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BSBMGT616 Develop and Implement Strategic Plans

Assessment task 1
Question 1.
The three examples of risk concerned at the time of developing and implementing of the
strategic plan-
Not able to meet the demand of consumers (Cassidy, 2016).
Risk on the goodwill of a company.
High competition in the market (Cassidy, 2016).

Question 2.
The two-risk management strategy considered while preparing a strategic plan are-
Budget is made and implemented properly to get all expenses meet in the company's budget
(Bromiley, et al., 2015).
An effective communication is made to communicate tasks with team members effectively
(Bromiley, et al., 2015).

Question 3.
The risk management strategy used to manage intellectual property risk in strategic planning
is patent, trademark, and copyright. These three factors affect protect a company from
intellectual property as patent protect technique, trademark protect name and copyright
protect method.

Question 4.
The benefits of conducting a SWOT analysis for the company are to know to take advantage
of the strength, minimizing of weakness, capitalize on opportunity and deter threats
(Khoshbakht, et al., 2017).
The SWOT analysis is conducted by analysing and listing of company's strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. While conducting of SWOT analysis write down the

opportunity which is to be achieved by using company strength and detection of threats
(Khoshbakht, et al., 2017).

Question 5.
The question used while conducting SWOT analysis are-
The strength of our company which helps us in grab opportunities?
The weakness of our company which gives a barrier in grab opportunities?
The opportunity which makes the growth of our business ?
The threats which give loss to our company ?

Question 6.
the benefit of conducting a PESTLE analysis is to encourage the development of external and
strategic thinking. it helps the organization in knowing the external threats and their impact
on business. this help organization in prevent losses and minimizing of risk. PESTLE
analysis help organization in knowing the impact of political, economic, social,
technological, legal and environmental factor on the business. it helps in knowing the risk and
impact on the external environment in our business. it gives a framework to operate our
business (Shtal, et al., 2018).
The PESTLE analysis is conducted by analysing the external environment and its impact on
the organization. According to the impact rate them and find an idea to detect that impact
(Shtal, et al., 2018).

Question 7.
The 4 types of questions used in PESTLE analysis are-
The change in government rules and their effect on our operation.
The change in economic condition and their effect on our organization.
The social culture and its effect on our organization.
The technology upgrade and their benefit in our business.

Question 8.
Current strategic plan and internal report are the two internal sources of information that a
company uses to get information related to company’s competitors, market, vision,
customer’s base, capacity, and values.

Question 9.
Annual report of other companies and Australian Bureau of Statistics are the two external
sources of information which a company use to get information related to company’s
competitors, market, vision, customer’s base, capacity, and values.

Question 10.
Organization value refers to the ethics and principle on which a company will stand at any
cost. Organization value will represent the main priority of the company. The company’s
values are the main factor which affects the organization goals and objective (Pedersen, et al.,
The organization's values are developed before the strategic plan to convey them properly
and their importance to stakeholders. The key values are helpful in preparing a strategic plan
successfully and properly (Pedersen, et al., 2018).
The technique used to identify values as part of the strategic planning process is
brainstorming. This helps in develop value with the team from graze and define them to every
stakeholder (Pedersen, et al., 2018).

Assessment Task 2
1. Meeting with a team
Notes for meeting with the team
Company’s mission: – Native bush spices concern to source the best of all the quality
products to all its customers.
Company’s vision: – the company is consistently focusing to settle itself as the most respected
and pursued merchant.
Company’s values: – The company is dealing with high values with the customer by showing
them respect, responsibility, caring, honesty, modernization, and brilliance.
Company’s objective: – To promote awareness among the sales and development of the
To magnify the business worldwide (Alegre, et al., 2018).
To develop a wide range of the services.

Meeting objective: – To analyse the companies present mission, vision, and statements of
value to the customers that should be enough transparent to assist the operations of the
Attendees: – Management team
Time: – 11:00 pm
Place: – Meeting hall of the Native bush spices Australia (Alegre, et al., 2018)

