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BSBCMM511 Communicate with Influence


BSBCMM511 Communicate with influence



Table of Contents

Assessment Task 1. 3

Assessment task 2. 8

Activity 1. 8

Activity 2. 13

Activity 3. 19

Activity 4. 24

Activity 5. 26

Assessment 3. 29

Activity 1. 29

Activity 2. 29

Activity 3. 30

References. 32




Assessment Task 1

Question 1

The key principles of Cross-cultural communication:

  1. Do not prompt dissimilarity instantly.
  2. Be accustomed to your spectators.
  3. Always preserve politeness and admiration.
  4. Use photographic statements, when conceivable.
  5. Be relaxed and be mindful (Ting-Toomey, et al.,2018).

Question 2

The key features of structured meeting procedures:

  1. Ask individuals what they necessary.
  2. Always be genuine with the time.
  3. Assigned prospects for contribution, inquiries, and deliberations.
  4. Continue instruction and determination of the conference.
  5. Consume a program and send it primarily.
  6. interconnect the resolution and anticipated consequences.
  7. retain the conference attentive and affecting.

Question 3

The effective techniques to ensure meetings are inclusive for all participants:

  1. Confirm each speech is heard.
  2. Be translucent about how conclusions are completed.
  3. Variety contented to revenue hazards.
  4. Permit sufficient time for persons to underwrite.
  5. Always energetic or contemporary for attending to everybody.

Question 4

  1. Communication tone – It types you a respectable humanoid, it supports your cut finished, substitutes face to face statement, also figures specialist. It supports and delivers emphasis or inspiration, and types you dissimilar.
  2. Communication structure – It refers to the design of a statement web in which an individual can interconnect with an instant higher. It supports announcements at all stages.
  3. communication style – A violent elegance of announcement in which persons direct their spirits and thoughts and support their requirements in a technique that disturbs the human rights of others. Thus, it is vocally and unmannerly.
  4. communication impacts on others – To inspire others Continuously entertainment with truthfulness, revenue care of yourself, be applicable with your services, and occupy with others (Blewitt, et al.,2018).

Question 5











Question 6

The three techniques of Negotiations:

  1. Hard Method – It contains challenges by using enormously inexpensive bartering. Solid negotiating underlines the consequences.
  2. Soft method – It includes resilience, where the one gathering attempts solid to encounter the welfare of the other gathering and sacrifices their benefits.
  3. Principled cooperation – It comprises the attention on welfare, not the locations, and it divorces the persons from the problematic.

Question 7

The five techniques of mediation:

  1. Use the correct words – keep expression and slogan excellent suitable to the setting and attend for what resonances correct.
  2. accelerate translucent statement – Reaction the queries punctually, decently, also motive involved. Update the personnel or associates quickly afterward knowledge of the data.
  3. stay independent and deliver cognitive – It classifies the expert to make the choice, and founds the subjects to be obvious.
  4. Decrease the strength of a conflict – when you decrease somebody or approximately state, your entertainment to recover the condition.
  5. setting up a deferential effort ethos – Be deliberate, inspire others, be cooperative, and generate an operative gratitude package (VanderWeele, et al.,2016).

Question 8

  1. Assertiveness – the three key features are:
  2. They positively portion their estimation.
  3. Continuously existing deferential for others.
  4. They can rapid what they texture and preserve contented with individuals.
  5. Negotiation – the two key features are:
  6. Discovery of an intermediate pounded.
  7. A spinal and out pending a determination can be decided.
  8. Using appropriate communication – the four key features are:
  9. Continuously Strong, well-mannered, be straight, and specialized.
  10. Continuously be optimistic in speaking with everybody, and energetic in attending.
  11. Interactions the statistics and material.
  12. Use voiced and non-verbal announcements correctly.

Question 9

The Two accepted techniques for de-escalating conflict incidents:

  1. Overlook stimulating queries and save your quality and body linguistic unbiassed.
  2. Emphasis on the opinions overdue the spirits.

Question 10

The four key features of organizational policies and procedures:

  1. Absence or protected intimate material at all periods.
  2. Individuals reveal information to other workers when it is needed and official.
  3. scrap intimate permits when they are no lengthier needed.
  4. variety indisputable they only opinion intimate material on protected devices.

Question 11

The two managers’ implications of legal responsibilities to maintain confidentiality:

  1. A concealment arrangement is legitimately compulsory.
  2. The company might be accepting financial compensation from the workforce (Sikka, et al.,2019).








Assessment task 2

Activity 1

Question 1A

  • The Board of Directors has the authority to present information regarding Governance matters.
  • Management has the authority to present the innovations.
  • Top Level Management of the organization authority to present the organizational direction and strategies.
  • The risk Department has the authority to present the WHS issues.
  • Marketing Opportunities will be presented by the marketing department of the organization (Williams, et al., 2018).

Question 1B

  • Communication Policy and Procedure as well as Negotiation Policy and Procedure will be related to the negotiation and presentation.
  • Meeting Policy and Procedure is related to leading and participating in meetings.
  • Policy Presentation is related to making presentations (Williams, et al., 2018).

