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Article Analysis Assignment


Global water cerise is a serious issue in the environment and the importance of the water and its foundation the life and livelihoods also, this is the key to the sustainable development of society and the environment. The achievement of this foundation is to develop the sustainable development of the goals and currently, this foundation establishes the 17 sustainable development goals in the society to improve water availability and flexibility in the environment. According to the information and the general knowledge, there is a total of 60 percent of the water is fresh is comes from the rivers and the water also, the natural resources are getting affected because of globalization and the population increment on the earth as this will lead to more pollution and the disaster will appear in the society (Groenfeldt, 2019).

According to the demographic changes that will raise the global population to 9.7 billion by 2050 and this is double the number of people who live in urban areas. This is the main issue because the water level in the society is wanting down and on the other hand, the effective management team is taking the water availability and the amount of water that is wastage in the current system and which has been up to 30 % and there are the industries and the factories that are realizing their wastage of the water in the rivers which are polluting the water and makes the things hard for the animals and the natures. There are three arguments and the issue which is created in the environment right now and affecting nature for the people.

Water security and insecurity

According to the data and the records that are available and based on the philosophy of the scientist that there is only 2.5 percent of the water are available in nature is only fresh and the rest of the amount of water are impure and we are not able to use it in the process of the drinking and cooking and this is the main issue in the current environment situation of the society. But according to the real data, I disagree with the author’s thoughts and the data which they present in the article. They have to handle this issue as soon as possible to make sure get the other resources available in the society and protection of the environment is compulsory because of the situation and the environment and for this, they have to make a proper plan (Groenfeldt, 2019).

Water-related disaster

There is vital protection is required from the disaster but according to the author’s point of view I do not agree with their decision because of this low volume and this is causing deaths and displacement also, infection is spreading in the society because of this disease are spreading in the society and the environment (Allen, et al., 2018). There is a low volume in the river vein and the rain production is also, reducing which is causes the most amount of problems in the environment to protect this they have to make sure to apply the policy and the procedures to increase the amount of water in the river and rain.

The reduction of the water level is the risk that appeared in society and the making the tough situation and problems for the people that are living in the society because this is the issue that is destroying the environment little by little and may lead to invention and create new problems and the disease in the society. The increment in the more pollution and the additional volume of the population like 2.3 billion people can be expected to the living with the server water stress especially in the north and south Africa and central Asia. There is 6 percent of their gross domestic product (GDP) (Allen, et al., 2018).

Water, sanitation, and health (WASH) crisis

As I disagree with the author is this report as they do not have accurate data. This is a serious issue in the health condition as this is making the crisis and the drinking supply will also, causing this is happing because of the impurities in the water and if the people are drinking the impure water and because of this people are getting infected from the various kinds of the disease such as jaundice, malaria, and the food poisoning also, stomach infection is the real issue in the environment and the society (Damania, et al., 2019).

Water sanitation and hygiene have made less progress with the 2.4 billion people lacking and this is the duty of this foundation to improve the sanitation facilities in theater resources and the water transport services around the globe based on the data and the records this is has been very clear that their 45% people which drink the impure water and this will may cause the serious issue in the disease and makes the people ill with the condition of the society. They have to improve the conditions of the water transplant and producing resources of the water is also, important (Damania, et al., 2019).


This is the important thing to do to improve the working process and the protection of the water resources but based on the author’s theory there are no specific details mentioned in this and I disagree with this because the water resources and this is the motive of the foundation this is the important things to do in the environment this is the main things to do basis on the foundation process and they have to make sure to do this. There are the three arguments which  I have explained above and this is causing the serious issue in theater development because of globalization and the high amount of people are doing a lot of amount of theater wastage and this destroying the environment on the various basis. Water residency is the thing which we need to protect them as this is a serious issue that is generating in the society as this is the duty of the foundation have to protect the environment as there is the low level of the water appears and based on the summary and the case study which is mention above they have to make sure to increase the water tendency in the society and the environment for the better development (Magill, et al., 2019).


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