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Question 1
The types of business systems that support the development of effective work relationships are
Payroll business system
Personnel business system
The automated process of payroll that is done with the help of software is known as a payroll
business system. This system has been integrated with leave and attendance tracking that helps to
track the employee's leaves and attendance records. Service portals for self-service of the
employees have also been integrated so that tracking of working hours of the employees can be
done. Automatic calculation of salaries, taxes, deductions, and pay slip printing can be done
using this service portal. This helps in the development of an effective work relationship in a
business system(FAYED, 2019).
The business system deals with the storing of employee records, performance reviews of
employees, raises in salary, etc is known as a personnel business system. This system is also a
computer-based system that helps in the maintenance of the service records of employees of a
business organization. Whether an employee has been taking advantage of company policies is
also tracked with this system. This benefit helps in the development of an effective work
relationship in a business system of an organization.

Question 2
Administrative Policies such as rules and regulations of the office and the values and
expectations of the business help in supporting the development of an effective work
relationship. The policies of the company such as eligibility for health insurance help in the
assurance of employees that the organization is looking after them thus helping development by
motivation. Paid time off helps in supporting the development of an effective workplace
Customer management policy is a technology that helps in the management of all the
relationships within the company along with the management of customer interaction. The goal
of this policy is simple and effective, it helps in the improvement of business and interpersonal
relationships of the employees. This management helps in the creation of an environment where
the employees, as well as the customers, are happy. So it helps to improve profitability and lets the company stay connected to the customers thus creating an environment that promotes the
development of effective work relationships.

Question 3
(a) The process of interaction with other people or how one person interacts with other people is
commonly known as interpersonal style. The personality of oneself has an impact on the style
and behavioral traits of that person. The way of living a person or the environment of living a
person and the interaction with other people has an impact on one’s interpersonal style. The
temperament of a person is commonly known as that person's interpersonal style which can be of different categories. The four types of interpersonal styles are

(b) The behavioral traits of a person along with the tactics that the person uses for interaction
with others at a workplace effectively. The ability of an employee to work well with others, in
the world of business is commonly known as interpersonal skills in the workplace. The skill of a
person of communication with others and listening to deportment and attitudes of others are the
key relevance of interpersonal styles in a workplace.

Question 4
(a) There are three main types of communication skills present
Verbal communication
Visual Communication
Non-verbal communication
(b) Verbal communication is the way by which one can convey a meaningful or useful message
with the help of words. The different forms of verbal communication are written communication
and oral communication (Tuli and Sharma, 2019).
There are four types of verbal communication present in the business workplace which are
intrapersonal communication, interpersonal communication, small group communication, and public communication. All of these help in communication in different environments of the
workplace thus creating development in work relations (Heinze et al. 2018).
The use of visual elements to communicate with others for the exchange of information and
ideas is known as visual communication. The visual communications that are commonly used in
workplaces to communicate include info graphics, Process diagrams, Flow-charts, roadmaps,
Charts, and graphs, Visual reports, presentations, and Mind Maps. It helps in retaining ideas and
information and creates a connection that is stronger than verbal communication. The human
brain can retain visual images longer due to the part of the brain that is responsible for long-term
memory. Thus visual communication creates a bigger impact and helps to create an efficient
work environment that helps improve work relationships.

Question 5
In this question, several categories have been provided and the relevance of those categories in
the field of work has been asked to be explained.
a) Consultation
It can be said that consultation is a process of having a discussion regarding the safety matters
that are required to be taken in the respective work field. Basically, it can be said that this is the
process of resolving issues that occur in the workplace.
b) Cultural Sensitivity
Cultural sensitivity is kind of a process that allows the employees of the organization to learn
about different people and their respective cultures. It can be observed that in an organization
people can be from different communities. Good knowledge of cultural sensitivity enables the
employees of the organization to serve their respective colleagues properly.
c) Social Sensitivity
In terms of maintaining a good work-life balance, social sensitivity is one of the categories that is
required to be considered as well. Social sensitivity is kind of an aspect that enables a person to
understand the viewpoint that their fellow colleagues have and value them properly.
d) Networking
In any workplace, networking must be considered one of the key components in terms of having
good communication with fellow colleagues. In several cases, it has been observed as a
beneficial factor for the employees to work with each other’s help.

e) Conflict Resolution
Conflicts can occur in every field, and in the case of maintaining good organizational behavior,
those conflicts must be resolved. It has been observed that there are several ways of resolving the
conflicts that occur in the workplace. However, one of them must be chosen in terms of resolving

Question 6
(a)The two legislative needs relevant to managing effective workplace relationships are
Fair work
Workplace gender equality
(b) The fair work act provides the employees certain protections of rights, which include the
rights that one must have in a workplace. The right to refuse work that has a life risk, the right to
know about the hazards that are present in a workplace, right to have health and safety
discussions. All these should be implemented to help and provide the employees with the safety
and security that ensures in management of an effective workplace.
The equality of genders is a basic requirement that provides all employees with equal rights and
opportunities. This will help boost the morale of the workers helping in managing an effective

Question 7
(a) The methods for consultation with employees are full-public, targeted, confidential and Post-
decision. These methods help in the identification of issues, prepare consultation plans, and
sharing of results.
(b) Conflict management in a workplace can be resolved by taking a considerate and rational
approach to the conflict. Investigation of the conflict is a key step that helps make critical
decisions and helps in tackling them. Letting the personnel have their say is an important part to
resolve the issue and avoid conflict. Evaluation of ongoing events helps to predict and avoid
conflict in a workplace.
(c) Task issue management can be resolved by the identification of issues and recording the
tasks that have been allotted. The determination of the impact and prioritizing of the issues is a key element to resolve workplace issues of task management. Reporting the status of plans that
have been created to resolve task management issues can be very helpful.



