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As per the after-effects of the COVID 19 pandemic, there has been a major shift in the evaluation pattern of the Holmes Institute. The classroom session has been shifted online for the students to prevent their study loss. Since there is uncertainty in the conduct of the final examination so the tutorials are given online.

To confront these disturbances, Moodle Monkey have now announced a wholesome package of all subjects for every student. Students may pick any 4 subjects and all other assessments will be done by us for just.


Holmes- All subjects

Subject list for Holmes Institute

Below are the given subjects from which students can choose their subjects, opted in the current session and we would further complete all assessment criteria for them:

  1. Competitive strategy (HI6006)
  2. Corporate accounting (HI5020)
  3. Managerial accounting (HI5017)
  4. Taxation Theory, Practice & Law (HI6028)
  5. Business and Corporation Law (HI6027)
  6. Marketing management (HI5004)
  7. International Business (HI5014)
  8. Managing across border (HI5013)
  9. MOG (HI6005)
  10. Accounting for business decisions (Hi5001)
  11. Finance for business (HI5002)
  12. Strategic Information System (HI5019)
  13. Accounting theory (HI6025)
  14. Audit (HI6026)
  15. Business research (HI6008)

Holmes Assignment support

What all assessments we cover in  900 AUD

In 900 AUD we would cover-up all the criteria provided for the students which would comprise 100 percent of the assessment. The below items would be effectively enveloped under this price:

  1. Online Tests: The entire online test series relating the subjects will be fully equipped.
  2. Individual assignments: Every individual assignment will be covered.
  3. Group Assignment: A Group assignment will be prepared as well.
  4. Online tutorials: Subject-wise online tutorials will be prepared by our experts following the guideline.
  5. Per disco practice test: A Per disco practice test will also be granted.

Terms and conditions of this package

  1. Only valid if all subjects are included.
  2. Customization of subjects is not allowed.
  3. For exclusive item order placing, kindly check prices with our team at the given email id and contact no.

We wish you Luck!

All the Best