2. Meet with the Management team
Manager: – Good morning sir.
CEO: – Good morning everyone.

Management team: – Good morning.
Manager: – So everyone it is to be noticed that we are gathered here to discuss the vision,
mission, and values statements that would be delivering and maintaining the transparency to
establish the company's strategic goals and development.
CEO: – it is required to discuss the current scenarios of the company and that's great if you
guys are already concerned with it.
Management team: – Yes, our company is concerned to source the best quality products for
all the customers.
Manager: – Yes, as we are following them it helps us to enhance the company’s sales and
Management team: – Yes, and by doing so it is helping in attaining the objective and goals.
The actions can be implemented by showing respect to the customers and maintaining
responsibility towards them.
Manager: – Yes, also we are focusing on providing them the innovative work, with brilliancy
to our products to the customers. The company is also magnifying the services over the world
including the countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore.
CEO: – Okay that's great. And also, all the objectives and goals are satisfactory. I would like
to know that whether the company is building some more actions and strategies to reach the
Management team: – Yes sir, we have built more innovative logic in the company to manage
the best product and increase the wide range of products.
CEO: – Yes, that's great.
Manager: – Thank you everyone for the strong support and for providing the concern for the
company's goals.
3. Summary of the meeting results.
In the conference, the organization's mission, vision, and principles are discussed. The aims
of the organization are therefore set according to the mission of the organization. The mission

of the business is to produce a wide variety of products, improve sales, and grow people's
understanding of the brand (Trivedi, et al., 2018).
The goal of the organization relies on the approach of extending a brand into the international
market. The success metric is designed to implement a revolutionary concept within a
company to develop a wide variety of goods and improve sales. (Trivedi, et al., 2018).

4. Email to the Management Team (your assessor)




Date: 15-02-2021

Subject: Approval for the strategic plan and confirming the company’s vision and


Respected sir,
As we have already consulted about the current strategies and vision, mission and company’s
goals and objectives, and the morals of the company. It is to be made in the notice as we are
planning to develop a strategic plan for the company that should consist of the company's
vision and mission. Here I am attaching the complete document and need the approval to
work further on it.
Thank you,

Assessment Task 3

1. Research Native Bush Spice Australia’s customers and competitors
The internal sources of information helpful in analyzing the information related to the
organizational events, preservation, employees, and revenues. The key attribute of internal
polling is that all clients and products are deeply acquainted with workers. It ensures that they
are exceptionally capable of producing new ideas and selling them specifically by providing
them the inside-out stock and back to front and by knowing them. Internal sources include
financial documents (Trading Benefit & Loss A/c and Balance Sheets for multiple years),
accounts from salesmen, promotional spending figures, travel expenses, etc. An internal
source, such as the new strategic plan, offers us an incentive for the business to expand. The
reaction of the workers becomes our strength to function productively and successfully to
accomplish operational goals (Amanpour, et al., 2018).
The external sources of information are the need for alternative sources of marketing analysis
is emerging in order to study marketing issues in depth. In situations where analysis requires
extensive and systematic analysis, external sources are of considerable significance and
usefulness. The data that comes from the customers and competitors is considered as the
external sources of information. An outside source, such as the Australian Bureau of
Statistics, helps to explain the organization's political, fiscal, technical, and environmental
developments. This database helps to explain research patterns, innovations in technology,
rivals, and future current and developing markets (Damanpour, et al., 2018).

2. Risks and benefits of the company
Risk in implementing the new objective of the organization
 Strong prices for producing a broader variety of goods and foreign market growth.
 The exchange rate that impacts the margin of profit fluctuates.
 Electorally unpredictable.

 Promotion in the challengers.
 Accepting a commodity in a new region of the industry.
 Due to a shortage of activities, there is a lack in the foreign market.
 Price of business establishment in international markets.
 The country's laws and regulations.

Benefits in implementing the new objective of the organization (Tupa, et al., 2017).

 The escalation in the trades.
 Expansion in the gain surplus.
 Growing the prestige and market recognition of the company.
 Increase in business, which contributes to company expansion.
 Announcing the new sell.
 Introducing a new product range.

3. Develop a SWOT and PESTLE analysis

Strength Weakness

Native bush spices are providing the best
quality of services to its customers.
It is having strong internal sources such as
skilled and knowledgeable staff (Gürel, et al.,

Native bush spices are having a shortage of
foreign trades and markets.
The competitive companies are working
better than our corresponding company.

