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BSBMKG609 Develop a marketing plan

Question 1
A Nature Care Products based company in Australia, industrial and traded Eco-friendly, good and superior attractiveness skincare products. This is recognized for increasing healthy-looking skin at the request of consumers as these products are finished with natural components. This corporation Association Construction is The Operational supervisor, sales administrator, client sales officers, and Management operate associates.
Its organizational objectives are to be a leader and visionary in ordinary, eco-friendly cosmetics, Evolve the superlative staff, and be a high-performance profitable occupational.

Question 2
A strategic Alliance to develop into an innovative marketplace, advance its product line, or grow an authority concluded a participant. The preparation permits dual industries to exertion toward a mutual goal that resolves profit for equal companies.
Spotify and Uber are examples of strategic Alliances between two establishments. Through this cooperation, these two firms, collective their client’s corruption as they proposal Uber outings to revenue controller of the high-fidelity (Lin, et al.,2015).

Question 3
The Ansoff matrix helps vendors recognize the prospects to produce income for a corporate over emerging innovative products and facilities or beating into the original marketplaces. Sometimes its identified as the Product-Market Matrix. This makes effort on the progress and expansion; it is single of the most commonly used promotion representations.
It is used to estimate prospects for the establishments to raise their sales over presentation different mixtures for the innovative marketplaces against products and facilities as marketing progress and infiltration of the marketplace.

Question 4
The takeover can help to eradicate the barriers for inflowing innovative marketplaces for the firm attractive concluded alternative although at a similar period generous such protected access for appreciating measure economies. This permits the acquirer to arrive at an innovative marketplace without enchanting on any additional period, currency, and hazard. The industries whichever produce naturally or by achievement and unions.
They consume probably to generate frequent opportunities as they grow the market portion of the establishment for the advertising prospects.

Question 5
The Key information is:
1. History of the business – Exploring the majors and organization of the permission along with persons who drive be supportive your corporate must offer you through some understanding on the franchise’s nation.
2. Level of the Investment – All the permit corporations will aspect by your liquid wealth as properties to obligations, and your remaining value.
3. Training and support – Permanently express with present franchise proprietors in the organization and acquire from their knowledge.

Question 6
A company can use the Establishment of an innovative corporate as continuously Concentration on the essential creation, operate presentation tools that best effort do for you, stay accurate to who you are, instrument an idea of achievement, and then work out it. Growing the sales and marketplace share is the best example of a marketing opportunity.

Question 7
A marketing opportunity is a capable sales principal who a sales team members evaluations and recognize as somebody in the probable necessity of a product or facility. The two Advertising Opportunities contain Recognizing or meeting the client’s desires, and evaluating the business viewpoint.

Question 8
The product life cycle is an important instrument for vendors, organizations, and inventors comparable. It stipulates four specific stages of a product’s lifetime and proposals direction for emerging policies to variety the greatest use of person stages.
The four stages are:
1. Market Overview and development – It includes all the actions that businesses assume to encourage, retail, and allocate that facility or products.
2. Growth of Market – It is growth in the number of persons who purchase a specific product or package, or the number of goods.
3. Maturity of Market – A mature market is the single wherever balance happens and about a deficiency of alteration or revolution.
4. Decline of the market – Once the sales are reducing as the innovative desires have contracted or extra other invention has transformed (Stark, et al.,2020).

Question 9
It the Importance of considering the mix of marketing supports to recognize what your products and facilities can propose to your clients. It supports to idea of an effective invention contribution. It can assist with scheduling, emerging, and executing operative advertising policies. It benefits industries’ type usage of their assets and it evades needless prices.

Question 10
The Key Factors to consider when pricing the products and services:
1. Costs – The Initial and principal you want to be economically knowledgeable. Earlier you established the pricing, exertion available the budgets elaborate with successively you are corporate.
2. Customers – To identify what your regulars need for your products and facilities.
3. Competitors – It is one of the main periods you can spring yourself authorization to prepare a slight contestant inquisitive.
4. Profit – It is the economic advantage appreciated once income produced from a commercial action surpasses the expenditures, and price or outlays.

