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Develop and Present a Workforce Plan

Develop and Present a Workforce Plan


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Assessment 3. 3

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Assessment 3

Workforce plan

Business Brief

Woolworth is the type of supermarket that run their business in Australia. Woolworth group sell varieties of product at retail price to their customers. Woolworth group directly purchase their product from the manufacturer that provides the best quality products. There are some names or categories of products that sold by the Woolworth company such as dairy products, bakery products, flash aur poultry items, vegetables and fruit, health and beauty products for men as well as women, healthy products for children, food items for a pet, gift items, and household products. The company sale its product through its supermarket as well as an online platform. The company has its website which customers used to purchase the product from Woolworth through an online process and also get information related to the products that are sold by the Woolworth group. Woolworth is the best store in Australia because this provide sits products all over the cities or states of Australia. Woolworth has many supermarkets located in the states of Australia which provide the best and fresh quality of products to their customers. All the stakeholders of the company must respect the values of their customers that’s why they all first listen to the demand of customers then provide products according to their demands. The main aim of Woolworth is to provide the best quality products to the customer according to their demands. Currently, companies face problem-related for their employees because many competitor companies are entering into the market that provides the best salaries to experienced employees. Some employee of Woolworths leaves their jobs and join the competitive business because they provide the best salaries to them. In this assessment, I create a workforce plan for Woolworth company for their employee retention and satisfaction.


The purpose of creating a workforce plan is to fulfil the human requirement in all departments of business and also hire well-educated and experienced candidates to achieve the goal of the organization (O’Riordan, 2012).


There are some objectives of the Woolworths company such as

  1. Woolworth company want to achieve their organizational goal by increasing the sale of the business and attracting a new customer (O’Riordan, 2012).
  2. Company want to open their branches or establish their business in other countries.
  3. Company want to satisfy and retain their employees by providing best facilities to them.
  4. Companies want to earn more profit and also improve their performance by implementing new changes in the organization.
  5. Company always want to provide best quality product and services to their customer.

Strategic fit

There are some policies and procedures of the Woolworth that they use to retain and satisfy their employees such as

  1. Anti-discrimination policy – company implements an anti-discrimination policy in the organization to protect the employees from discrimination or harassment (Sparkman, 2018).
  2. Equal opportunity policy- Woolworth company implement the equal opportunity policy in the organization to protect the employees from unfair treatment and also provide the information related to their rights that they used to protect themselves from the unfair practices.
  3. Work health and safety policy- company implements the work health and safety policy in the organization to protect the employees from the uncertain risk or hazard that may occur during the working process.
  4. Grievance policy – company implements a grievance policy in the organization which is used by the employees to protect from unfair treatment. The grievance is the formal complaint procedure that employees used to register the complaint against the guilty person or offender.
  5. Reward and recognition policy – company implement a reward and recognition policy to give rewards to the team members or individual on their good performance and also encourage the other staff to improve their performance and get the reward from the company.
  6. Training and induction policy – this policy is created by the company to provide training to the Employees related to new skills and knowledge that they used to do their work easily without facing any problem (Sparkman, 2018).

Environment Scan

There is the PEST analysis of the Woolworth company is given below

  1. Political – Woolworth is a big company or brand that run their business on a large scale. Due to large-scale business, several political factors affect the activities of the business. There is some factor that affects the operation of the Woolworths business such as the government of Australia banning plastic packaging of the product, the government of Australia recently increasing the custom duty rates, etc. Due to plastic ban packaging, the cost of Woolworth increases because they start packing their product with a substitute material (Ward and Tripp, 2012).
  2. Economic – Many new competitive businesses are entering into the market which offers the highest salaries to the experienced or talented employees. Due to this condition, many stakeholders of the Woolworths company leave their jobs and join the new competitive business. Due to many competitors in the market, choices for the customer are increased that’s why the customer first reviews the product of all the companies then purchases it from a particular Store that provided a product at an affordable price.
  3. Social – Nowadays people are more conscious about their health and fitness and use healthy products which provide the best quality of proteins to their bodies. Woolworth now found the companies that manufacture healthy products by using healthy ingredients to provide the products to the customer (Ward and Tripp, 2012).


  1. Technology –Many companies launch new technologies in the market which helps the supermarket business in improving their performance and increasing their productivity. Due to the change of technology, the cost of the companies increases because they need to be purchased the new technologies to run the business in a competitive market.

The current labour market, supply, and forces

According to the current market condition, companies offer higher salaries to candidates who have specific skills related to a particular field. For example – in Australia, accountants are limited that’s why the companies offer high prices to the accountants to manage and control their financial records. According to the Australian labour market condition, the unemployment rate of Australia is decreased by 4.2 % this year and the employment rate is increases by 6 6.1%. This number shows that companies who run their business in the Australian market need high skilled human resources to operate their business activities (Smith, 2012).