Opportunity Threats

Native bush spices are focusing to develop
and grow their market worldwide
Also, they are working to produce new

As the competitors are regularly increasing
and the external and internal factors are
transforming that became a threat for the

PESTLE analysis
PESTLE analysis is an important factor while monitoring the company's strategies and goals.
PESTLE analysis defines the political, economic, social, technological, and legal analysis of
the organization. This is the reason behind the corporation needs to consider its impact on the
policies and procedures of the organization. The PESTLE study helps to prepare a plan that is
accurate for the long-term success of the business. Business operations are influenced by
government policies, laws, and regulations.
The economic variables are affected by the transformation in the distribution of money and
the availability of money that influences the income of the organization. The flow of cash is
the key aspect impacting the company's profits and spending. Earnings are based on external
conditions. The consumer factor, with the shift in societal needs, culture, and patterns,
influences the demand and availability of the commodity on the market. The technological
factor will impact the business by the transition in the way they do and modern techniques.
Judicial regulations and legislation impact industry by a shift of business-related rules
(Nandonde, et al., 2019).

4. Email to the assessor

To: –

From: –

CC: –

Date: – 15-02-2021

Subject: analysis of SWOT and PESTLE

Respected sir,

We have analyzed the company's strategies and goals smartly by SWOT and PESTLE
analysis. Here I am attaching the complete document of the SWOT and PESTLE analysis.
The SWOT analysis has effectively defined the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and
threats of the organization. And PESTEL analysis has defined the political, economic,
social, technological, legal, and environmental factors that affected the growth and
development of the company. Kindly go through it once.
Thank you

5. updated SWOT and PESTLE analysis
SWOT analysis

Strength Weakness

The certificates contain the proof of the
nature of the spices and that supports us in
employing in the market. It is advantageous
that the native bush spices are having a
good impression in the market. And is also
having a good image in the customer's sight
(Gürel, et al., 2017).

Challenges are increased and they are not
even having proper information regarding
international trade.

Opportunity Threats

New and emerging technologies helping the
company to expand the market growth. The

Transformation in external conditions that
have a negative effect on our market that

business is required to establish itself in the
foreign market. To the existing line of
companies, bring more goods.

harm our business results that find it
impossible to meet operational objectives.

PESTLE analysis
The PESTLE analysis defines the political decisions, economic issues of the exchange rates
of the foreign services, the social culture of the country, the technological advancement in the
growth of the job, the legislations of the country. These regulations develop the country's
environmental laws. The PESTLE is the key factor shaping market and organization
activities. The foreign exchange rate would affect the company's assets and profits. When
planning a market plan, it is important to take care of this. The optimistic change in PESTLE
provides our business with opportunities, but the negative change in PESTLE is a challenge
to our company (Nandonde, et al., 2019).

6. Strategic plan
Executive Summary
A business dealing with a local food commodity is The Native Bush Spices. In the year 2010,
it was built in Coffs Harbour, NSW. There is an organic credential for the firm. The business
contract covers numerous product lines, such as native herbal teas, tropical herbs and spices,
and jams and preserves of native fruits (Ropianto, et al., 2017).
The aim of the business is to develop the business as the most requested and respectful
business in the area of native bush spices.
The goal of the organization is to give a single consumer the highest quality product.
Our Values are

The worth of business is to honor any client's decision, behave with dignity, and concern
about our workers, our clients, society, the world, and customers. The importance of creative
innovations is to become a market pioneer.
Strategic objective
The strategic objectives of the company are: –
growing trades.
Develop product responsiveness.
Promoting the scope of the product.
Growing the market internationally.
To grow the business in South East Asia, such as Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore (Ropianto, et
al., 2017).

The market
In the present business, the firm has a strong reputation. A range of independent retailers and
health stores across Australia offer the company's products.
Market characteristics & conditions
The target customers of the business are those who love decadent foods. The age range of
Australian customers consuming their goods varies from 35 to 65 years. Many of their clients
are health-conscious, think for environmental conservation, and have an annual turnover of
PESTLE analysis
The PESTLE appraisal impacts the enterprise in several respects. To grow the business in
that region, the political policies of the same country control the company. An external aspect
such as exchange rate, dollar value, etc. influences the company's investment and income. In
the country, the social culture, patterns, and demand affect the stability and development of

our business. The program influences the progress of the enterprise. Legal rules and
legislation control the laws enforced by companies.

SWOT analysis

Strength Weakness

The company is reflecting god impression
and image in the market through its

As the company wants to establish its
business in the foreign market and so there
is a shortage in the knowledge of the
foreign trades.

Opportunities Threats

The company is enhancing the scope of the

Transformation in the external affecting the
growth of the business.


Actions Timelines Responsibility Key performance


Enhancement in the scope of
the product

Between 2


The increasing desire
for the product.

Escalating the marketing 1 month Marketing

More responsiveness
to the product.

