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BSBMGT616 Develop Organizational Strategies

BSBMGT616 Develop Organizational Strategies


Assessment task 1. 3

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Assessment task 1

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Subject: mission/vision review

The ‘MacVille’ organization is producing the espresso coffee machines to meet their organization’s reliability and sustainability and this is the reason the organization is unable to meet its vision and mission.  According to the CEO of the organization as they explain that from the last few years there is some kind of strategic plan which been implemented by the organization and it is not developed. Based on this report organizations have to change their planning to reach the stage. First, they have to make a plan and then make their strategies and after that, they have to start the procedure and at the end, they have to implement the plan in the organization.

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2 roleplay

Stakeholders- as the organization is going to implement new working strategies and planning for providing the espresso coffee machines and they have to provide hospitality to their clients but somehow we are missing our mission.

Project manager –‘MacVille’ is the organization who wants to reach the level of their mission and they have to make their vision for achieving the target.

Stakeholder- based on the case study and the report review of the organization data report the CEO wants to formulate the newly developing areas in their plan to improve the working policy of the organization.

Organization manager-  yes sir as the responsible for the company development this is our duty to match the organization’s mission to their vision and make the vision of the organization clear to reach the point of the company development.

Stakeholders- as our organization doing such hard work in reaching the customer’s satisfaction level and we are donating some % amount of money from the company profit section. This is the reason the organization has to reach the target level of the company mission.

3 Summary

Based on the meeting with the stakeholders of the organization this has been very clear that the organization is unable to meet its target as they are doing their best to provide the espresso coffee machines to the organization (Oepkes, et al,). As the CEO further explains as the implementation of the organization and their development they have to continuously challenge the organization’s methods and they want to simply improve the business (Oepkes, et al,). According to the stakeholders and their point of view they have to make identify the community closely to serve them better in the future (Van Opstal, et al.,). Macville organization has to reach out to their customers and fulfill their needs and match with their expectations because as they are serving the coffee machine and in return organization getting reward from their customers for the improvement in the organization. As the organization is a non-profit company but they have the priority to match with the customers and their satisfaction. This is the point of view of the organization from the stakeholder point of view company (Van Opstal, et al.,).


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