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As they all know about the important of professional, personal and academic development will going to improve the life of the student. The way in which the people used to act that will going to assess their own abilities and skills that will going to consider the motives or aims and at the same time it will going maximize the potential that is true. With the enhancement of professional, personal and academic development the student will get different types of opportunities or chances that will going to enhance or advances the career and promotions. In this reflection report they will be going to look over the diverse areas of development in professional life. Then they will be going to look some of the areas of development when it comes to personal. Then they will be going to see the academic development. Last but not the least they will see the conclusion of the overall reflection report.

Professional Development

The insights that they are going to learn that will going to advanced the capabilities, aptitudes and competence of the individual. The first thing that they will going to look over is occupational choice. Occupational choice can be considered as a type of career development where the induvial will going to viewed as the one who is making decision. When it comes to define knowledge and significant that is perpetual incomplete. This will help or provides assistance to build self-awareness that will power to the individual by persuading or manipulating to make a decision that is much better. In the second week of the of the semester they are going to look over and recognize the different types or kinds of ways to assess themselves. This was the time when they are going to realize and learn about the weakness and strength of the individual. In order to know and understand about the interest, goals and values it is very essential to assess themselves. With the helps self-assessment the person or an individual will be going to learn the ways to track the abilities or skills that are needed to solve the problem that are coming into their way. Self-assessment will be going to find or identify the course of actions so that the faults and mistakes can be avoided. It also helps the individual to know whether goals or objectives that is being targeted is accomplished or not at the same time give information and data that will further morals or values required to accomplish the goal line (Baruh & Cemalcılar, 2014).

In the third week of the semester they have seen the ways or methods in which the individual will go to improve the standards of interview and CV writing skills. Below is the list of ways that they have learning they are as follows:

  1. Methods or ways in writing summery of professional.
  2. Build a very interesting header of the contact information.
  3. Detailed description of education.
  4. Focuses more over highlighting their experience.
  5. Determining or defining the interest related to personal (O’Brein, et al., 2017).

Talking about interviews skill and abilities includes the selection of outfit. It is very essential or crucial to choose a correct outfit as it is considered as the first impression. The other thing that they have learned in that week is how to communicate fluently, clearly and calmly. The last but not the least they will be going to understand is asking questions to their interviewer and considered the point of view of interviewer. In week 9 and the last week they will be going to understand one of most demanding skills that is coaching. This is the time when they first going to how coaching skill is one of the key competencies that will work as leveraged by the leader or coach to develop other. They have learned about how the manager and the great leader will going to use or utilize the coaching skill to improve or develop the professional life. This also enhances the individual connection and building rapport ability. Coaching skills will be going to enhance the ways of giving the feedback that is constructive and at the same time asking effective question.

Personal Development

When it comes to week 3, they individual used to pay much more attention towards the personal development. Basically, personal development is the way or method in which the people or individual to assess their abilities, skills and qualities that will aims for a better or effective life. Personal development will also be going to improve the talent, employability, potential and wealth. In the first week of the course they have seen and learn self-leadership skill. When they are talking about self-leadership skills, it is one of the most in demand skill know a day. Self-leadership is helping the individual to motivate and provides the passion for all the essential actions that are needed or required to take. They will be going to understand with this ability they will learn the methods or approaches through which they will directly, in other words they can influence the action that will going to help them in reaching to their objective that will satisfy their life. They will also be going to recognize the qualities needed for self-leadership they are as follows:

  1. The first quality that is needed for self-leadership is enthusiasm for understanding and learning new things and abilities (Tausova, et al., 2019).
  2. The second quality that is needed for self-leadership is setting the goal and objective of their life and group.
  3. The third quality that is needed for self-leadership is willing of letting thing go.
  4. The fourth quality that is needed for self-leadership is building or making the schedule and plans for their betterment.
  5. The fifth and the last quality that is needed for self-leadership is it will be going to enhance the discipline and focus of the individual.

They also have the session of emotional and multiple intelligence where they learn to determine or describe the limit of the person’s by contextualize or recognize their own and other emotion.

Academic Development

So now they are going to look over the academic development that is considered very important form the point of view of building a career. Academic development is a kind of development that will going to enhance the kids or student with setting the skills and goals in the classroom that will provide assistance or help them to achieve or accomplished success in their life. Academic development will be going to develop the abilities, strategies or in other words they can say the habit that will help an individual to learners succeed in the setting of academics. They also going to understand the ways in which academic development will going to contribute that contain or comprises of career, personal and social. One of the primary skills that they focusing on academics writing. Academics writing are a type of kids of style that is formal in nature that educators and researchers used to publication of scholarly.

Academics writing provide evidence that are based over logical reasoning and arguments that will go to guide the different-different readers towards the specific subject. They also going to learn how academic writing will essentially learning the disciplinary that pays a vital role for the success for the academics. With the helps of academic writing they will going to learn the ways of building an agreement that is very convulsive. The other thing that they have learned in the semester is reflection writing. Reflection writing is basically or generally a pattern of documenting the response that they are going to get from the experience through different events, opinions, point of views and last but not the least is information. It helps the individual to prepare a material that is making sense to other and insuring the condition or situations should be shaped the experience and material. Reflection writing also provides or gives a side of exploring and examining the different types of perspectives about a particular interaction and event. Last but not the least they can it is overall a learning experience (Shmeleva, et al., 2017).


As they have read earlier in the refection report about the semester in which they are going to grow and enhance the individual development. For this purpose, they are going to look over personal, professional and academic development. When it comes to professional, they look over distant or dissimilar skills that comprises of coaching, CV writing, interview, assessing themselves and occupation choices. This helps them to improve the life when they are making aa career. Then they will be going to understand personal development the includes self-leadership and emotional intelligence. Last but not the least they have seen the academic development the contains academic and reflection writing.


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