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Assessment Task 1. 3

Assessment Task 2. 7

Assessment task 3. 18

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Assessment Task 1

Question 1

  1. Inform staff right away.
  2. Request feedback
  3. Showcase the finished result.
  4. Request that staff read through the employment agreement or policy document.
  5. If necessary, provide education.
  6. Request those employment agreements off on the project.

Question 2

We can start prioritizing because we need better focus after we have a good picture of the organization’s current functioning status. We collaborate with our customers to test new and innovative ideas that would help them make healthy lifestyle practices. Our objective at this point is to start early and test out new methods of working because our concentration is on people, procedures, and changing behavior.

Question 3

Kolb’s ELT approach influenced professor Peter Senge, who established another cognitive theory of organizational instruction that focused on mental models, which are deeply ingrained ideas, generalizations, or images and videos that influence how we perceive the world as well as how we act.

Assimilation theory and inquiry learning

In contrast to psychology approaches to organizational learning, behavioral methods emphasize the operational changes occurring when individuals study via performing. In these strategies, learning is portrayed as observable, rational, and measurable.

Question 4

Employee engagement and attrition rates have both been demonstrated to improve with Lean. Workers who actively contribute to the bank’s improvement feel a feeling of joy and success. Companies that are constantly looking for methods to improve their operations will always see an improvement in the performance of the brand and solutions. Lean and constant innovation offers a framework for determining customers’ expectations and reducing waste and increasing the distribution process. Lean-enabled businesses are better equipped to connect their goods and services with hidden consumer values.

Question 5

The strategy review method will assist you in determining whether the aims you’ve set are guiding the organization toward its objectives and scope. Examine your strategy assessment tools to ensure you’ll be willing to accomplish your inspections of the many sectors of the organization. Create additional criteria and critical success factors as needed.

Question 6

Responsibilities and Organizational Structure

A comprehensive and up-to-date image of the organization. In other words, as well as all workers’ positions and responsibilities The explanation of architecture and duties should have included visual advice, such as Gantt charts and systematic approaches.

Assessment tools should be of excellent quality.

Question 7

Metadata is at the heart of e-learning, according to several developers. Learning materials and catalog items must be up to date.

Be labeled in a consistent fashion to allow numerous tools to index, store, find (search), and retrieve learning items

Spanning a number of different repositories

Material packaging specs and standards are designed to allow businesses to move classes and content from a learning management system to another. Because material can be developed by one tool, changed by another tool, saved in a vendor’s repository, and utilized in a delivery environment supplied by a separate provider, this is critical. Learning items and instructions on how to put them together to build bigger learning units are included in content packages. They are able to

Question 8

Validators must assess if the material in the sampling is valid, trustworthy, adequate, current, or legitimate.

Question 9

These revisions guarantee that students are equipped with the required abilities for today’s workplace. The appropriate SSO assesses whether such modifications are ‘comparable’ to the regular training bundle products or ‘not similar.’

Question 10

  1. Legislation is one of the first things that comes to mind.

Workplace fairness may enhance productivity while also being an essential reaction to demographic and societal change.

  1. Code of Conduct

When it comes to personal behavior, a code of practice explains an organization’s beliefs and ideals by relating them to professional responsibility requirements.

  1. National requirements

Employer engagement is essential to ensuring that the operation is driven by demand and production. Employer engagement may be difficult to retain, especially in nations where the unofficial and micro enterprises sectors are predominant.

Question 11

Support for computer technology;

Most conventional data systems aren’t built with organizational learning in mind. Even if decision support equipment is installed and executive data management aid decision makers by providing capabilities and flexibility in the use of organizational data, none of these systems can encapsulate knowledge in a systematic way or associate previous decisions but instead their outcome measures with potential events.

The concept for a performance management supportive family outlined in takes into account the changing nature of organizational knowledge. It views organizational memory as a compilation of changing goal-condition descriptions and actions, resulting in a “living library” of organizational decision-making history.

Organizational memory that is integrated

Without access to organizational knowledge, organizational learning is rare. Organizational knowledge, in contrast to individual knowledge, must be communicative, consensual, and integrated. Being able to communicate

Assessment Task 2

  1. A learning strategies report

Thus far are three strategies and learning strategies and workforce development that businesses employ to expand their operations.