Question 1C

The confidentiality policy outlines information of Confidentiality, and it can secure the confidential information of all the employees as well as clients, customers in the organization. The information will be disclosed only to the authorized manager of the organization so that it cannot be shared with any other employees.

Question 2

Information Subject to Confidentiality Outline how you would manage appropriately
Confidential information of employees Confidential information of employees will be managed by storing it in the soft drive and ensuring that it will not be shared with everyone so that confidential information of employees will be stored privately.
Financial information of the organization It will be stored in the books and accounts and it will not be shared with everyone until and unless the person has an authorized person, or they have the authority to seek that financial information (Bingham, et al., 2019).

Question 3

Information that is required by the Senior Management team for taking the robust decision are such as –

  1. Information required regarding the performance of all staff members.
  2. Second information is what are the targets that all staff members need to achieve
  3. Another piece of information required is what are the marketing opportunities required for expanding the business in different areas (Bingham, et al., 2019).
  4. The next information required is what are the threats that can become while expanding the business in different areas of the world.
  5. The tools and techniques that can be used information that is required for the senior management team to taking a robust decision.

Question 4

The two objectives which are used in this process for negotiation are:

1 Building communication with the investors of the company and the organization. also, by building networks with other businesses man and the people who are willing to invest in the organization with the help of this company will be able to get more investors and increase the number of funds in the organization (Prager, 2015).

2 during the process of the negotiation we have to choose the formal and the sweet gesture while communicating with the other members of the organization to give their support and the 10% of their shares in the company for better development (Prager, 2015).

Question 5

During the process of the expansion of the data of the company and increasing the working ability of the organization there might be chances of the potential issue will be increasing in the company.

1 division in the groups as the stakeholders of the organization have the groups and this will divide the all team of the boards of directors of the organization will be divide into two parts which may lead serious issue in the organization.

2 there are also, conflicts will be created among the employees of the organization as they will not be able to receive perfect and clear orders from the management team of the organization, and due to the low amount of capital in the company they would not be able to pay the wages on time and this will lead to a serious issue in the company.

Question 6

The main objective of the organization is to lead to two supportive arguments in the organization that are:

1 The argument will be led between the employees and the management team of the organization as is because of the not getting the proper amount of the wages and the salary on time as the company has the issue in the capital and the fund.

2 another argument in the organization that is led is between the company investors and the stakeholders of the organization as the organization needs more amount of funding for implementing the projects and this makes the big project which needs more amounts of cost.

Question 7

The two most important ideas are on the common ground and could establish reach a potential compromise in the organization of the company.

1 The first potential compromise will be lead to the development of the company and for that, they have to increase the funds in the organization, as I have discussed with the senior management team, Gary and their other initials changes need in the company project development.

2 taking helps with another industry as this is a compromise deal which helps the organization to get the fund for the investment and the development of the company as the company will sign the contract of giving them 20% of the project development will help the company to get more investors from the other industries (Fletcher, et al., 2019).

Question 8

According schedules and the timings of the senior management team members are very important in the meetings as the company needs to discuss serious and important points in the organization as they have to also, understand the company deals as the company is getting or developing the new project in the organization so based on this I will choose the meeting schedule 1st which is going to happen after first meeting within the 10 days to discuss the important deals of the company project and the development of the expansion (Cremades, 2016).

Question 9

Industry –






Media –


news channels, magazines, and advertisement


Government organization Construction

Australia government authority

Australia construction (Odell, 2018).


ACE meetings


Board of meetings of ACE


Communication channel-  



News channel





Question 10

Tone –





Straight forward (Odell, 2018).


Structure – the starting of the meetings with the motive

After that introduce the purpose of the meetings.

Then implement the plan in the organization.

Style of communication


Style of communication and presentation This describes the company’s opportunity and the new ideas that are going to be implemented in the company (Fletcher, et al., 2019).


Activity 2



(Bechini, et al., 2017).



















Activity 3

Meeting Agenda

date: 31 March time: 11 am
Meeting name: Strategy for ACE to capitalize on establishing infrastructure.
Location: Meeting room
Meeting Purpose Increasing the capitalization level in the organization to establish the infrastructure.
Agenda item/ Running order


Presented by

Name of the person who will present the agenda item.


Assigned length of presentation and discussion.

Welcome and outline of meeting purpose Chair 2 minutes
Good morning everyone and thanks for coming. As you all the reason for this meeting and the purpose behind this is to make sure to follow the new strategies which help the organization increase the capital level in the company and we have to get more investors in the company. Operation manager 25 minutes
There is the estimated value of the product cost is around $12,200.00 and on the other hand, the comparable competition RRP of the product is $28,900.00 this is the reason we have to increase the amount of capitalism in the company. Finance manager 15 minutes.

Increasing the annual profit in the organization is also compulsory as this is the best thing to do for the company to develop I request the other investors please give their 10% of share to the company the increase the capital.

