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BSBWOR502 Lead and Manage Team Assignment Help

Activity 1

Prepare to work with your team and complete the following: 

  1. Consider several strategies to ensure each team member has input into the planning process. 

As organizing both the task work and team work will be required. The task work agrees through how teams achieve work task whereas the team work agrees through how teams work along every other and along with their team members. By these strategies the team will spend their time into planning these activities earlier than beginning of work on task at hand (Nederveen Pieterse, et al., 2013). The team thinks about the planning activities to be small priority, but in actuality, putting time into these kinds of activities direct can direct to important performance gains and decreased procedure loss in extensive way.

  1. Consider several ideas for policies to ensure team members take responsibility for own work. 

There are various ideas for the policies to make sure the team members take dependability for their individual work. This includes:

  • Identify needs
  • Identify which will acquire lead liability
  • Collect information
  • Draft policy
  • Consult with suitable stakeholders
  • Finalise / support policy
  • Reflect on whether procedures are needed
  • Implement
  • Monitor, evaluate, modify
  1. Consider team goals and how team can achieve goals. 

Goals must be as follows:

  • Increase work performance
  • Treat training process
  • Projects must be completed on time
  • Increase team status
  • Explore individual talent

These can be made SMART that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time based by professional development.

The team can achieve goals by these following steps taken in account:

  • Know what you want to achieve
  • Put goals at team stages
  • Let people develop their own goals
  • Put deadlines
  • Track development on goals
  • Assist people meet up their goals
  • Find out from the fault (Franz, 2012). 
  1. Consider strategies for gaining consensus among your team. 

To gaining consensus between the team, each staff have to attend meeting to discuss about the project. All members of team give their own ideas, present them in front and team leader will do synthetic ideas then make judgment how to execute the project. The team will select the solution by raising hands with good ideas.

  1. Consider group behaviour and how best to present your ideas and work effectively within the group. 

Set up the group guidelines 

Discuss the group tasks and activities to reach at the shred understandings

Brainstorm to build ideas, plans and tasks for group

Communicate effectively with team members

Keep good records

Build consensus (Boies, et al., 2015). 

  1. Review the observation report in Appendix 3 to ensure that you are familiar with the team performance expectations. 

The observation report has been reviewed completely. The team performance will meet their expectations and fulfilling all the requirements of the team effectiveness.

  1. Prepare to take notes to provide evidence of team meeting

Time: 10: AM 

Venue: Meeting room

Be organized – prepare and plan for the session

Know your place

Know your company

Assemble access to all required documentation for this process

Be ready to ask questions

Be ready to be asked questions (Gomes, et al., 2014).

The notes for team meeting is based on the  team participation, so that encourage other to delivered certain suggestion based on the asked topic, appreciation for the suggestion, documenting the favourable suggestion and idea. Discussion and brain storming activities to reach conclusion of the overall meeting.

Activity 2

In team meeting, consult to establish ground rules for teamwork: 

  1. proposes and agree on strategies for ensuring participation of team members 

The approaches for ensuring contribution of team members will include opportunities for establish a mission, self-development, Foster collaboration within a team, encourage teamwork, set clear goals, encourage safety and communicate effectively, act on great ideas, give feedback and ask for feedbacks and celebrate success.

  1. develops policy and procedures to ensure team members take responsibility for own work; these should contain ground rules for group work to ensure fairness and high performance.

There are various types of policies and procedures to make sure team members take dependability for own work will be:

  • Identifying needs with listening others
  • Gather all information with respect to all data
  • Draft policy with respect to organization
  • Consult with the suitable stakeholders that feel involved
  • Finalise and approve policy with respect to company
  • Consider whether procedures are required without any prejudice
  • Foster diversity of culture, ideas and perspectives and making team decisions (Liu, et al., 2015). 

Activity 3

Discuss and determine team goals and how goals can be achieved.

Team goals will give consumers the better services; make them happy by selling quality products, good price and ready to fix any weakness from customer’s feedback.

To attain all the goals, the SMART goals need to be set up that are Smart, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

Specific: Specific goals will be goal that includes an action plan outlining how they will attain the goal and a performance measures that will helps in telling them that they are successful or not.

Measurable: Measurable goals help in identifying what you will observe, hear and sense when you reach your goal. It means break down your objective into measurable elements. The concentration on the evidence will be needed. As by defining the physical manifestations of their goals or objectives will makes it clear and simpler to reach.

Attainable: This means that identifying that the goals are accurately acceptable to you or not.  They consider effort, time and other costs their goals would take alongside profits and other responsibility and priorities they have in life (Zhou, et al., 2015). 

Relevant: They have to plan some training if they are lacking in various skills. If they lack various resources, they can look for methods of getting them.

Timely: Make the tentative plan for everything they do. They must have to keep the timeline realistic and flexible. By keeping this will help in motivating the employees

Activity 4

Determine outcomes, outputs and KPIs for each team member 

Store General Manager

Items Outcomes and KPI’s
Responsibilities For allocating the zone of the investigation to the workers & employees, the supervisor will be held responsible

As the group is seeking advice from the specialist, so the group will be held responsible.

Design the financial services as per the consumer requirements  

Quality Standards Help the senior manager to complete the consultation

Identify the issues and maintain close cooperation among them professionally and rationally.