  1. Role-play – A character is a sort of group conversation that a corporation uses to effective reward with knowledge about the latest skills and expertise.
  2. Leading by example – In coaching, your mentor gives training to workers on the company’s most recent systems and guidelines.
  3. Training sessions – The organisation holds instruction sessions to give pragmatic guidance to workers on how to use new technologies (Tunnicliffe, 2021).

The expansion of the company

Companies utilize a variety of methods to expand their businesses and gain competitive advantages.

  1. To achieve organizational goals, the company that develops environmental policies and procedures, as well as providing sustainable standard operating procedures training to personnel.
  2. The company provides new employee with training on current data in order to improve quality of service. If the firm’s resources are satisfactory, additional customers will be recruited.
  3. The company holds an inspirational session to inspire workers to enhance their job quality and achieve personal and organizational objectives.

Policies on education

As the general manager of a rising consulting company, I study and monitor the firm’s current rules and processes, and I assess if the firm is employing the most effective recruiting approach when hiring candidates. The employer initially advertises a job vacancy in the newspapers and on broadcast. As a result, a large number of people apply for the position, and the firm selects the best applicant for accomplishing the corporate goals. The employer must evaluate the candidate based on their abilities and expertise, as well as their positive outlook, self-motivation, and other factors.

The most effective method

The following are the main best practices of a developing management firm:

  1. The company hires everyone who is well-skilled and also well, regardless of whether they are physically healthy or not. Finally, they won’t be able to differentiate between prospects based on their age, sex, race, gender, or other factors.
  2. To safeguard personnel from discriminatory practices, the Grow management business develops a complaints policies and procedure.

Suggestions for strategy

The following are some suggestions that I would make to Grow Management Company in order to improve their policy and procedure:

To distribute and distribute work to workers, the organization must use the project organization technique. The product breakdown technique assists the industry’s manager in assigning tasks to employees based on their knowledge (Attia, & Eldin, 2018).

System and methodological considerations

The following are some of the technology and system needs for a Grow management organization.

  1. The business strategy of the grow property company must be assigned the task of promoting the product and analysing customers’ requirements. Following an examination of client need, the corporation delivers training to its staff in order to enhance customer satisfaction.
  2. To deliver the greatest service to clients, grow management companies must upgrade their processes and software. The organization must also give existing employees with training on how to use new technologies and systems.
  3. Consult with senior management

Date – 6 April 2022

Time – 1 pm

Duration – 8 min

Agenda – Discussion on learning strategy report

Attendees – Manager of operations and CEO

Manager of operations – Good noon sir

CEO – Good noon

Manager of operations – Sir, I write the instructional strategies report in accordance with the company’s needs. Today, I’d want to go over the entire report with you on this and get your information on how to improve it.

CEO – All right, that’s OK.

Manager of operations – Sir, I include a huge amount of information in the studying strategy report, including models and frameworks for Grow Management Company, training relevant data, suggestions for company’s success, policies and best practices, referral to keep improving policies, electronic information security and system, importance of communication, and on and on. That after meeting, I offer a copy of the document for extra information.

CEO – all right, What do you have been included in the section “specific suggestions”?

Manager Of operations –Sir, I’m the general manager. I also mention that the organization should use a work breakdown technique to distribute and assign tasks to employees. Work breakdown technique assists the firm’s manager in assigning work to workers based on prior knowledge or skills. A growing management organization must develop an occupational health and safety strategy to safeguard workers from potential dangers that may emerge in the process, and so on.

CEO – All right, let’s see what you’ve got in terms of technology and system needs.

Manager of operations – Sir, Grow management companies, for example, must upgrade its processes and software in order to deliver the greatest services to their consumers. The organization must also give existing employees with training on how to use new technologies and systems. The firm also recruits employees that are up to date on current systems and equipment.

CEO – All right, thank you.

Have a wonderful day.

  1. Design and develop an organisational learning strategy


Grow Management Consultant is a firm that offers a wide range of services to its clients and consumers, including training, mentorship, sharing counselling, and leadership advice. The organization’s techniques for expanding their own business operations include establishing a distinct awareness and develop new revenue streams, with the goal of achieving revenues of at least 10% in the fiscal year and becoming the best learning institution in the country to provide various advisory services and support creativity. They also seek to spur innovation inside the company in order to fulfil consumer demands.


The methods were created in order to meet the goals of making huge profits of at most 10% and being the finest learning company (Siagan, et al., 2019).


Their main focus is to develop great client relationships and satisfy their demands, as well as to develop a solid team of specialists. Their key principles, such as inventiveness, dependability, and respect, help to establish a commitment to organisational learning.

