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Annotation: 1

Publication information: Sandy White Watson. University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, USA

In the entire article, the main or the central point which has been presented by the author is based on the negative or toxic masculinity behaviour of humans, which is mostly visible as a result in school. The upbringing of the boys has somehow moved them towards theodicy masculinity. For instance, a major part of the thoughts around the concept of masculine behaviour is like an alpha among the animals and getting influenced by the popular influencers which they are seeing around them. It has been observed that those students which possess less masculine characteristics are being harassed by those who are having a wrong concept of masculinity.

Masculine and feminine is nothing more than a character that is possessed by male and female respectively but now a day it has been found that some problem-causing element from society has been continuously promoting the wrong definition of the tart. As a result, the young generation has been moved towards having a wrong perception and continues to live so. When they grow up they generally become a person who is very negative towards the feminine character and indeed treat badly or not normally those who are below their level of expectation in terms of masculinity (Watson, et al., 2007).

Some of the most common evidence that has been provided by the author in the article is around school life in which the young mind has greatly influenced by such things. Not only that but the level of influence in them has caused others to feel ashamed and they generally either get depressed or are treated not well in society. Childers is like a blank disc that which must be filled with the right guidance. But in absence of such characters and worse having negative characters in their life makes them very toxic human beings.

In terms of strength which can be seen in the article, the author is having an idea of the things which are going around and need to be fixed. Rather than let it is as it is providing necessary information and thoughtful insights on the topic can help many to understand better the sides of character which are feminine and masculine.

And on another hand in terms of the weakness that can be concluded from the article about the author that rather than explaining masculinity as a charter that is toxic how it can be directed could be a better option (Watson, et al., 2007).



Annotation 2:

Publication information: Inclusive Masculinity Theory: overview, reflection and refinement Eric Anderson & Mark McCormack

The article which has been presented by the author consists of some of the major points towards masculinity. This is also a good thing as in today’s time no one is talking about this topic and at the same time it is one of the most famous topics. The author indeed has provided the needed information to its audience and it has been found that negative masculinity is causing some disastrous results. To avoid this necessary information that is do’s as well as don’t are provided.

Many articles only focus on the masculine character while explaining something but this author has put the necessary light on the topic of feminine character as well in comparison and regards to masculine character. Although studies have shown that rascality is quite a part of being male but taking it the wrong way can cause a disturbance in society concerning humanity (Anderson, et al., 2018).

Male masculinity is being taken in a very negative way which must be changed. It is not right to let the young mind get the victim of toxic masculinity, as it will result in the very toxic surrounding that in which one can live. The result of toxic masculinity can be observed in school as well as in society as to how some are being treated by those who are having very toxic masculinity.

It must get compulsory to teach young minds on the topic of both masculine as well as feminine character so that they won’t get into the trap of toxic masculinity in their further life. It has become extremely necessary to teach young minds towards positive masculinity traits.

The strength which can be observed by the article author is that it has a good grip on the current scenarios and situations which is being gone around. And in terms of the weakness it can show some more light on how it can be better on how to direct in rather than let it direct you by the surrounding (Anderson, et al., 2018).



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