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Enhance the Customer Service Experience


Enhance the Customer Service Experience

Assessment 2

Role play 1

Customer: hello sir, sorry to inform you that I am meeting you because of the disappointment in the customer once again about the deliveries of the cake?

The wholesaler: hello sir, sorry for the inconvenience that you are facing related to the cake deliveries, so can you tell me what kind of problem you are facing in the delivery of cakes? Is cake quality or taste or any other issues occurring in cake or some other problem you are facing?

Customer: you people just didn’t be able to do the right things.

The wholesaler: sir just calm down and tell me the problem I will try to solve it as soon as possible tell me briefly about the problem.

Customer: when I placed an order of cakes last month and ask to deliver my cakes order a 10 AM but I didn’t receive the order on time because this I got a shortage of cakes in my café. Because of this behaviour, I run out of cakes. This cost me a loss of money

The wholesaler: ok sir now I got your reason forthe frustration we are sorry as you said your order was not delivered in the morning I will check the records and ask the staff what the reason was as you are our valuable customer. Is there any complaint related to the quality of the cakes?

Customer: yes, as I order 5 but only 1 order is received in the morning of which I ordered dairy cakes which were losingtheir freshness as the time passes. I didn’t cancel my order because my customers like your cake and the quality of cake otherwise there are many places which have a good quality of cakes. So now tell me will you deliver the cake at 10 AM or not

The Wholesaler: yes, sir we will deliver your cakes before 10 am and I will look into your problem very effectively and I also monitor our delivery service why it late but don’t worry sir we will timely deliver your orders.

Customers:  thank you for hoping you will solve my problem.



Role play 2

Customer after getting bad service he is giving feedback to the manager of the hotel

Manager: hello sir, how may I help you?

Customer: I have some complaints about the service that I received from your staff

Manager: sorry sir for any inconvenience so can you tell me the problem as you are our regular customer.

Customer: I never received the behaviour like this before but today as I entered the hotel I took a table and sat on that no one is acknowledging my table after waiting for 20 minutes I got acknowledged and asked by the waiter for the order and after this when I asked the waiter to not bring onions in a salad then after he brought onions in the salad and I requested drinks also with my meal but I didn’t get those drink and the behaviour of your waiter today was very rude they are ignoring me and busy on other large table and serving them.

Manager: sorry sir I got your point but please try to understand us also that today’s delay reason was first that you are without booking and this is not a great reason as you know we have only 40 seats out of which 25 are booked by large party and you got the table because you are our regular customer otherwise we will not going to offer any table and all the person from there are ordering at the same time as staff shortage all waiter is busy there to serve on the other tables, and the drinks you ordered was given on anther table where guest didn’t say any word so our waiter thought the order from that table and these tables are very demanding and ordering again and again so the waiters also get frustrated from this type of behaviour and that is why they kind of rude. This is the situation of today that is why you receive a bad service experience today but we will manage this also from next time so don’t worry.

Customer: ok thank you I understood completely and sorry for the anger that did on you.

Manager: no problem sir your feedback is important for us to improve our service policies better day by day, thank you sir for understanding us to keep visiting us

The customer left the restaurant with a smile on his face and leave the restaurant in a satisfied manner.


Role play 3

After too many calls from the customers finally on Thursday Morning the receptionist of the Restaurant called back the customer

Receptionist: Good morning, this is the receptionist from the XYZ Restaurant how may I help you, sir?

Customer: Good morning(In a frustrated voice) so you finally called me back today I was trying to call you from Monday morning and also called you at 2:40 PM but my call was not answered from your side and I also left the voice message with your calls but no call back from your

Receptionist: Sorry, sir for not picking up calls from your side but the restaurant was closed on Monday and Tuesday so there will be no chance of picking up your calls and also no call backs can be done. And on Wednesday we are slightly busy with some work due to which we are not able to call you back sir. Sorry for the inconvenience that you faced can you tell me what can I do to help you?

Customer: ok no problem I can understand that I need to book tables in your restaurant for the dinner party of 5 people on Saturday at 6:30 PM so kindly can you book my tables

Receptionist: Sorry sir on Saturday we are fully booked for the function that starts at 8:00 PM but there is one seating available which is not according to your timing

Customer: can you tell me the timing in which seating can be possible so I can adjust the timing if possible?

Receptionist: the time at which seating will be available is 5:30 to 7:00 PM so can I book your seating at this time?

Customer: Yes, please book the seating between this time because I would like to do a party in your restaurant and I can adjust the timing.

Receptionist: ok sir thank you for the adjustment please mail your details so I can confirm your bookings and I will send your details of booking by email.

Customer: ok I am sending you details of guest

Receptionist: ok sir thanks you hope your day will be awesome keep visiting us.

Customer: ok thank you




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