Organizational necessities

Currently, the business needs to acquire additional employees who can give students with an

Education, coaching, counselling, and training. Also, give staff employees with skills that are in

Line with market demands so that they can deliver great services.

Other organisational considerations include expanding the learning skills of students and staff, as

well as building the rules and processes of the organisation to serve all customers.

Competency units are defined as:

The following are four education options for providing training to employees and making them proficient:

Brainstorming session – Concepts and models may be held for instructors to get ideas through them, and it is the ideal way to generate numerous ideas while exercising the skills that are required by the industry.

Teachers might be provided diploma skills to help them become more competent.

Training program is also essential since educators will utilise technology to deliver instruction and conduct coaching sessions for classmates and consumers.

Communication skills – Educators must constantly contact with their clients and consumers, thus they must improve their communicative skills.

Procedures for communication

To interact with learners, instructors, and consumers in a professional manner, the company must employ correct forms of communication, such as offering feedback to educators and delivering instruction and counselling to learners through face-to-face contact. Instructors must deliver high-quality products to their clientele in order to turn a profit of at most 10%.

Email may be used to connect with trainees, and alerts were sent via email and other social media networks to inform them of new training and education sessions.


Strategy Flexibility Timeline Resources Responsibilities Performance indicators
Adding additional employees to boost revenues by increasing student enrolment and expanding the client base Flexibility in medium manner. 1 month Resources (human and technological)



Manager of HR Department Compare last year’s revenue and client base to this year’s results (Costa-Sánchez,et al., 2020).
Employees should get professional training. Flexibility in a medium manner. 1 week Materials (technical and physical) Manager of the department By keeping track of teachers’ competence while they’re in the classroom.
Additional sessions and courses will be announced.


Flexibility in a medium manner Month Technical Manager of marketing How many participants, clients, or learners are aware of the new classes?
Adding more services to the inventory is a good idea.


Flexibility in a medium manner Every six months Resources of human and technical Manager of the operation and general Counting however many new clients the new service has brought in
Conduct personality workshops for both students and teachers. Flexibility in a medium manner 1 week Resources of human Manager of general. Examining their results


  1. Write learning and development policy and procedures.


Because processes and regulations are the instructions for how to operate in a company, the

document may be created. After all, guidelines are a collection of rules that must be followed, and

they outline the obligations of all employees and the tasks that they must do. Coaching and

mentoring plans, as well as learning opportunities and tools for employees, are included (Okusaga, 2019).


Teaching and learning policies and procedures are used to create annual training programmes as

well as to accommodate needs of diverse learners and demands. Implementing well-developed

rules and procedures may also benefit Grow Consulting Firms, since these guidelines can assist to

control legal risk and boost productivity.

Obligations and responsibilities

Staff is expected to fulfil specific tasks, such as offering high-quality education to students and preparing them for the job market, as well as providing mentoring, consulting, training, and coaching maintenance services effectively and efficiently. They must also handle the legal risk.

Line managers are responsible for conducting self-assessment and mentorship sessions for staff members, as well as evaluating the performance of staff members including junior consultants who support the primary consultants on a regular basis.


Procedures can be categorised as follows:

To begin, hold training sessions for employees in which organisational and individual goals are

outlined. Then, in order to reach those goals, tactics might be devised and discussed with the

employees (Karsenti, et al., 2020).

Regularly assess their performance and determine the training requirements and possibilities for

employees. After you’ve monitored their performance, give them relevant feedback on it. This

feedback may be both favourable and negative.

Identifying Learners ’ Needs and Chances

Education and Training needs and prospects include things like conducting graduate programs

to make educational leaders and instructors more effective but also competent, as well as ensuring

that they fixate on growth and teaching so that their skills stay current and they can easily meet

customer needs. Continuous improvement can also help employees improve their abilities.

A study break –

Treatments for leave can include things like giving students or learners time off so they can relax. Also, after presenting workers with training and ensuring that they are equipped with knowledge and skills, it is critical to recognise that they require a breather as well.

Investing – There are a variety of fundraising options available, including internal funds, profits, including bank and finance company loans (Anthonysamy, et al., 2020).

  1. Develop compliant assessment and recognition policies and procedures.


The Assessments and Appreciation Guidelines and Procedures are designed to deliver excellent organizational development and to prepare teachers and educators to meet market demands. Furthermore, the policy and method for evaluation and promotion may assist the business in becoming the greatest learning organisation and focusing on improvement initiatives. It is used to efficiently identify the issues about the organizational climate voiced by instructors and instructors.