No. credible sources  Team performance plan, financial plan, marketing plan and report
No. of network contacts Social media websites
No. of hours spent on research 240 hours
No. of input team meetings Presentation of ideas

Discussion in team meetings

Collide resolution in team environment

Team performance management

No of team training can be conducted to improve the performances of other team members 3 training sessions

Sales supervisor

Items Outcomes
Responsibilities Propaganda

Establish and improve the network of organization

Responsible for information of company

Ensure the security management

Quality standards self-development and maintain the quality of products

controls the indirect and direct cost of the products when manufactured

No. of credible sources Business plan, HR plan, marketing plan and report
Feedbacks and reviews Customer and supervisor reviews and feedbacks (Dingsøyr & Lindsjørn, 2013). 
  1. Ensure work is fairly distributed among team member 

The work has been reasonably distributed among all the team members with the priority, skill sets, and availability of work, development and area of interest in the Australian hardware organization.

Activity 5

Determine and agree on specific duties to support team members with assigned responsibilities

The duties to support team members with their assigned responsibilities are:

Support in team Store Supervisor, it is beneficial for undertaking the task effectively and delivered better direction to the employees.

Given a goal and repair procedure, maintenance of consumer products, this will leads to attainment of the goals and the repair procedure will leads to manage the problem in an efficient manner to attain the goals.

Training and the assignment of the new staff on new plan, the training will help in familiarizing with the system and the role of the particular position that has been appointed for. The training enable new development and enhancement within the employees.

Delegating the work for each member, it helps in eliminating confusion and access support and clear direction from the manager under the whom the task has been delegated to.

Resolving the encountered problems, the problem will be resolve through team engagement, by fostering the team cohesiveness and consensus the problem will be resolve within the certain meeting.

Make decision, after managing all the affair and decision the manager will leads to collaborate certain decision effectively with the help of decision making activities.

Support in Store team manager

Follow up the consumer related problems 

Adhere customer operations department policies and procedures

Offers the consumer with the higher recommendations (Fapohunda, 2013)

Maintaining consumer loyalty and satisfaction

Support in Employee

Maintenance and delivery of products

Meeting up the deadlines

Keep the work on track

Activity 6

Develop an individual performance plan in consultation with your team to help achieve team goals.

Action 1 Action 2 Action 3
Description Assembling knowledge and understanding the present framework for establishing the business online  Designing of gateway that is easily accessible & explorable on search engines to make the website reachable to buyer.  Appraisal of our scheme and buyer’s response
Dependencies The action depends on the way the market is examined & scrutinized  It completely depends on the authority in designing of the company’s gateway.  It is based on the peak administration of the occupation and also on the employees & workers 
Timeline Timeline required for this crucial task is 1-2 months as judgement is demanded.  Timeline will be 15-20 days which can be extended if required It should be completed within one month followed by the beginning of online business
Responsibility For allocating the zone of the investigation to the workers & employees, the supervisor will be held responsible As the group is seeking advice from the specialist, so the group will be held responsible. For both of the above-mentioned action, the supervisor will be accountable.
Resources The resource will be the market since information is assembled from the market. When company’s web portal is designed, the resources will be computer, inverter, network, etc.  The way the market is observed & judgement of the scheme whether it got over in accepted way or not.
Review dates 20 days succeeding the beginning of the task. 5 days succeeding when the work got started. 15 days succeeding the beginning of the survey in pre-deciding to consequences.
Measurement: KPI; Outcome Further steps will be executed after assessing the outcome of the survey It is uniform in the perception that how uncomplicated it is for the use of buyer. They can easily explore the product according to their needs and desires. The response of the buyer to be measured after providing the services whether the response is related to company’s gateway, delivery, quality of product, payment mode, etc (Ajala, 2012).

Activity 7

Ensure each team member completes the observation report, included in Appendix 3, to provide evidence on your team performance

Assessment 1 – Observation report for Candidate:
Did the candidate propose and agree on strategies for ensuring participation of?

team members?

Describe how: He was very participative and although he did not agree with entire ideas, he was supportive.
Did the candidate help develop policy and procedures to ensure team members?

take responsibility for own work?

Describe how: He helped develop policies and procedures to ensure team members take responsibility for own work by identifying, gathering, drafting, finalizing and monitoring the policies and procedure.
Did the candidate work with group to determine common understanding of organisational requirements and team goals?
Describe how: He was very direct and had every time a clear comprehension of the requirements and goals that was very useful in other team members to recognize and attain our objectives. 
Did the candidate work with group to determine and agree on specific duties to?

support team members with assigned responsibilities?

List the Candidate’s support duties:

Support giving ideas, search information’s and help other team members

Did the candidate demonstrate knowledge of group behavior and how to gain?

consensus and work within groups to enhance team effectiveness?

Describe how the Candidate demonstrated this knowledge in their interactions with the team: Sometimes he was talking more than others but he was a good listener.
Team member/observer’s name: Signature and date:
Candidate’s name: Signature and date:

Activity 8

Meet with your assessor to discuss your participation in team activities.

Time-10:00 AM

Venue- Meeting Room

Respected members that are present here, it is the performance plan that is prepared after a deep analysis of the present time situation and also keeping the demands of future of the Australian Hardware store into consideration.  The team participation is essential for developing the engagement in between team and the manager for better and effective decision. The team decisiveness leads to full cooperation and coordination while attaining any task. So, Kindly study the objectives, requirements, actions, and strategies proposed to achieve our goal. I also invite the improvements in this plan. 

Thank you

Activity 9

I have submitted all the documents as per the specifications below:

a). Thorough performance plan  

b). Team policy and procedures 

  1. c) team meeting/s notes
  2. d) Observation reports from each team members (Young, et al., 2015). 


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