Question 11
A price that is moreover low-slung might not produce sufficient curiosity or consume adequate of an edge for the profit.
The two kinds of Pricing strategies are Value-based pricing and Budget pricing.

Question 12
The Two types of promotional strategies are:
1. Social media promotion such sites as Facebook, and Goggle+ proposal corporations a technique to encourage products and facilities.
2. Causes and charity encouraging the goods or products although supportive of origin can be an operative advertising approach (Lee, et al.,2021).

Question 13
The three common distribution strategies are:
1. Distribution of Intensive.
2. Distribution of selective.
3. Distribution of Exclusive.

Question 14
The business chooses an undifferentiated marketing strategy because it provides several advantages to all the firms that it provides a greater market, also reduces the design and expenditures of management, and also generates better growth and revenue for the market (Bondarenko, et al., 2019).

Question 15
Firms will use the concentrated marketing strategy because it benefits the firms from the lower finances, and it also identifies the number of potential customers which helps to develop efficient and successful products that will meet the needs of all the customers (İpek, et al., 2020).

Question 16
The process by which marketing strategies and marketing mix can align with the organizational objectives include that it improves the sales target, customer loyalty will also be established. The steps included in the process are defined –
1. Marketing strategy for quantifiable objectives to achieve (İpek, et al., 2020).
2. Make a list of particular KPIs to measure the performance of employees which helps to achieve objectives, and to keep track of the promotional strategies.
3. Company targets will be integrated with the organizational objectives and long-term plans.

Question 17
For ensuring that marketing strategies are aligned with the legal and ethical requirements, marketing mix and their strategies must follow the legal requirements and legislation and conduct a meeting with the legal advisor of the company which will improve the performance and legal advisor can be advocate and consultant manager (Slootweg, et al., 2018).

Question 18
To ensure that marketing activities, marketing strategies, and the marketing mix are achievable in the organization by preparing the mission statement of organization which will be achieved and then analyze the situation as well as a marketing plan will be prepared which will be used in the situation and it includes all the different marketing strategies for the different range of products and services of Nature Care Products, also the PESTLE Analysis and SWOT Analysis will be prepared for the business. Controlling measures will be performed and identify the actual performance as well (Slootweg, et al., 2018).

Question 19
Five examples of legislation and regulations that apply to the marketing industry in Australia are as Fair Work Act, Australian Consumer Law, Copyright Infringement, False Advertising, and maintaining the Children’s privacy.

Assessment 2

NatureCare Products
Marketing Plan Briefing Report
Nature Care is an organization that is started in the year 1996 in the Brisbane city of Queensland Australia produces beauty care products for women and they use only herbals and natural resources in their products.
Market overview
Product -Based on the case study of the nature care products this has been very clear that the company has competitors in the market and because of this, they have to improve the quality of their product to increase their sales numbers (Chernev, 2020).
Company –As the company sales on their online websites are 20% and after that,the range of their customers is between 25-55 and as they want to increase their marketing level they have the budget around $150,00 for making a better level of marketing plan for the upcoming financial year (Chernev, 2020).
Industry and market -The motive of the company is to produce the highest level of productivity in the market and increase the range of the customer of japan. They also, follow the market trends to attract more customers to their brands such as environmental concern and the message for the environment as they are giving their products in the environment-friendly packaging and using the herbals resources for better future development.

SWOT analysis

⦁ These are the external factors that are created in increasing the market level of natural care products (Sumarwan, 2019).

⦁ As the organization is has a large amount of marketing level in the market and they are going to build their new branch in Japan.
⦁ this is the reason they want to implement the marketing plan to prepare the strategy to develop the range of the product in their market too.

⦁ there are external factors that can affect the company and those are japan people’s preferences and their choice is matter. Their health, diet, and skin are different from the people of Australia Threat
⦁ As the people of japan believe in natural things and they do not become friendly with the outer country people and their products.
PESTLE Analysis
Political Factor –they have made trading possible between both countries and avoided political issues.
Economic Factor – according to the japan GDP and their employment wages rate they have to hire the employees of japan based on this (Sumarwan, 2019).
Social Factors –they also have to handle the social issue and spread their message on the social media of japan by an advertisement about the company products (Sumarwan, 2019).
Technological Factors – techniques have been used in different ways to check and find out the new customers range in the international market of japan.
Marketing opportunities
⦁ The marketing opportunity of the nature care organization is to earn more profit by increasing the company sales from the online website by 20%
⦁ increase the retail out selling nature care products from 150 to more.
⦁ They want to increase the market share by 15% and with the help of this organization will be able to expand their business in the international market and implement new products.
⦁ Also, they want to increase the annual growth rate by 10% in the upcoming 3 years (Da Silva, et al., 2017).

