of the tour operators in accomplishing the security are the necessary steps that had taken by tourism of Australia for motivating The Tourist. This is step will not affect the tourism of Australia.


It is one of the main issues in the tourism sector. Employment in tourism is not stable. It varies on the number of tourists visiting the particular country. In the whole world, the types of tourism take place that is seasonal. 


Due to the climate condition Migration of birds take place from one country and continent to other country and continent. This migration creates tourism in a particular country. Therefore in that particular season tourism take place at that location. This is the reason for the seasonal employment in the tourism sector.  The people that are associated with tourism have to be unemployed in the non-seasonal time (Smith, 2015). In Western Australia, approximate 175000 Birds come to Australia in the spring. Various types of ducks species and Roebuck Bay come to Australia. The situation creates a seasonal employment to the people that are involved in tourism of bird sanctuaries.

Climatic and geographical condition

The climatic condition of Australia is such that people love to visit in this country from December to February in the summers and from June to August in the winters. Great Barrier Reef is one of the tourist sites in Australia is always remains warm. In the summers the temperature rises to this tourist site up to 90°C. Rainfall is also taken place in plenty of amounts at this region. Therefore people used to visit this site in winters (Wachowiak, 2016). gold cost is always having a good weather condition fall of the Year, therefore, this is the region in which tourist used to come in summers as well as winters but the tourist is absent in the rainy season. Therefore these geographical and climatic conditions affect the employment of the people that are associated with tourism in Australia. The same is the situation with different countries in the world.


Sustainability is another factor that is at risk and became an issue regarding tourism.


Pollution is a major threat that is being accomplished at the tourist sites. The Tourist sites are losing their beauty because of pollution. A large number of tourist to the tourist sites is becoming a serious cause of pollution near the tourist sites. Vehicle emission near the tourist sites due to a large number of tourist visit results in pollution. This issue is impacting greatly on the appearance of the tourist sites. All types of pollution like land pollution; air pollution and sound pollution are caused by the large number of tourist at tourist sites (Salazar, 2012). Pollution is one of the main issues that are taking place in tourism.


Near the tourist sites like natural tourist sites, various natural resources are present. The beauty of these sites is because of the presence of natural resources. A tourist visiting these sites is impacting negatively on the natural resources of the natural site. The Tourist that are doing camping and tracking effects these resources greatly. The beauty of these resources gets affected results in less tourism at these sites in the coming year. The resources are the natural beauty of any tourist sites. Therefore these tourist sites should not be affected at any cost.

Therefore it is very necessary to implement the sustainable development program at these sites so that tourist motivation regarding visiting these sites will remain active. The sustainability of the tourist site can be maintained by the local support also. The awareness programme among the tourists can be developed by the tour operators. These tour operators can also make aware The Tourist regarding not to affect the tourist sites at any cost. Limitation of the vehicles at the tourist sites should also be done so that pollution can be Limited at these sites. This wills the result in none damaging of the sites at any cost (Suhud & Willson, 2016).


It can be concluded that there is the type of issues are there in tourism. A large number of tourist sites is affected by pollution. Seasonal employment is also impacting negatively on the tourism of the world. Terrorism is a threat to tourism.


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