Principles might include things like ensuring there’s no bias among employees so that individuals do not have to deal with difficulties related to the institution’s ethics and corporate social responsibility (Joshi, et al., 2018).


Management is accountable for implementing best practises and creating a fair environment for employees, and employees are responsible for reporting any issues or obstacles they encounter while providing services to its clients and customers (Hassan, et al., 2019).

Policy on Acknowledgement

According to the Acknowledgement Policy, difficulties will be identified efficiently, and remedies will be supplied in the most efficient manner feasible to overcome the issues.

  1. Develop procurement and supply policy and procedures.


Because the policies and procedures define what foreign trainings can be supplied to workers to make them capable so they can determine their own judgments, the External Train Purchase Document aids members of staff in increasing their performance.


According to the Fundamentals of International Training, education will be offered to cover skills and technological shortages, as well as perform several training sessions.


The following are the procedures:

  1. Determine the organization’s objectives.
  2. Next, determine what informal education is available to staff.
  3. Once an education programs have been established, staff will be trained.
  4. After you’ve given somebody to them, keep an eye on their practice to make sure they’re up to par.
  5. Source learning resources or assessment tools

Verbal Communication and Peer Review are two possible learning streams or evaluation techniques. Staffers would be addressed orally at the public speaking, and advice on how to enhance their productivity would be offered to them. Additionally, they will receive personal comments, which can be both favourable and negative. Pie feedback is also frequently employed in communication skills.

Staff members would analyse and offer feedback on the effectiveness of their teammates at the Peer Review. As a result, the prominent leaders would assess how accurate their peers’ assessments are (González-Salamanca, et al., 2020).

Another evaluation approach may be a one-on-one coaching session, which would assist them gain training and competence. Some undergraduate degrees can also be completed to help them advance their abilities and growth. Most significantly, these methods may be utilised to increase the diversification of the organism’s body.



Assessment task 3

  1. Review the organisational learning strategy implementation.


Grow management firms want to give online people a better understanding to safeguard them from a worldwide outbreak and to ensure that they are working in a safe environment.


The Grow management firm’s Human resource manager and trainers assist the organization in providing information to staff relevant to current skills and knowledge via Zoom discussions, as well as assisting the company in achieving organizational goals.


Employees will apply these understanding and abilities in their specific work if Grow Management Employer provides suitable guidance to workers linked to present understanding and applications of updated technology. As a result, the corporation meets both its organizational and educational goals on schedule (Garg, et al., 2020).


  1. If a corporation provides adequate teacher course to its personnel, the company will meet its organizational goals in the event of a worldwide pandemic.
  2. Employee performance increases, and corporate services improve as well.

Changes to the document that are recommended

  1. After providing online information to staff, the company amended their record book.
  2. The business ’ financial processes and regulations are updated.

Improvements to strategy formulation are suggested.

  1. A industry’s services must be promoted online. Businesses, for example, utilize online platforms and websites to advertise their services and find new customers.
  2. The organization must publish consumer feedback on Grow Management educational facilities.
  3. The organization must give coaching to employees on skills and knowledge in order to improve effectiveness and the industry’s services.
  4. Every week, the company manages an online motivation session to inspire employees to enhance their ability to do the job and reach professional and individual goals.

Policy and procedures have been updated.

As a result of the worldwide pandemic, the company has implemented an online training strategy and method to offer staff with current skills and information. The firm provides this coaching in order to increase performance management as well as the industry’s offerings (Ahammad, et al., 2018).

Organizational learning technique that has been updated

  1. The business provides online channels, such as instagram and Facebook, to market its services and collect online consumer feedback in order to enhance them.
  2. The company holds an electronic motivational session to motivate employees to improve their capabilities and accomplish both organizational and individual goals.


Email Template

Date: 05/4/2022
Subject: Get approval for implement new policies and procedures


Dear sir

I’d want to let you know that I’ve completed a new instructional strategy study and updated the company’s rules, processes, and organisational strategies. In this document, I include a lot of information about how we accomplish organisational goals, such as how we give feedback to workers via Zoom gatherings on updated experience and competencies, how we conduct an online intrinsic motivation seminar to motivate staff to deliver organisational and personal aims, and on and on. I’ve included a copy of all documents to this email for additional information.

Thank you

Have a nice day



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