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Food & Beverage Assignment (10%)

Number of Students: up to 2

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DUE: Monday November 1st@ 8:30am (EST) – submitted on blackboard (BB) under assignments


This assignment will be submitted as a safe assignment on BB. The SafeAssign software compares your submission to everything that is available on the internet, including other students work.  To avoid any academic misconduct, please source work that you resourced that is not your own.  Remove the questions below on your submission.  Please keep the title (Question #1, Question #2, #3 and #4) but erase my typed-out question.  Replace it with just your answer.  This will alleviate a high percentage (%) of the software thinking you have plagiarized when the document is scanned.


Marking Rubric


Expectations – Completion, Understanding & Critical Thinking

·         All answers apply to the question being asked and contain clear reflective opinions.

·         Responses include logical thinking, supported with examples or evidence from the industry. 

·         Responses draw from the course concepts and topics covered in class lecture power points. 

·         All answers contain competent grammar, spelling, and are in full sentence/paragraph format.

·         All researched materials are cited using APA referencing guidelines.

The following scoring system will be used for all portions of this assignment:

Score for each question  range from 1 -8 marks.

1 – Limited

2 – Basic

3 – Proficient

4 – Above Average Expectations

See question values below.


  1. a) One of my favoriterestaurants inBrampton is Aria Bistro and Lounge and the location of the restaurant is 485 Main St N, Brampton, ON L6X 1N8, Canada.
  1. b) Based on the lecture the aria bistro and lounge are one of the large restaurant venues specialized in fine end dine in the Ontario area. Yes, the Aria Bistro and Lounge fit into its category. As at the restaurant, we feel experience which is great quality & greater formality as compared to other normal restaurants. It has a formal atmosphere, and it is also alwayssat down restaurant, and it also has a revamped menu as compared to other restaurants. It also offers lists of wine and sometimes sommeliers, so it can help us with the wine pairing and food (Riehle, 2021)
  1. c) It is my favoriterestaurant because it providesdelicious food and their services are spectacular. Ario bistro and lounge also offers a deliciously revamped menu, it also provides the focus on the new American cuisine which is made from the available fresh ingredients. The Ario bistro and lounge also reflect Ontario’sseasonal bounty of various farms. There is also one of the specialties of this restaurant that can be tracked down at the pleasing historic house of Walter E. Calvert in downtown Brampton. The ambianceof the restaurant is elegant to acknowledge our special days. The restaurant is for the mordent feel renovated very carefully. Ario bistro and lounge is fully capable with the latest visual/ audio capabilities, whereas it also has the old charm of the original building (Riehle, 2021)



  1. a) Two advantages of the themed restaurants, such as medieval times are-

From the customers perspective-

1) At the theme restaurants with food it also provides entertainment. It has the potential to provide high profits in a comparatively short time, and it’s a part by selling merchandise.

2) At the theme restaurants, there is a distinct style of décor so it helps to create a certain ambiance for the comfort of customers. By promising a unique experience it can attract new customers, which is good in increasing the revenue.

From the business owner perspective-

1) Theme restaurants liked by most of the customers are good from the business owner’sperspective.

2) It is a good profit business it maintained well.

  1. b) Two disadvantages of the theme restaurant, such as medieval times are-

From the customers perspective-

1) There is a huge number of customers at the themed restaurants, such as medieval times, so there are possible chances of slow service. To customers find it difficult to order their new meal.

2) In the theme restaurants, such as the medieval time the main focus is on the customer’s entrainment, and there are fewer options in the menu as compared to other restaurants. The food is the second choice as compared to entertaining the guests (Ishak, et al., 2020).

From the business owner perspective-

1) There is a need for the large serving team to serve in the theme restaurants, which may be costly from the business owner’s perspective.

2) In the theme restaurants the food is secondary and guest entrainment is a priory, so it may disappoint some of the guests, which is not good for the business.


  1. c) Yes, I would like to experience the themed restaurant such as medieval times. As I like entertainment and I like to have different experiences. I think it would be a great experience and new as well to visit the theme restaurant such as medieval times. It may be a memorable experience to visit themed restaurants such as in medieval times. I have also listened that in one of the themed restaurants their cocktail is named after the movies. So, I would like to experience themed restaurants such as medieval times(Mohamad, et al., 2020).


  1. a) No, I don’t think so with the increase in technology, humans can be 100% replaced at some point of time in the food and beverage industry. In the coming year with the increase in technology, robots may replace humans for various jobs but they can’tcompletely replace humans. According to my the ratio can be 60:40. 60 of the robots and 40 of the humans. After watching the video of the restaurant robot, customers are facing various problems when the food is served by the robots. They are unable to take their orders correctly and the service is also becoming slow. Customers find the robot confusing. In the food and beverage industry serving plays a vital role, if it is not good enough customers will get disappointed.

In the customer service lecture, one of the elements which I have identified is that the robots might get confused in receiving the orders from the customers. Robots can’t serve the food to the customers as humans can. They also can’t pick up the dishes from the table after customers have finishedtheir meals. Robots also don’t have emotions like humans(Woessner, et al., 2018).

  1. b) No, I don’t think so that I will go out of the way to visit the restaurant which had a robot employee, solely to see the robots in action. Although it can be fun to see robots working, for me it can be fun only once or twice. Other than that it would be normal for me. I will prefer to go to the place which has good food rather than the place where robots are serving the food.
  1. c) I can also see some of the positive sides of using robots in the food and beverage industry. Besides the robot server and robot noodle maker. Robots can be used at the entrance of the restaurant, it can be an attraction for the new customer. Robots can be used to pull the chairs of the customers and can greet them. Robots can also help in boosting efficiency and it’s also reduced the risk of injury. Robots can also be used in making the coffee in the kitchen, they can also be used in managing the bills and other records of the organization. Let’s take an example of a robot is making pizza in the restaurant, they can press out the pizza dough faster than humans and can place them in the ovens. Robots can also be used in the cleaning and maintenance of the business. Robots can also work 24/7. As humans need rest but robots can be used whenever they are needed (Dauth, et al., 2018).


  1. a) One of the positive elements which is a result of covid 19 on every aspect of the food and beverage industry-

Due to covid 19, there has been a massive spike in the online delivery of groceries. People are using more online services instead of going out and buying groceries. People are taking extra care after the covid 19 pandemic about the hygiene practices (Goddard, 2020).



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