Current demand for staffing resources

There are some requirements Woolworth company related to the human resources such as

  1. According to the current business condition, the company wants to hire new staff for selling and promotion of their product.
  2. Company want to establish their new branches and another state of Australia to expand their business. Due to this reason, the company wants to hire 4 to 5 financial accountants to manage and control their financial records (Smith, 2012).
  3. Woolworth wants to hire a well-skilled and experienced candidate for the management work who helps the company by managing their operation and solving the customer problem.
  4. W00lworth wants to establish their new department that is the customer care department to take feedback from the customer related to the product and services of the business and also to provide a solution to the customer related to the problems they face in their product and services. To established this department, the company want to hire some telecommunication experienced candidate who has handled the problem of the customers.
  5. Woolworths want to promote their existing employees by providing them with higher job position in the business. Due to this reason, the company wants to hire new employees to run their business operation (Addicott, et al., 2015).

Future demand for staffing resources

According to the future business planning of the company, Woolworth company wants to hire new staff for the job roles because they want to expand their business by introducing new products in the market. For promotion and selling of new products, the company wants to hire or select the best candidate who has 5-year of experience in the sale and marketing field. The company also want to update their current market strategies by adopting the digital marketing system but the current staff of the company doesn’t know the digital marketing system. Due to this reason, the company wants to hire well-skilled candidates for the job roles who have experience in the digital marketing field. Companies now update their policies and procedures such as they adopt digital marketing and social media marketing strategies to promote their product and services because nowadays, peoples spend their free time on social media to see the post of the different companies and their friends (Addicott, et al., 2015).

Demand/supply analysis (identifying gaps between supply and demand)

There are many competitor companies enter in the market to run their business. To run their business, they want the best qualified and experienced labor to fulfil the human requirement. Due to this reason, they offer high salaries to the well-experienced candidate to attract them towards their business. In a recession, this type of company terminates their staff or pays them low wages to them. Due to this reason, the availability of labor is increasing in the recession period Whereas in a boom period, this type of company paid a high number of salaries to their work or employees. Due to this reason, the availability of labor is increasing in the boom period.

Situation analysis (potential workforce issues and challenges)

There are some potential workforce issues or challenges is given below

  1. Due to the heavy work loadload on the employees, the morale of the staff member decreases day by day. To increase the morale of the employee, the company must conduct motivational programs to encourage them for achieving the personnel as well as organizational goals (Strydom, 2019).
  2. Due to lack of skills, employees can’t able to do work that assigned by their manager. The company must provide the work to the employees according to their skills and also conduct the training program to improve or update the skills of the employees.
  3. Woolworth is a company that follows a diversity policy. Due to this reason, they hire or select well-qualified and well-experienced candidates for the job roles without considering their culture, color, age, etc. But due to the different cultures of the employees, their languages are also different. Due to different languages, employees can’t able to communicate with each other properly (Strydom, 2019).
  4. Due to a diverse workplace, the senior manager gives importance to a team member who is well-qualified and experienced and listen to their suggestion and opinion only. Due to this discrimination is increasing in the workplace and other employees do not participate in the working activity of the business.

HR strategies including workforce retention, diversity, and cross-cultural management

  1. HR manager must provide training to the team member related to the new skills that they use to improve their performance (Coward, et al., 2016).
  2. HR managers must hire or select well-experienced and qualified employees whether the employees belong to the same culture or not.
  3. HR managers must provide training to staff related to intercultural communication to reduce the communication gap between the employees.
  4. HR manager must conduct the rewards and recognition program to give rewards to the employees on their good performance.
  5. HR managers must conduct a career development program to provide information to staff related to their career growth (Coward, et al., 2016).

Budget Particulars Amount ($)
1. Rewards and recognition $30000
2. Training and induction program $10000
3. Career development program $15000
4. Intercultural communication courses $20000

Action plan Task Action required
1. Rewards and recognition To give rewards to the employees on their good performance.
2. Training and induction program Provide training related to new skills to improve the performance of the employees.
3. Career development program Provide courses to the employees related to career development.
4. Intercultural communication courses Provide training courses related to intercultural communication to employees to reduce the communication gap.

Monitoring system 

  1. Employee’s survey – Company must conduct the employees survey to get the information related to the policy and procedure of the business and also get the information related to the problem that they face in their work (Foldspang and Otok, 2016).
  2. One on one meeting – Company must conduct one on one meetings with the team members to get information related to the problem that they face in their work or workplace.




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