Adding more clients 1 month Marketing and

Increasing the demand
for the product.

Growing overseas business 6 months or CEO, managers, Multiplying the

growth. more human resource


Implementing more

1 month Technical

The increasing scope
of the product.

Customer satisfaction and
delivery of the product.

1 month Business

Positive feedback
from the customers.

7. Email to the assessor

To: –

From: –

CC: –

Date: 2021

Subject: submitting the strategic plan.

Respected sir,
Hello sir, I have created a complete strategic plan for the effective development of the
company. Here I am attaching the complete strategic plan includes the necessary strategies
and goals. Hope it will bring a positive response.
Thank you

8. updated strategic plan.
Vision mission and values
The organization's goal is to have a vision of being the most wanted enterprise with the
highest quality product and services. Respect, honesty, and consideration for clients and
employees are part of the worth.
Vision, Mission, values
The mission of the company is to provide the best quality product with a vision of becoming
the most demanding company. The value includes respect, integrity, and care for customers
and staff.
Strategic Objectives
the company’s enhancement in the demand f the product, and setting the business in the
foreign is its main key objective.
The market
The firm is now planning to shift to foreign markets, especially Hong Kong, Japan, and
Singapore, including South-East Asia.
Market characteristics & conditions
The target clients of the business are those who love gourmet foods. Australian customers
consuming their goods are between 35 and 65 years of age. The bulk of their clients are
health-conscious, think for environmental conservation, and have an annual salary of $80,000
(Bowen, 2018).

PESTLE Analysis
The PESTLE analysis is an important feature to analyze the company's political, economic,
social, technological, legal, and environmental factors.
Situation Analysis

Strengths Weaknesses

The company has earned a good image in
the eyes of the customers.

Increasing challenges and competitors

Opportunity Treats

Establishing business overseas. Transformation in the external factors.


Actions Timelines Responsibility Key performance


Growing business worldwide. 6 months to
one year


Reaching foreign
customer's demands

Inventing more logic. 2 months HRM and
technical head.

The growing scope of
the product.

Increment in the product

1 month Marketing

Increasing demands.

More varieties in the product 2 months product manager Increasing supply of

the product

Customer satisfaction 1 month Business head Increasing in their
desires and

Adding more clients 2-3 months Supervisors The escalation in the
product service.

9. Email to the assessor


From: –


Date: 15-02-2021

Subject: – submitting updated strategic

Respected sir,
Hello sir, I have attached an updated strategic plan, as the above strategic plan needed
some transformations. Here I am attaching some changed strategies and goals.
Thank you

Assessment task 4
1. Report for the management
Analysis and report on the provided data
The profits of the organization were raised by $ 2,50,000 following the adoption of the
strategic strategy. In Hong Kong and Singapore, the corporation is expanding. In the overseas
market, the gross sale is $ 70,000. In partnership promotion, there is little development and
no appropriate partner to be obtained. The corporation is unable to find a new product line for
their company.
Comment on whether performance indicators have been achieved
As they gain growth in growing their revenue, make consumers conscious, and extending
business in a foreign country, the efficiency metric is accomplished by the corporation.
The firm requires to pursue a new concept for the next year that allows the company to
expand the variety of goods and increase the sales margin. The corporation needs to
concentrate on the rising demand of many other nations. This lets the business draw more
clients and gain a higher gain surplus. In order to further grow their product, the organization
must find a fitting marketing partner and partnership. In the foreign market, the organization
would raise its revenue and increase its profits.
Best practice strategic planning processes
To accomplish a strategic strategy, the initiatives to be adopted seem to be to establish a
creative concept in the enterprise that allows the organization to grow the business in the
international market and gain more profit by growing revenue. The actions and behaviors to
be adopted to accomplish an organization's conventions are to establish in the company a
creative concept that allows the company to succeed in the global market sector and generate
more customers by growing revenue. In a way to garner additional clients and raise market
presence, the organization must strengthen the case for promotions. Over the next 3 years, the
corporate mission is to maximize revenue, which is quick and productive to do with the
existing operational strategy.

2. Email to the Management Team

To: –

From: –

CC: –

Date: 15-02-2021

Subject: – updated report

Respected sir,
Hello sir, I have attached the updated report that includes the inspection of the data that we
collected for executing the updated plan and policies. In the report, it is also found that the
company is highly active in attaining the key performance indicator and the suggestions
that were made to improve the strategic plan. These plans will support the organization for
the rapid and significant growth of the organization.
Thank you

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