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BSBOPS502 Manage Business Operational Plans

Assessment Task 1


Part A: Operational Plan Cup Bake

Operational Objectives

by December 2023

Actions required Details of resources required to achieve actions Timelines Allocation to: KPIs
To shortlist 3 to 4 potential sites or places Accurately monitor all the sites individually Human resources 1 month Alan Perfectly monitoring of sites
Lookout location for NSW South Coast – Eden to the Site of Ulladulla region Monitor and check the location and infrastructure (Leo, et al., 2019).


Human resources 1 month Peter Identification of the perfect location
Involve inputs or communication of stakeholders for overhead sites Communicate with the relevant stakeholders and engage with them to make a recommendation for the sites Human resources 5 days Alan Good communication skills
Identify resources and materials required to begin designing or building the selected site Keep in mind the infrastructure and think about the relevant resources and materials (Leo, et al., 2019).


Physical resources and technology 5 days Peter Identification of relevant resources
Identifying the requirements of staff for some new locations both Bakery and Café Engage with the staff and communicate with them by conducting informal meetings Human resources 3 days Alan Staff requirements were identified
Site of NSW South Coast completely operational from upcoming August Prepare the site completely to start the operations (Leo, et al., 2019).


Human resources and physical resources 5 months Peter The site was completed to start the operations


Part B: Risk assessment

Critical success factors:  

Good management skills

Internal & external stakeholders: Alan, Peter, Staff, Manager, Operational Manager


Risk description Severity Rating Likelihood Rating Overall


Treatment/control methods Timeline/Monitoring
Financial risk 4 4 16 Make sure that funds are available. Utilize the funds with optimism (Ullah, et al., 2021).


Technical risk 3 2 6 Monitor the systems of technology and make regular updates (Ullah, et al., 2021).


Economical risk 4 3 12 Regularly check the inflow and outflow of cash in the cafe Daily
Fire at sites 3 2 6 Make sure that all fire extinguishers are available at sites and working accurately (Voznytsia, 2021).


Within a week
Injury to workers 2 1 2 Make sure first aid is available at the site and apply the policy of WHS to protect the workers from injury (Voznytsia, 2021).


Critical success factors:  


Internal & external stakeholders:  


Risk description Severity Rating Likelihood Rating Overall


Treatment/control methods Timeline/Monitoring
Falls and ships 3 2 6 Make sure that the workers are safe from any kind of fall (Ramezani, et al., 2020).



Food safety 4 3 12 Make sure that all the ingredients are fresh daily
Damages due to natural disasters 2 1 2 Take the plan of insurance policy to be secure from any kind of damage due to natural disaster (Ramezani, et al., 2020).



Within a year
Theft 2 1 2 Make sure that all the funds and monetary resources are kept at bank or safe places Weekly
Poor management of brand 3 2 6 Develop excellent strategies regarding marketing and management (Ramezani, et al., 2020).



Within a week




Assessment Task 2


TASKS to Perform:


Task description: Skills required Relationship to other tasks within Company
Handling the customers During this time we have to talk to the customers in a low and sweet voice (Qian, et al., 2021). We have to maintain the balance between the working policy of the organization.
Welcoming the customers They have to welcome the customers with a warm welcome. This describes the quality of the work of the company.
Provide a better level of the services The fastest service in the bakery will describe the importance of the customers in their company. They have to make sure to handle the customer on time.
Taste and the equality matter in the food This is an important thing to do in the organization is because the taste of the food will provide positive feedback from the customers. The presentation of the food will matter the most (Anyakoha, 2019).
Clean the table after the customers leave These are the services that describe the hygiene factors of the company. They have to use the cleaning types of equipment and the sanitizers for the safety of everyone.
Presentation of the dish The presentation and the decoration will make a better impact on the customers. They want to get to their quality better settlement.
Reach the level of customer satisfaction This is the duty of the organization that they have to reach the level of customer satisfaction. This will describe the company working policy and provide the settlement of the company.
Polite behavior They have to always have to put polite behavior in front of their customers. This shows the respect of the customers from the company.
Taken the action They have to take the action on time to present the better deliveries. This describes the company working policy and the action they have taken for the company’s development.
Employment The company has to hire candidates which know have the better services (Qian, et al., 2021). They should take the better level of the services and for they need the candidates which have the proper knowledge.
Job strategies They have to provide the services which will meet their working strategies. This is the better and the most innovative service es available.




ACTIVITES to Perform:


Activities description: Repetitive/Irregular/Sequence Core competencies: Degree of difficulty:
Customer handling Repetitive Nature maintenance and the customer handling services knowledge (Delicato, et al.,  2020). 4
Services handling Repetitive They have to handle the services and provide a better level of the services. 4
Feedback examination Sequence They want to examine the feedback of the customers to make the better  working policy 4
Review the working policy Sequence They have to review the working policy. 3
Calling the customers Irregular They have to call their customers for further details of the booking services (Strah,2022). 2
Services details Repetitive They have to give and provide a better level of the services 4
Baking Repetitive They want to bake the cookies and the cakes on time for better deliveries. 4
Hiring new candidates Repetitive This is the duty of the HR of the organization to hire the new candidates in the organization. this is the duty of HR to present a better level of the services (Delicato, et al.,  2020). 4
Handle the complaints Repetitive The management team has to handle the complaints which are raised in the organization. 4


  1. Identify the environments that this role will be working including:
    1. What stages the sites are at
    2. Safe/unsafe
    3. Controlled/Uncontrolled
    4. Training/Briefing required


Environment description: Safe/Unsafe Controlled/Uncontrolled Training required/Briefings:
Safe working environment Safe Controlled The expert and the head chief do not require the training.
Cooking procedures Safe Controlled They have to use the proper cooking training procedures to give better deliveries.
Baking skills Safe Controlled They have to use their baking skills in the cooking services but they have to take the proper handle and the management (Salehi, et al., 2020).
Lisitng the ingriedients Unsafe Controlled There might be a situation in which they will forget the ingredient to buy and this will make a tough situation for the organization.
Using the oven Unsafe Uncontrolled There might be a situation in which the cooking and the baking will might get failed. This will create the risk and the issue in the company while cooking (Di Nunzio, et al., 2020).
Baking procedures Unsafe Uncontrolled There might be a situation in which they have to do a better level of backing to maintain the taste in the cakes.
Ingrideints Unsafe Uncontrolled During the backing procedures if the ingredients will may get fail this will destroy the taste of the cakes.
Locality Safe Controlled A safe environment is an important thing to do and for this, they have to put the CCTV camera for their safety.
Protocol management Safe Controlled They have to handle things protocol management and for that, they have to follow the rules and the regulations (Anyakoha, 2019).
Nature Safe Controlled The nature of the staff member describes the person’s personality and the nature of the towards their staff members in the organization.
Communication Safe Controlled They have to communicate with their clients perfectly. The communication skills describe the company working policy and its management settlements.
Greetings Safe Controlled Greetings will describe the customer’s satisfaction and also, develop an image of the organization in the market. This will also, help the company to get positive feedback towards the company from their clients.





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