Investment manager 10 minutes
As we have to maintain the employment of the company and the staff members that helps the company to earn more profit and also, we have to maintain the quality and the service standards this will help the company to develop a better base of the consumer for the organization.



Operation manager

20 minutes
Next meeting: _________22/04/22______________





Subject: inviting the team members to a meeting

As we are going to discuss the meeting agenda as the company needs more amount of capitalization is required for the development of the company project and then there is a need for more investment needs which is discussed in this meeting.

Thank you




Activity 4

Presentation Meeting

Meeting Agenda

date:31 March 2022 time:20 Minutes
Meeting name: Proposed expansion into the horse-float product line.
Location: Conference hall
Meeting Purpose Be clear and better communicate with stakeholders.
Agenda item/ Running order


Presented by

Name of the person who will present the agenda item.


Assigned length of presentation and discussion.

Welcome and outline of meeting purpose Chair 2 minutes
Importance of expansion into a horse-float product line  HR manager  

5 minutes

Objectives of seeking consensus CEO 5 minutes
Types of expansion into the horse-float product line will be discussed Senior manager 2 3 minutes
Find out the Outcomes of expansion into the horse-float product line


HR Manager       7 minutes
Next meeting: __________/xx/xx______________



HR manager – Hello Good Morning All

Senior Manager 1 – Good Morning, today we are here to discuss the meeting for the proposed expansion into the horse-float product line.

Senior manager 2 – Yes, how do they pursue compromise on meeting objectives?

CEO – Be enthusiastic about the effort to the explanation that is best for everybody, not impartial what is superlative for you. What is the importance of expansion into a horse-float product line?

HR manager – Increasing your invention contour that can extend your target spectators and exposed your client base is significant.

Senior manager 1- It removes the hazard of behind regulars concluded valuing conclusions. It is an imperative development approach for small industries.

CEO – The dependable material must come from reliable foundations. What are the types of expansion into the horse-float product line?

Senior Manager 2 – The several types of creation line expansion such as presentation, development, and deterioration. Once the corporations produce their productions by accepting a market development approach.

Senior manager 2 – okay. So, what are the consequences of the enlargement?

HR manager – To increase the corporation projection planetary attendance, improve extra probable clients, it amplified revenues, and afford superior advertising effectiveness.

CEO – Exactly, it is a method of converging on your clients and contributing them attachments or alternatives of the goods they previously loved. Thank you.


Activity 5

Question 1


Not happy at all


Below Average






Very Good













Question 2

# Areas of Improvement
1  Time management happen limits and achieve their while, the improved individuals can multitask, and additional creative they resolve to be at exertion.



2 Tolerant feedback when somebody is generous with your response, it is significant to attend sensibly to what they are proverb. Survey up in the extended period (Klimecka-Tatar, et al.,2020).






Activity 6




Subject – Follow up email

Respected Sir,

Herein I am informing you that this mail is regarding the follow-up. As you all have attended the meeting, so I want to follow up with you all. Also, what are the meeting outcomes, or if you have any questions, then you can contact me and ask any questions related to anything. As I am an Operations Manager and can ask any questions related to the operations of the organization, as well as we will provide the best alternatives to your queries and solve your questions so that you will be satisfied with your work.

For any queries, respond to this email only.

Thank You

Operations Manager


Assessment  Task 3

Activity 1

Question 1

According to the ACE communication and the presentation policy and the procedures, this has been clear that the CEO of the organization has the authority to delegate the presentation of the materials on my behalf of the organization as they are also equally members of the organization (Shelomi, et al., 2016).

Question 2

The quality of the products
Features of the vehicles
Price and the warranty periods of the products (Chesser, 2021).


Activity 2

Presentation model

Reliable information RRP is usually $16,990.00.
Product features Towing size: 2200mm x 1700mm

The slide-out floor under the bed is 2200mm x 1700mm (Shelomi, et al., 2016)

Queens size bed with additional storage under mattress

Slide-out kitchen with sink and stovetop

Storage box

Foldout canvas room 4550mmx 2300mm

Stainless Steel water tank (70L) with electric pump

 Special Expo price point $17,550.00
 Be clear and conscious The off-road suspension (Chesser, 2021).
 The launch date of the new product 21st April 2022


Activity 3

Meeting topic presenting the launch of the new compact camper trailer

exclusive to expo attendees.

Place Meeting room
Minutes 2 hours
Members CEO

Expo Manager

Expo Team Member #1

Expo Team Member #2


EXPO manager – as a member of the organization this is my duty as I am going to launch the new trailer of the EXPO motors on the market. That is known as the new compact camper trailer.

CEO- yeah this is a great opportunity that you are receiving and the presentation will be done online with the help of the internet.

EXPO team manager 1- we are going to handle and circulate the A4 marketing flyer in the market.

EXPO team manager 2- yes sir, we have arranged all the information and the details and set up the background to launch the product of the company.

CEO- all the members have to track the sales of the company’s new products launch got it.

EXPO team managers 2 and 1- okay sir!


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