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Ethical Organizations Employee Code of Conduct

Table of Contents

Introduction. 3

Code of Conduct and rules & regulations of organization. 3

Ethical Organization. 3

Company about discriminations. 3

Rules about harassment 4

Govern privacy and confidentiality. 4

Policy for safety and security. 4

Conflict of Interest 5

Use of technology. 5

Code of conduct addressing employee on social media presence. 5

Future Carre 6

Conclusion. 6

References. 7


In this report, we have discussed the 3M Canada and we all also understand the code of conduct. This code of conduct may help to develop a more open society, but that’s not a complete answer in and of itself. Its organization’s leaders establish an ethical culture by demonstrating their principles via their attitudes and actions. Analyses of residential rules of conduct reveal that they must be implemented as part of a learning program that requires teaching, regular compliance, and constant monitoring and development. A company code of practice is a set of guidelines developed for a company that defends its business while also informing its personnel of the job specifications. Indeed, the simplest businesses should prepare a file that describes vital information about employee expectations.

Code of Conduct and rules & regulations of organization

This code of conduct is used inside the organization and it will be applied to the shareholder of the organization in which staff members, customers, and other management departments are included. Each shareholder needs to follow this kind of policy within the organization to follow the roles and responsibilities of each shareholder of the organization (3M, 2022).

Ethical Organization

3 M Canada is an ethical organization and it includes every kind of thing which involve the ethical organization, the corporation claims to observe every one of the beliefs as well as ideals, therefore all three aspects of corporate ethical disciplines, individual, professionally, but organizational, are quite well maintained inside the firm(3M, 2022).

Company about discriminations

The Company is setting the rules for discrimination inside the organization. To engage with all of us, we need people with a wide range all backgrounds, but also that diversity is precisely what makes 3M great. Workers must display compassion and establish an open job atmosphere to promote and maintain their culture of diversity(3M, 2022).

As a result, we will never accept bias-protected class traits. Reserved qualities can differ from country to country, but then at 3M, these often include:

Race or color, disability, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, sex, and other things is included in this 3M Canada (Gaillard & Peek, 2019).

Rules about harassment

There are some rules which are included in the harassment. Bully, violent acts, blackmail, harassment, dangerous action, offensive language, and efforts to still fear others are among the reasons why members of staff are shielded from harassment (Acai, et al., 2018).

Govern privacy and confidentiality

Inside the organization, knowledge categorization-related to management standards is used to classify data. Except for public documents, every financial info is handled with strict confidentiality, but it is never released to everyone outside the business absent express authorization including proper arrangements regarding secret disclosure (Gaillard & Peek, 2019).

Policy for safety and security

3M Canada has its workplace safety policy and also has various issues related to safety and also concerns related to the responsibility of every consumer and shareholder of the organization.

Conflict of Interest

Another conflict of interest develops when such an individual’s personal particular preferences potentially jeopardize his or her choices, opinions, or activities within the job. A suspected contradiction should be reported to the manager or supervisors at 3M. These must be carried out when it contributes to the organization’s culture and integrity. This one will assist the company, as well as its staff, in maintaining a positive job atmosphere free of hostility (Cusumano, 2019).

Use of technology

There is some information as well as data present inside the code of conduct,including various kinds of property intellectual and also use of new software as well as new technology. And as per the new legislation, each staff member needs to sign the appropriate contract which is related to the terms of service inside the contract and also which is including of property intellectual and also staff member is owned by the employer (van der Burg, et al., 2021).

Code of conduct addressing employee on social media presence

Yes, this social media presence of staff is addressing the code of conduct and it would provide the information of every staff needs to understand their responsibilities to exercise whenever they trying to communicate inside the organization also the business is done by the platform of social media during staff is managing on the social media and also doesn’t reflecting his character but it also reflecting the business or organization(Cusumano, 2019).

The appropriate impact is to manage with the staff and also need to be cautious during sharing of information related to the organization and also they have facing some serious and legal actions if anything is going against the organization (Acai, et al., 2018).

Future Career

One such assignment has taught me that even a code of conduct and ethics is indeed a crucial aspect of any organization because it establishes the industry’s ideas and ideals, but also gives any observer a sense of what they would expect from just that organization. Workers and other stakeholders of a firm benefit from a code of conduct because it protects employees against varied incarnations of economic employment discrimination. It’ll be useful in future work because I will be how or when to acquire knowledge of any organization. This has shaped my idea of an ethical organization as one that cares organization only about its product but also about the persons affected (van der Burg, et al., 2021).


This study could be summarised simply by stating that 3M is an ethical company that adheres to practically any sort of laws that are required of both the company and of its personnel. It defends its personnel from all forms of discrimination, so it has many the rules in place to ensure a safe and pleasant workplace for both internal and external stakeholders. Any firm, any organization that’s also regarded to just be behaving morally and from which workers may enjoy some beneficial impacts and also greater business achievements, should have a code of conduct.




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