Marketing Strategies
Marketing mix strategy- They want to produce eco-friendly goods to spread awareness in society.
Organizational strength – the marketing of the level of their products will be an increase in the market and people will be attracted to their products.
Opportunity – as they want to develop in japan market.
Ability – As they want to develop their annual growth by 10%, to achieve all this company has to make a better strategy for the organization’s development (Da Silva, et al., 2017).

Marketing tactics
As the organization is going to land their product into the international market and they have to deal with the members from another country. In the first month of the plan implementation, they have to develop the communication skills between both the countries and do marketing for products development.
The budget is maintained for the product launch based on their market value and the staff recruitment will hire from both host and the parent country for better and innovative ideas and coordination will help the company to expand their business in the international market.
Marketing performance
Nature care organizations as they want to develop their marketing performance for the better and the positive result and this they have to study the japan market and choice of their people for the better and innovative ideas.
Strategies to increase organizational expertise or resources to address gaps in currently capability and marketing objectives
As the company going to land in the international market they have to do the marketing of their products within the 1st week of the project start and till the 3rd week of the project implementation, the company has to complete their marketing plan for better results (Sumarwan, 2019).

Subject: marketing plan brief report
Good morning sir,
As our organization is going to implement their new project in the international market and because of this we have developed the marketing plan. I have been sending the file to you with this email please check the marketing plan and then approve it so that we start the process of the plan procedures.
Thank you best regards,
General manager

Assessment 3

Question 1
Marketing Plan
The company on which the marketing plan is prepared is Nature Care Products and which is located in Brisbane Australia, and the company is manufacturing and retailing eco-friendly skincare products the company is established to cater to the growing demand for skincare products that are prepared from natural ingredients.
⦁ The company has started its business in the year 1996.
⦁ The headquarters of Company Nature Care Products is situated in Brisbane Australia.
⦁ The company is dealing in skincare products.
⦁ The current range of products of Nature Care Products includes cleansing creams, multiprotection day moisturizing creams, and regenerating facial scrub.
⦁ Two major competitors of Nature Care Products include Botany and Jurilique.
⦁ Target customers of Nature Care Products include women of age 25 to 55 who are using skincare products manufactured from natural ingredients.
SWOT and PEST analyses
SWOT Analysis
⦁ Providing eco-friendly products manufactured with natural ingredients.
⦁ Increasing brand awareness.
⦁ Employee retention is high in the market.
⦁ Using different marketing strategies including social media platforms for the business (Gaitniece, et al., 2018). Weaknesses
⦁ The profit margin of the company is very low.
⦁ Shortage of raw materials.
⦁ Advertisement is not done properly of all the products and services.
⦁ Not maintaining good relations with customers.
⦁ Using social media platforms to increase brand awareness.
⦁ Increasing expansion in other countries (Benzaghta, et al., 2021).
⦁ People are becoming more skin conscious which leads to an increase in the demand for eco-friendly products in the market. Threats
⦁ Competitors are present in the market.
⦁ Many competitors have several product lines and they are targeting men’s skincare products manufactured from natural ingredients (Benzaghta, et al., 2021).
⦁ Restrictions on imports in other countries.

