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BSBHRM531 Coordinate Health and Wellness Programs

Task 2 – Written Report

In this assessment, you are going to research and analyze, plan, coordinate and evaluate a health and
wellness program for ihBC Campus.
In this assessment, you are going to research report and analyze, plan, coordinate and evaluate a
health and wellness program for ihbc campus.

Part A – Research and analyze employee health issues
Based on a recent CIPD’s report: “Health and Well-being at work survey 2020”. you are required to
study this research report and analyze employee health issues that may affect ihbc organization.
Please download the CIPD report in pdf available on Canvas “Announcement” page
You need to:
1. Identify the three (3) top health and well-being issues in the report and record the issues as a
reference for ihBC.
2. Review findings and their implications for ihBC and its business objectives
3. Consult relevant stakeholders and develop options for addressing identified health issues
4. Agree preferred options with required stakeholders
Use the template below to record your research on employee health issues, findings and implications
to ihBC Campus and its business objectives, options for addressing health issues, and agreed preferred
options with stakeholders.
Survey health & well-being issues Findings and implications to ihBC and its business objectives

Survey Report Top No. 1

The worker and employees are working after
they are unwell and this response of 89% of
employees after doing a survey.

Survey Report Top No. 2

The workers and employees are working on their leaves or on holidays and this response of 73% of the employees after doing a survey.

Survey Report Top No. 3
Stress and mental Health

Stress and mental health issues are increasing due to different reasons. The top most are workload (60%), management style (41%), and common mental health conditions (60%)

Options for addressing health issues
For addressing the issues related to health there is a need for proper training regarding the health issues and also a health management plan for the workplace.

Agreed preferred options with stakeholders
The stakeholders agreed on the proper management plan regarding the health issues for the worker and also for the health regarding training.


Part B – Develop a program management plan
Using the template below, develop an Employee Health and Wellness Program Management Plan to
address the employee health issues identified in Part A of this assessment. In your Employee Health
and Wellness Program Management Plan, make sure to:
1. Develop program scope and objectives in consultation with relevant industry consultants,
colleagues and managers
2. Plan and create administrative structures and resources for program
3. Establish program responsibilities and clearly communicate to all stakeholders
4. Consult relevant stakeholders and plan communications and marketing strategies
5. Establish evaluation methods, develop a program management plan and communicate this
plan to stakeholders

Employee Health and Wellness Program Management Plan

Scope and objectives
this is a program that is employer-sponsored which means for the employees and this will include
the various activities which give the health benefits to the employees. And this will also help in
reducing stress.

Administrative structures and resources
The HR manager will responsible for managing the project with an expert team of counsellors,
physical trainers and expert nursing experts.
Human resources and equipment related to the program.

HR will be responsible for designing the program and managing the program at the workplace.

Communications and marketing strategies
Marketing strategies should be the promotion of the program among the employees and also
motivate the employees for the taking to participate in the program. The communication will be
peer-to-peer and also personally communicating with the employees.


Evaluation methods and continuous improvement strategies
There will be proper evaluation methods for evaluating the health program by not monitoring the
health of the employees but also completing the objective of the IHBC organization for which the
program is launched. The program will consist of different activities and these different activities will
be evaluated according to their performance matrix feedback will be taken at the end of each
activity and according to the feedback from the employees, further programs will be designed.


Part C – Coordinate program management plan
Assume that you have just coordinated a program management plan for ihBC Campus. Write a 250-
word report on how you have:
1. Prepared policy documents and coordinate strategies in conjunction with program team
2. Coordinated support, assistance and mentorship to relevant stakeholders
3. Monitored tracking systems according to program guidelines
4. Reached program milestones according to program management plan and provide regular
progress reports to stakeholders

Program Coordination Report

The health and wellness program for the employees will be conducted by the HR who is responsible for designing the program and managing it accordingly. The program will be included for the various activities as per the desires of the employees and there will be proper policies for the successful conduction of the program. This program will consist of activities like nutritional education for the
employees, exercise activities, outdoor sports for the employees and also the screening of the health of each employee in the workplace.
The assistance and mentorship will be provided by the nursing staff and also by the physical trainers to each employee. Coordination must be there between the trainer and the employees so that there will no issues occur during ant activity and there will be smooth conduct of the program. Monitoring will be done based on the objective of the program which was decided by the organization and also how making more engagement of the employees in all the programs so that there will be no or fewer health issues and for the stress-relieving programs there will be monitoring how employees felt after particular activity (Sharp, et al.,2017).
Once the program will reach the objective that where we need to find out the milestones of the management plan of health that how many sick leaves are decreased, health insurance claims are reduced productivity of the IHBC will increase and the stress is reduced at the workplace.


Part D – Evaluate and improve program management plan
Write a 250-word Program Management Plan Evaluation Report on how you are going to evaluate the
program management plan. In your report, make sure to:
1. Use agreed evaluation methods to assess effectiveness of program at specific stages
2. Communicate information from program evaluation process to stakeholders
3. Incorporate evaluation process and outcomes into continuous improvement strategies,
enterprise agreements and future corporate plans

Program Management Plan Evaluation Report

The health and well program conducted on the IHBC campus consists of different activities like a stress reduction program for the employee, nutrition education, Health screening and exercise with some outdoor games. These are the activities that are done under this program because the employees face problems like leaveism, and presentism and also there was some stress that was
because of the workload therefore conduction of the program will take place.

The effective methods for the specific stages are set so that there will be proper monitoring of the health of employees and this is also important for the effectiveness of the program in sustaining management and employees support is needed in revising the program and also the implementation of the program. The information that is communicated to the stakeholder that there will be proper motivation and also, they will make to understand the objective of the program. That is what the IHBC campus wants from them.

There is a baseline and matrix for the employers that was decided when there was the rollout of the program and which will vary according to the activities that will be conducted. For example, the participation rate of the employees, health care reduction, and how they are now dealing with the work at the workplace (Ammendolia, et al.,2016). And there is also the management of ROI (Return
on Investment). These are some criteria and the matrix of the employees on which there is continuous and effective evaluation will be done so that the objective of the program will be successful.


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