Question 1
The employee Brian of the organization Bounce Fitness has been working there for 10years and
has been participating in the training diligently. Brian works as a customer service officer who
responds to the incoming calls of the customers (Khan, 2019). But he has been facing issues at
work from his colleagues and team members that has led to harassment and distress in his work
environment. The key issues that Brian has been facing while working are
Age discrimination issues are one of the major factors that Brian is facing at his workplace of
bounce fitness. This involves the treatment of people or employees with less favor due to their
age. Age discrimination creates a negative environment at work due to the constant reminder of
their age and making them feel that they are not fit for work. While some workers might not be
affected by this ageism directly, this biased view of others causes distrust within the company.
This discrimination will create a rift between employees and degrade the performance of the
employee-facing discrimination at work. The betting on a person's retirement and their death
because they are old creates a negative impact on the person subjected to this treatment and
makes them feel dejected.

Question 2
Steps that need to be put in bounce fitness company policy to resolve Brian’s discrimination are
as follows.
Firstly, diversity training of employees that helps in the education in the departments of respect
and implicit bias and team building is needed. This will help in the long run for creating a
stronger and more inclusive workplace rather than the existing exclusive workplace environment.

Secondly, policies need to be added in place and the policies need to be enforced so that the
issues can be resolved. The concept of rewards based on an employee's performance rather than
their tenure is a good concept that should be implemented. The education on respect and other
things mentioned must be implemented during the process of hiring so that this issue doesn't
Thirdly, the acknowledgment that old age is not a disease is an important element that helps in
the removal of ageism. The change of minds of people with this kind of mentality at the Grass
root level is essential.

Question 3
The feedback to Brian will be to apologize for the harassment that he has faced while working at
Bounce fitness from gender discrimination. Reassurance is going to be provided to brian that the
situation he faced won't take place again and make him reassure that age is not a restriction.
Brian will also be rewarded for his good work and will be hoped that he continues with his work
The other employees will be subjected to immediate rectification and counseling of their views
on age. And the employees that have been betting on Brian’s old age will be relieved of duty
with immediate effect for a time period so that they can reflect and rectify their mistakes.


Question 1
The process that is developed to resolve the issues in a workplace firstly includes the initiation of
the employee management and a details process. This created process is meant to help the
employees that are having trouble in their working environment, and are facing trouble
overcoming them. The key stakeholder in this process has to be the management leader that will
look over this department. Then the employees can directly contact the responsible person and
share their grievances and troubles faced at work. The employee is also needed to add the
statements and hateful comments that have been said to him or her so that the depth of the issue

can be measured. Options for resolution will then be passed based on the complaint lodged by
the employee of the organization. A plan of action will be implemented after a discussion with
the leader of the team of management that implemented the process. Then there will be
reviewing processes that will be taken to oversee the outcome of the resolution that has been
Title / Name of the process Management And Grievances
Process Scope To help employees maintain a healthy work environment for

their development

Created by: Management team of Bounce Fitness
Date Created:
Key stakeholders in the

Leader of Management team

Issues faced by Bounce
Fitness employees:

Age Discrimination at workplace

Employee statements of
discrimination in the

Called an old man and expired

Options for resolution: Re-structuring of company policy and education of employees

about social skills

Action Plan as agreed by
Bounce Fitness leadership
team for implementation:

Apologize to the mistreated employee and give assurance that
their wont is this kind of incident again.

An agreed process on how to
monitor outcomes:

Closely monitor the culprits and education outcomes of the
employees monitoring

Question 2

Figure 1: Flowchart of the process
(Source: Self-Created)


Summary of leadership guide
A leader is known for its quality and analytical approaches so that any employee can get
help and understand the job culture. It can be said that gaining trust is an important aspect
and a leader needs to be friendlier with all employees (Reardon, 2018). No partiality
should be there and this is the best way to earn junior members' trust. The leader can
make better communication to increase the external contact to engage more employees.

Methods of communication
Bounce fitness is known for its practice and offering and that is why some crucial
approaches need to be implemented when it comes to the communication process.

Leadership techniques
The leadership techniques that can be implemented in the case study of bounce fitness to avoid
such situations are as follows.
The leader must be participative and easy to approach so that no one is afraid of the person and
keeps him out of the chain of events that takes place in the company.
The leader should lead by example thus making himself a role model for others to refer to when
needed for guidance.
The leader must look after the needs of employees needs and identify their dissatisfaction at
The leader needs to listen to others first, thus analyzing the problem, then making their judgment.
Not passing judgment based on only one side's arguments is a key feature of a good leader.

1) The age discrimination act helps prevent discrimination against employees based on a person's
age. These laws are there to prevent employers from unreasonably discriminating against the
employees based on the ground of their age. If an employer or a colleague differentiates the
employee on the ground of age like in the case of bounce fitness Brian was facing
discrimination. This law prohibits others to distinguish based on the ground of age of an
2) Bounce fitness should have recruitment of employees that hail from different age groups to
prevent this discrimination of age at work.
3) The conflict can be used as an example that will help as a reminder that age discrimination at
the workplace is not tolerated in any company.

4) The best practice is the inclusion of consultation of employees on this subject, so that they
may respect others, and recruiting people with age diversity will help maintain an age
discrimination-free environment.

Figure 2: Flowchart of the complete process

(Source: Self-Created)


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