PEST Analysis
Political Factor – Issues of trade between countries, and restrictions imposed on imports and exports.
Economic Factor – Employment opportunities and labor laws are also followed in the organization, GDP per capita is increasing (Nandonde, et al., 2019).
Social Factors – Social factors include changes in demands, needs, and preferences of customers, increasing demand in health-conscious customers as well as they are preferring all the products manufactured from natural ingredients. Change in climate and weather is also affecting the demand and needs of products (Nandonde, et al., 2019).
Technological Factors –Technological factors include using updated and new technology, and targeting customers with the use of technology and social media platforms in the organization.
Marketing objectives
Marketing objectives of the nature care products include promoting the products and expanding the business in different areas, also worldwide. The company is focusing on increasing the market research which leads to increasing the performance of the business and analyzing the demands of customers(Gaitniece, et al., 2018).
Marketing Mix Strategies
Marketing mix strategies include –
1. Product mix strategy – It includes producing several line products for consumers and targeting different consumers by offering different products to women (Kalogiannidis, et al., 2020).
2. Price mix strategy – Price mix strategy includes offering affordable and reasonable prices to customers and providing the right information regarding prices to all the customers.
3. Place strategy – Place strategy includes providing products to all the consumers available at the right place, also the marketing team must research the location properly to sell their products to their consumers (Kalogiannidis, et al., 2020).
4. Promotion Strategy –Promotion strategy includes using social media platforms and the right marketing strategies to increase the number of customers.
Budget and projected profit and loss
Particulars Amount
Advertisement $10,000
Wages to staff members $20,000
Marketing Training $10,000
Marketing research $5,000
Promotion of products $8,000
Social media websites handlers $7,000
Contingency plan budget $10,000
Total $70,000
Implementation time frame
Implementation Time frameset for the company is for advertising products and services through television advertisement is 3 weeks.
For paid promotion, the time required is 1 month.
Achieving all the marketing objectives include increasing sales of the company by 10% in the next 2 months.
Marketing performance
Marketing tactics that will be used by the business for achieving their market performanceand achieving the marketing objectives include the sale of products through social media platforms and websites, and increasing brand awareness by social media promotion.
Question 2

Question 3
Email to CEO
Subject – Attaching the Presentation
Respected Sir,
Herein I am informing you that I have prepared a presentation and I want to present my presentation, and for the same, I want the details including the date, time and location of presenting the presentation. Also, you can provide me feedback so that if changes are required, we can make them in the marketing plan.
Thank you
Operations Manager
Nature Care Products
Question 4
Role Play – Presenting the Marketing Plan to CEO, Sales Manager, and External Consultant
CEO – Good Morning!
Operations Manager – Good Morning Sir
CEO – So what are you going to present today?
Operations Manager – Sir, today we are going to discuss the marketing plan and its components that are included in it.
CEO – Okay great, you can go ahead.
Operations Manager – Firstly, SWOT Analysis and PEST analysis has been conducted. In which all the internal and external factors will be considered of the organization such as what are the Political Factors, and what are Technological factors as well.
CEO – Okay great, also have you prepared any strategies and objectives to achieve?
Operations Manager – yes sir, objectives include increasing the market share by 10% in the next 3 months, as well as increasing sales of all the products and most importantly increasing the employee retention rate.
CEO – Okay great. And what is the budget you set for all the activities?
Operations Manager – Total budget is $70,000 and it includes all the expenses such as advertisement, and salaries to staff members, market research, marketing training.
CEO – Okay, it sounds good. Sales Manager and External Consultant if you want to give any feedback or want to say something as we can consider your input and feedback as important.
Operations Manager – Yes, sir.
Sales Manager –Sir, can I give some feedback?
Operations Manager – yes, you can.
Sales Manager – Sir, as you have prepared the budget and conducted the SWO Analysis as well as PEST Analysis, so from that we have identified that our competitors are increasing continuously. So, we need to focus on that and we can increase our market presence by targeting our customers through social media platforms, which helps to increase our audience, and most importantly we can increase our budget for advertisements and social media platforms.
Operations Manager – Okay great, we can consider your feedback. Thank You.
Question 5
Updated Marketing Plan
Budget and projected profit and loss
Particulars Amount
Advertisement $10,000
Salaries to staff members $20,000
Marketing Training $6,000
Marketing research $3,000
Promotion $8,000
Social media platforms $15,000
Contingency amount $9,000
Total $70,000

Question 6
Email to CEO
Subject – Attaching the Updated Marketing Plan
Respected Sir,
Herein I am informing you that after discussing in the meeting, I have made changes in the marketing plan, so please consider it and let me know if any further changes are required. I can welcome your feedback.
Thank You
Operations Manager
Nature Care Products

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